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The Notorious 2017 Aston Martin DB11

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The new kid on the block…



Aston Martin has set forth benchmarks of what a car in its class should be. It has never deviated from this premise. Aston Martin adheres to strict personal conviction and has achieved a high standard of individualism and a persona that in itself has become a standard for other motorcars. It has successfully combined and synthesized luxury with magnificent performance. The formidable DB series established the high performance racing image for the brand. One of the most famous models is the Aston Martin DB5 driven by the fictional sleuth James Bond.

The Aston Martin DB legacy continues with the 2017 DB11 clothed in sleek, athletic, aerodynamic architecture. The spirited new design follows Aston Martin styling continuity. It has already earned obsequious flattery world-wide. The Aston Martin team of dedicated enthusiasts collaborated once again to bring forth one of the most ambitious projects ever in automotive design. Aston Martin is a posh supercar for those who demand fervent individuality. Welcome to the power, beauty, and soul of the latest edition in the continuing saga of the elite DB marque of excellence.





1948-1950 DB1


1953 DB2


A bit of history…

The fast and ferociously powerful Aston Martin DB Series began its iconic existence as a prolific ingénue under the tutelage of the managing director Sir David Brown. He saved the company from financial ruin right after WWII.

From extremely humble beginnings to world-wide respected esteem, the NOTORIOUS Aston Martin DB Series has maintained a highly prestigious heritage earning its place in automotive history. Aston Martin is Great Britain’s only independent automaker –


1959-1963 DB4 GT



1963-1965 DB5


Sir David purchased the company in 1947 sharing knowledge and resources with his esteemed colleague W.O. Bentley.  An impressive 2.6 litre Lagonda engine designed by W.O. Bentley was chosen to power the DB2. Three short years later…the DB legend was born. It quickly became an automobile series bristling with bravado.

The Aston Martin DB series established the brand’s racing pedigree. The DB4 and DB5 introduced Aston Martin’s grand touring eloquence, thus…its formidable identity developed and became etched into the minds of connoisseurs. It continually emerged as a world-class thoroughbred through evolution. Each subsequent DB is a masterpiece built upon the previous model’s finesse which raises the bar of success in the automotive industry to an even higher degree –


Aston Martin DB11


Aston Martin One-77


Beauty is more than skin deep…

Aston Martin has acquired the status of building the world’s most beautiful automobiles…repeatedly. If seduction could manifest itself as an automobile…the Aston Martin DB11 is it. If you look deeply into its styling, the design features hint at the epochal Aston Martin One-77 which is the epitome of automotive design and was built at a highly restricted pace of only 77 vehicles.





The most significant aspects of the DB11’s design maximizes its aerodynamic efficiency. The bonded aluminium structure has a weight reduction to offset the new V12 engine’s heavier mass. Its dramatic new design is augmented by Aston Martin’s “Curlicue” and “Aeroblade” systems.

Familiarize yourself with these two words because you will be hearing a lot more about them in the near future. These principles are so innovative that Aston Martin has patents for them. These features made the rest of the automotive industry “nervous” leaving them scrambling back to the drawing board just to catch up.




Every beautiful square inch of the architecture has purpose. The DB11 is designed to cleave the air efficiently. An automobile must manage the air flow from nose to tail to effectively maintain stability while maximizing downforce. The DB11 uses its architecture to master its dynamics to “ride like the wind.” Instead of fighting the turbulence and wind resistance around the vehicle…the Curlicue and Aeroblade systems ingeniously works with these elements.


From the dramatic new roof strakes to its concealed aerodynamic defense system, the Aston Martin DB11 is a grand tourer for today’s world. Fancy grille-like vents are incorporated into each front fender’s wheel arch lining. These apertures are known as “Curlicue” and are integrated into the car’s aerodynamic network to reduce front-end lift.

High pressure air from the top of the front wheel arches are vented through recessed apertures behind the iconic Aston Martin styling side strakes. More high pressure air is extracted from the rear of each wheel arch through stirrup vents positioned aft of the front wheels. This intricate airflow system was developed for Aston Martin’s racing division.




DB11’s aerodynamic form follows function. Low, sleek, chiseled flowing lines from the aggressive front end ensemble sweep back to be intercepted by the familiar wide muscular haunches at the rear. The “Aeroblade” system harnesses airflow along the vehicle’s flanks enhancing stability at the rear.

Air intake duct-work located in the base of the “C-pillars” draw airflow within the architecture before extracting it from slots in the rear bootlid. This system works like a conventional spoiler directing the jet of disrupted air reducing lift and maximizing downforce. This eliminates the need for a rear wing. When extra stability is required a small active spoiler automatically deploys from the bootlid. When it is no longer needed, it retracts back into the bootlid.




The legacy endures…

The DB11 exemplifies the Aston Martin tradition of aesthetic design. Its striking new beauty is refined and elegant. The front end design is highlighted by the signature grille which has been moderately refreshed. All-new LED headlamps adds a distinctive contemporary flair.

The clamshell bonnet is designed with an exclusive wrap-around form to minimize unsightly shut lines. It’s hinged forward to showcase the formidable V12 engine.The DB11’s styling is ‘pedestrian friendly’ as with all Aston Martin motorcars. DB11’s specs are 1.2” longer, 0.3” higher, with a 2.5” longer wheelbase than the DB9. The silhouette may be new, but it’s unmistakably Aston Martin.




The rear end design is as dramatic as the front end ensemble. Newly designed LED taillamps are the focal point. Flowing sculpted lines end perfectly with an impressive diffuser assembly. Prominently displayed matte finish stainless-steel exhaust ports echo the famous tuned baritone symphony from its mighty V12 engine. The car is drop-dead gorgeous which is the major reason why Aston Martin’s involvement in the automotive industry remains central…never peripheral. There’s no soft-pedaling an Aston Martin.  The DB11 is a peerless collage of aluminium, glass, and British technology.




A prominent performer…

As if the bold new exterior design isn’t enough to convince you…the magnificent all-new aluminium V12 engine should sign, seal, and deliver the deal. The 5.2 litre 48-valve twin-turbocharged V12 cranks an audacious 600 bhp @ 6,500 rpm packing a prolific punch with 700 Nm of peak torque @ 1,500 rpm. Longitudinal acceleration is rated as 0-62 mph in just 3.9 seconds with a top speed in the 200 mph range. The DB11 is the most powerful and efficient production model in Aston Martin history.

It’s equipped with Dual Variable Camshaft Timing, fully CNC machined combustion chambers, and a fully catalyzed stainless-steel electronically controlled exhaust system. Charge air temperature for the twin turbos is maintained by twin water to air charge air coolers mounted on either side of the engine. This type of configuration uses the shortest charge air path minimizing charge inertia to optimize throttle response.


The alloy quad overhead cam bi-turbo V12 boasts a start/stop cylinder de-activation system. This ingenious design will switch to an in-line 6-cylinder configuration under normal driving situations to increase fuel economy.  It also means that the twin-turbocharged V12 shuts down one bank of 6-cylinders AND one of the turbochargers. This measure reduces engine wear by switching between banks keeping the catalyst hot.

The front mid-mount engine is set up for rear wheel drive. The rear mid-mounted 8-speed automatic gearbox has an electronic shift by wire control system for those who prefer to do the shifting themselves. The DB11 is fitted with an alloy torque tube with a carbon fibre prop shaft to save weight, and a limited slip torque vectoring differential to maintain traction under all driving situations. Extraordinary sports car performance is just a tap of the accelerator pedal away.


A masterful grand tourer in every aspect

The DB11 is more than just a fancy sporting machine…it’s an Aston Martin. An impressive array of logistics accompany this iconic road-going masterpiece. Ingenious Launch Control – the same technology developed for the brand’s class-leading motorsport division – balances throttle, transmission, traction, and damping controls to optimize take-offs from a standing start catapulting the DB11 as quick as a cat.

Its driver-selectable dynamics tailor the experience to suit the driving situation. GT mode captures the essence of Aston Martin luxury for exemplary ride quality in the grand touring tradition. Sport mode stiffens the suspension while providing agility. Sport-Plus fine tunes and synchronizes steering, suspension, 8-speed transmission, and torque vectoring for the ultimate high performance adventure in automotive paradise. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Traction Control (TC), Positive Torque Control (PTC), and Dynamic Torque Vectoring (DTV), all network to make this happen…



Such a powerful grand tourer requires an equally qualified braking system. The DB11 benefits from Aston Martin revolutionary braking technology. Front ventilated 2-piece steel brake discs are fitted with 6-piston calipers. Rear ventilated co-cast piece steel discs are fitted with 4-piston calipers. These motorsport-inspired assemblies shorten stopping distance as they provide safe, fade-free operation with rapid heat dissipation.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution intuitively varies the force applied to each wheel contingent upon speed, road conditions, load, etc. to maintain optimum vehicular control under all driving situations. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution combined with ABS maximizes stopping power to avoid skids for accident avoidance. Hydraulic Brake Assist increases braking pressure in panic braking automatically within milliseconds reducing stopping distances even further.



Beneath the sumptuous design of the DB11 is a sophisticated network of Aston Martin technology. It will feature Aston Martin’s newly engineered architecture. The previous VH (Vertical Horizontal) design platform has been used since 2001 on all models except the One-77. The all-new bonded aluminium platform is lightweight and rigid to aid the vehicle’s wind-cheating abilities. It includes components from AMG, Mercedes-Benz high performance division.

The front suspension uses double wishbones and coil springs. The rear has a multi-link set-up and also uses coil springs. Front and rear anti-roll bars and an intuitive Adaptive Damping System (ADS) maintains stability enhancing overall driving dynamics. Speed contingent rack and pinion electric power steering has power column tilt and reach adjustment for the steering wheel. The DB11 rides upon staggered Bridgestone tires with size 9J X 20” S007 255/40 ZR20 fitted to the front axle and size 11.0J X 20” S007 295/35 ZR20 fitted to the rear axle. Dashing 20” 10-spoke Diamond Turned wheels adds the finishing touch.


…Aston Martin – Style

Cabin Amenities remain tastefully appointed in the tradition of the brand. Wide individual lounge seats are highlighted with Aston Martin’s brogue detailing. The interior is enhanced with hand-tailored leather with soft Alcantara accents. Nexus quilting and Celestial perforation adds a dashing flair. Myriad color combinations are available from conservative to exotic.

Its ergonomically designed comfort includes head restraints embellished with the familiar Aston Martin logo. The cabin benefits from the 2.5” longer wheelbase with increased head and legroom in the rear passenger compartment. There is also more room in the boot. Wider door apertures offer easier entrance and exits. This is a highly bespoke motorcar offering an inspiring array of detailing and options to satisfy the most discerning clientele.



The all-new instrument panel has a full color 12” TFT LCD display that contains all of the DB11’s primary information. Another 8” TFT screen is centrally located for infotainment including Satellite Navigation and is controlled by a rotary controller. An optional touchpad offers character recognition, multi-touch and gesture support. Aston Martin Premium Audio or an available Bang & Olufsen sound system upgrade brings concert hall quality along for the drive. A convenient Parking Assist feature is equipped with a 360 degree camera. The DB11 is a luxury sport car complete. Everything is pleasing to the eye and convenient to the touch…










An Aston Martin is one of the world’s most eloquent possessions. It is designed for men and women of taste who have worked hard to get where they are in life. Its poised beauty is the envy of the auto industry. Through evolution, the Aston Martin becomes even lovelier. The latest offering in this exclusive continuing saga is the DB11. As the world bids farewell to the iconic DB9 series – the formidable presence of the DB11 takes center stage.


Aston Martin DB9



Aston Martin DB9 GT


This sophisticated new expression of Aston Martin is the most powerful and efficient road-going model in the history of the brand. The ferocious new 48-valve, 5.2 litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine delivers 600 horses with a swift top speed in the 200 mph range. The DB11 is the epitome of handcrafted grand tourers with every luxury and convenience presented as standard equipment to make each drive enjoyable and considerably effortless. Aston Martin has once again exceeded superlative with the introduction of the 2017 DB11…a proud successor in the illustrious DB series of high performance motorcars. Welcome to the power…beauty…and soul of the Aston Martin DB11. It’s NotoriousLuxury in every respect.



Photos courtesy of the Aston Martin Media Club  






Aston Martin One-77




Aston Martin Vulcan




The Aston Martin DB11 is NotoriousLuxury…


NotoriousLuxury is Greg’s World


Retrospect: 1986-1989 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante

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British hand-crafted excellence…


Aston Martin creates some of the most beautiful automobiles in the world. They become even more so as they mature. One such timeless beauty is the V8 Vantage Volante. The V8 Vantage is considered the first British supercar. It was the brand’s hottest offering for two decades. The AM V8 Vantage Volante is a sensual drop top with a thirst for performance. The V8 Vantage Volante convertible was built from 1986 until 1989. An available power upgrade includes the 580 X-Pack engine (Works Service Conversion).

Vantage V8 1

This is the first British supercar…the Aston Martin V8 Vantage


The V8 Vantage Volante personifies the European idea of grand tourer. So transformed is the automotive world today. Styling trends come and go…but the beauty of an Aston Martin is timeless. A classic Aston Martin can be more intriguing than a brand new model. They are like your favorite leather jacket that mellows as it ages gracefully, every line, crease, or wrinkle adds character to that jacket…same with an Aston Martin…every mile it is driven, it becomes even more distinctive…

Aston Martin used the name “Vantage” on previous models to denote high-performance. It was a separate model for 1978 as the AM V8 Vantage. Cosmetic changes include the closed-off power-dome hood, closed-off grille with high intensity fog lamps, contoured spoiler on the front valance, and a distinctive spoiler integrated into the rear deck lid. The Vantage is the quintessential bad-boy’s toy. Back then, this was a new breed…ferocious and wild.


XP 6

The ferocious 580 X-Pack creates a rare automotive experience very few enthusiasts will ever know. The alloy 5.3 litre 16-valve 327 CID V8 engine is given an adrenaline rush. The DOHC V8 is fitted with four Weber 481DF3/150 carburetors and a ZF 5-speed manual gearbox (Euro-spec).

The X-Pack big-bore magic includes high-performance camshafts, increased compression ratio, larger inlet valves, new manifolds, Cosworth pistons and Nimrod racing heads. A deep-throaty, free-flow straight-through exhaust system intensifies the experience. The X-Pack was available originally for 1986 through 1989 model years. The 580 X-Pack is as quick as a Ferrari Daytona!

XP 1

XP 2

The 580 X-Pack engine cranks 432 hp @ 6,200 rpm with 536 Nm of peak torque @ 5,100 rpm. Longitudinal acceleration is rated as: 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds, 0-100 mph in 11.5 seconds, 0-120 mph in 17.1 seconds, and 0-150 mph in 37.7 seconds. It does the ¼ mile @ 108 mph in 13.3 seconds. Its top speed is a respectable 163 mph.

The epochal Aston Martin legend of high-performance such as the classic Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante remains among the finest hand-crafted automobiles in the world. The Aston Martin V8’s are among the fastest, most elegant, and longest running production model series ever built in the history of the brand.

XP 3

XP 4

XP 5



V8 Volante

The AM V8 Volante convertible was introduced in 1978. It was equipped with a power, fully lined convertible top. The frame is stronger than that of the hardtop. They are built with a lower center of gravity. The Series 4, 375 hp Oscar India spec versions were introduced to round out the performance portfolio.

The “Oscar India” specification was introduced in October 1978 at the Birmingham International Motor Show. Visually, the former scoop on the bonnet gave way to a closed “power bulge”, while a spoiler was integrated into the tail. Most Oscar India cars were equipped with a Chrysler Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission, and wood trim was fitted for the first time since the  DB 2 of the 1950s. Just 352 Oscar India models were built from 1978 through 1985.

V8 Volante 6

V8 Volante 5


The Series Five V8 Vantage Volante convertible was introduced in 1986 at the New York International Auto Show and was built until 1989. They have an aggressively, muscular physique. The low-slung wind-cheating design inherits Aston Martin beauty, it will challenge the years gracefully. The AM V8 Vantage Volante convertible showcased an integrated rear deck lid spoiler, a deeper front spoiler, wider wheel arches, and extended side skirts.






For the 1987 model year, HRH Prince Charles of Wales ordered a new V8 Vantage Volante. He made a few minor requests to refine his to look understated and sophisticated without the wide wheel arches, front air dam, and side skirts. It retained the open mesh front grille and power bulge on the bonnet. A discreetly sculpted spoiler is attached to the front valence. This style became known as the “Prince of Wales” (POW) specification, with another 21 built at the factory.


Five additional “Cosmetic” versions of the Prince of Wales style were built to U.S. specifications. They were equipped with the less powerful fuel injected engines along with impact absorbing front and rear bumpers. The POW versions are the most highly sought out of all 1970s – 1980s V8 models. This was actually the humble beginning of the elite “Q” by Aston Martin bespoke commissioning service. The AM V8 Vantage Volante looks as good today as it did when it left the assembly hall. Beauty is tradition with Aston Martin.





US spec 1

U.S. specification with front and rear impact absorbing bumpers

US spec 2

US spec 4

US spec 3

A5 1

The V8 Vantage Volante rides on an independent front suspension with upper and lower control arms, coil springs and anti-roll bar. The rear uses a de Dion axle with Watt linkage trailing arms. Power rack and pinion steering and the integrity of four-wheel power disc brakes aided its overall operation. Its 102.7” wheelbase and 74.4” width gives it nimble, and quick, response packaged within a 183.7” overall length.

A5 4

V8 Vantage 1

1972-1989 AM V8 1

1972-1989 AM V8

1972-1989 AM V8 2

1972-1989 AM V8 5

The Aston Martin V8 has been one of the best-selling series in the history of the brand. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage has the honor of being the first British supercar. It is the Vantage V8 Volante that personifies the European idea of gran turismo. The 5.3 litre V8 engine with the 580 X-Pack transformation cranks 432 hp with a top speed exceeding 163 mph. This is raw power…raw, naturally aspirated power, not computer enhanced euphoria…or merely an excellent power to weight ratio…it flexes its muscles without the ‘roids’ of the industry (turbos and superchargers etc.) getting in the way.

1972-1989 AM V8 6

A5 2

A5 6

A5 5

“Vantage” is a mononym used by Aston Martin to define high-performance; it became a model series. The V8 Vantage Volante built from 1986 until 1989, is one of the most seductive GT’s Aston Martin has ever built. It successfully synthesizes performance and luxury without sacrificing either –



Aston Martin is looking to the future. They set forth a “Second Century” plan aligning their vision for growth into the 21st century. It promises exciting and highly desirable new luxury sports cars as well as new power train technology. This is the largest investment plan in their 102 year history. It is a comprehensive plan for their growth and development taking the brand into a new direction. Aston Martin’s goal is to replace every model in the current line with the addition of three all-new models by the end of the decade.



Aston Martin Vulcan supercar


Taraf 3

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf super saloon

Taraf 2

Taraf 1


Photos and specifications courtesy Aston Martin Media Club

V8 Volante 3

V8 Volante 4


Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante is NotoriousLuxury © 2017

2015 Aston Martin Rapide S Super Saloon

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Welcome to the new world of Aston Martin…


The Rapide S is the fierce four-door head rush from Aston Martin. If you prefer your performance packaged as a super saloon…this is your car. The Rapide S captures the elite refinement of an ultra-luxury sedan, the breathtaking V12 power of a high-performance sports car…and the ability to move with the tremendous verve and élan of an Aston Martin. Four-door saloons can flex their muscles too – the Rapide S is proof. Where ever the journey takes you…a serendipitous adventure along the way is inevitable –


Anatomy of power –

Who says there is no such thing as a four-door muscle car? To flaunt the point, a refined and ferocious aluminium alloy 6.0 litre 48-valve AM29 V12 moves this car with aplomb…while minding its manners of course – let’s go fast with class…its factory rated top speed is a mind altering 203 mph. The engine is mated to a ZF 6HP26 8-speed automatic with Touchtronic III shift by wire control system for those who prefer to do it themselves. The gearbox is mid-rear mounted with an alloy torque tube and carbon fibre prop shaft. The AM29 V12 engine is front mid-mounted for a near perfect weight distribution. This is the most advanced V12 engine in the history of the brand.


The engine and transmission are coordinated for efficiency. The Bosch Engine Management system digitally enhances performance by monitoring and analyzing pertinent data. This sophisticated performance management technology brings a new level of engineering excellence to the Rapide S.

This is one of the fastest four-door saloons in the world. The potent 6.0 litre V12 produces 552 hp @ 6,650 rpm with a respectable 630 Nm of peak torque @ 5,500 rpm. Longitudinal acceleration is rated as 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, 0-100 mph in 9.9 seconds, 0-120 mph in 14.4 seconds, 0-140 mph in 19.8 seconds, and 0-180 mph in 50.7 seconds. It does the ¼ mile @ 112 mph in just 12.7 seconds.



An Aston Martin Rapide S is an integrated machine, driving is believing. All of the attributes of a premium automobile coordinate themselves anonymously. Its extruded aluminium and carbon fibre bonded VH body structure is fitted with aluminium and carbon fibre body panels with cast-magnesium door structures. It has single Bi-Xenon headlamps with integrated LED side lights/directional indicators. The exposed carbon fibre splitter, diffuser, and sill blade add a touch of drama with the spotlight on the LED light blade taillamps. Traditional Aston Martin beauty is apparent in the Rapide S.


Structural integrity –

“VH” is an engineering methodology and not just a platform. The “V” represents shared body construction principles. The “H” represents horizontal systems shared such as engines, suspension components etc. These functional networks can be modified easier because of the component nature of their construction. The bonded aluminium chassis provides the basis for other cars shared from the single common central core.

Its VH architecture is 3 percent stiffer. It absorbs and cancels road noise and vibration before reaching the passenger cell. Its lightweight aluminium structure is bonded with an industrial strength epoxy resin. Through technical evolution, the Rapide S benefits from a unique sports car architecture of phenomenal stability and rigidity.



The Rapide S is equipped with Gen4 Adaptive Damping. This allows the driver to select from “Normal,” “Sport,” and “Track.” At the touch of a button it goes from a luxurious super saloon to an assertive sports car with immediate response. The Rapide S has a near perfect 45:52 weight distribution. Its precise handling and efficient aerodynamics are sure to satisfy the most discerning drivers.





Its aggressive independent 4-wheel suspension uses double wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar, and monotube 3-stage adaptive dampers fitted to the front and rear. The front suspension has anti-dive geometry, while the rear has anti-squat and anti-lift geometry to maintain stability and poise under any driving situation. Speed-sensitive Servotronic power assisted rack and pinion steering is precise and allows the driver to “feel” the road. The power 4-wheel disc brake system is equipped with ABS and Hydraulic Brake Assist.


Computer assisted Dynamic Stability Control has been recalibrated. Normal and Track modes further refine the ride to monitor and detect irregular wheel spin, under or over-steer, it then compensates the deficiency with engine torque reduction or braking technology. When in Track mode, the ABS system remains passive until required which allows the experienced driver to maintain a greater level of handling and control.

Digital Technology such as Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control, Positive Torque Control, and Electronic Parking Brake, all work in harmony behind the scene to maintain optimum overall performance at any speed. The Rapide S is a sports car with two extra doors – 




Executive-style elegance –

Inside the British hand-crafted super saloon are four of the most desirable seats in the industry. Super soft, full grain Luxmill hand-stitched leather by Bridge of Weir graciously upholsters the high back lounge seats, door panels, and dash. Two different wood finishes, Piano Black and Ice Mocha are designed to complement the leather and carbon fibre detailing for a rare luxury experience. For an even more enticing Rapide S, allow “Q” by Aston Martin to assist in creating a totally bespoke vehicle as distinctive and individual as your finger print.



Rapide S is unique among luxury automobiles. Elegant glass dash switches and walnut fascia trim are exclusive Aston Martin virtues. Power operated front seats have a memory function that include the outside rear view mirrors. Heated front and rear seats are standard. The Rapide S is a comprehensively equipped luxury saloon. With its extensive list of power features…it would be easier to tell you what is not. When traveling…it’s the journey that is actually more important than the destination…right? Aston Martin makes the journey most rewarding –

Switch on the 1,000 watt Bang & Olufsen Beosound audio system…no matter which seat one occupies, this sophisticated sound system delivers perfect pitch. The sound of the AM29 V12 engine is balanced precisely with the audio system. Even the stainless-steel exhaust system is equipped with active bypass valves to deliver a “tuned” exhaust sound. Rear seat entertainment systems are available to further distinguish your Rapide S.






There is just something intriguing about a four-door Aston Martin. The Rapide S has become a contemporary work of automotive science. Powered by the refined AM29 V12 engine, this luxurious saloon becomes the unexpected sports car. Technology, form, and function, follow evolution with every Aston Martin.

The Rapide S is an elegantly styled and boldly distinctive result of such. Its trim, athletic aluminium and carbon fibre architecture conceals the intricate VH body structure refined to be 3 percent stiffer than the previous model. The Rapide S is a unique four-door luxury sports saloon with world-class dynamics and the exquisite beauty of an Aston Martin –


Photos courtesy Aston Martin Media Club



Can you see the Aston Martin sports car in its silhouette?




2015 Aston Martin Rapide S Super Saloon is NotoriousLuxury…

Taraf 2

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf 4-door super saloon

Taraf 3

Its production schedule is limited to 200 vehicles world-wide

Taraf 4

Rapide S 1

Aston Martin Rapide S 4-door super saloon

Aston Martin DB5 – The Ultimate Icon

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…This is the most famous Aston Martin


…It’s also one of the most beautiful Aston Martin creations


The Aston Martin DB5 is probably the single most identifiable model in the brand’s history. The iconic DB5 was built from 1963 until 1965. These luxury grand tourers have a sensuous Italian design and are powered by fast In-line 6-cylinder engines. The DB5 is another Aston Martin classic success story.

Its Superleggera formed architecture makes this series unique. Lightweight, powerful, and beautiful – the Aston Martin DB5 remains a highly collectible pedigree.  Robust beauty and high performance are Aston Martin signatures, the DB5 is the most famous of all Aston Martin automobiles – it was James Bond’s gadget-laden rolling arsenal in the 1964 movie “Gold Finger.” To drive any Aston Martin is to drive an automotive legend…


Beautiful and fast like all Aston Martin automobiles, the DB5 defined British motoring luxury for the day. Thrilling performance was standard and not an afterthought. The DB5 is powered by a 4.0 litre In-line 6-cylinder 16-valve 243.7 CID alloy engine. Its fuel delivery system uses 2 SU HD8 carburetors. The engine cranked 282 hp @ 5,500 rpm delivering 391 Nm of peak torque @ 3,850 rpm. Longitudinal acceleration is rated as 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds, 0-100 mph in 15 seconds, and 0-120 mph in 24.5 seconds. Its top speed is 146-148 mph. It can do the ¼ mile @ 97 mph in 14.6 seconds.


Adequately geared for fierce ‘take no prisoners’ European road rallies, the Aston Martin DB5 Vantage was introduced in 1964. It is a more powerful version substituting 3 Weber 2-bbl carburetors as a ‘full-throttle’ set-up increasing energy to 325 hp @ 5,750 rpm delivering 393 Nm of peak torque @ 4,500 rpm. The Vantage increased the top speed to 155 mph. It could do the ¼ mile @ 101 mph in 14.3 seconds. Longitudinal acceleration for the Vantage is rated as 0-60 mph in 6 seconds, 0-100 mph in 13.9 seconds, and 0-120 mph in 21.6 seconds. Only 65 DB5 Vantage coupes were built.

The engine used a 4-speed manual gear box for the 1963 model year. Model years 1964 and 1965 mate the engine to the ZF 5-speed all synchromesh manual. For those who required automatic shifting a 3-speed Borg-Warner DG (Detroit Gear) was available. It was refined into the Borg-Warner Model 8 shortly before introduction of the new replacement model.

Upgrading the DB4 to DB5 includes a Girling 4-wheel solid disc braking system with twin hydraulic brake servos, 15” wheels, and power windows.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 has distinctive hand-crafting. Its body and chassis are made by Superleggera Coachwork. This super light-weight construction is technology developed by Italian designer Felice Bianchi Anderloni of Carrozzeria Touring of Milan.  The Superleggera construction system is relatively simple in theory.

It consists of a structural framework of small diameter tubing conforming to the shape of the bodyshell. The tubing is covered with lightweight aluminium body panels. The bodyshell strengthens the framework. This design offers greater flexibility while in theatre allowing innovative body designs in less time than conventional die casting. Aston Martin was licensed by Carrozzeria Touring for the DB4 and DB5 models built using this patented process.

There are issues to the Superleggera process. First and foremost, it simply cannot meet important impact resistance standards. This type of build cannot accommodate suspension components, therefore a chassis is required. Due to the nature of this build type, galvanic corrosion occurs between the aluminium body panels and the steel of the tubular frame.



1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 2

The Aston Martin DB5 was built based upon 2+2 configurations as a two-door coupe, convertible, and Harold Radford Shooting Brake body styles. The most famous Aston Martin DB5 configuration is the lethal Silver Birch rolling arsenal driven by James Bond in the 1964 film “Gold Finger.” A different DB5 was used for “Thunderball” a year later, and then again in the 1995 filming of “Golden Eye.”

There is always more than one Bond car in any single film depending on the stunts involved. Another DB5 version appeared in 2006 in the James Bond film “Casino Royale.” One version of the DB5 was stolen and never recovered. Still another version of the Silver Birch DB5 appeared in Skyfall. These iconic Aston Martin collectibles fetch millions of dollars on the auction block. An Aston Martin is portrayed as invincible as the 007 character that drives it –

James Bond

DB5 Shooting Brake

Shooting Brake coachwork by Harold Radford



The Aston Martin DB5 sports the minimalist approach to cabin appointments. All pertinent information is displayed directly in front of the driver. The heady aroma of impeccably tailored leather is as important as the grip of its hand-crafted steering wheel. Aston Martin is among the purveyors of grand tourers of the world.


Aston Martin DB5 is a genuine sports car with no frills…





Extraordinary automobiles for extraordinary people. Aston Martin has been creating excitement for over 100 years. The DB5 is the most famous of all models. This elegant grand tourer was built from 1963 through 1965 as convertible, hardtop, and Shooting Brake body styles. Exemplary British hand-crafting, the ultimate in high-performance, and one of the world’s most beautiful automotive designs makes the Aston Martin DB5 the quintessential classic sports car for a true enthusiast.

And having James Bond on your resume can’t hurt either…The Superleggera construction makes it as unique as the vehicle itself. Performance is built into an Aston Martin, not just tacked on as a package option. These are raw-power experiences…not just a good power-to-weight ratio. The DB5 is a driver’s car that typifies classic British sports cars from the genre – but then…an Aston Martin is not just a car…now is it?



DB9 9

Aston Martin DB9

DB9 1

Ask the owner of the Aston Martin DB9…about what part of the legend excites them most. Could it be the 6.0 litre 48-valve naturally aspirated V12 engine that produces 510 hp @ 6,500 rpm with 620 Nm of peak torque @ 5,500 rpm? Or is it due to the fact its longitudinal acceleration is rated as 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, 0-100 mph in 9.3 seconds, 0-120 mph in 13.6 seconds and has a top speed of 193 mph?

Or the fact that it does the ¼ mile @ 115 mph in 12.5 seconds? And lest we forget, the ZF 6HP 6-speed automatic with Touchtronic 2 manual shift mode?  The Aston Martin DB9 is the contemporary grand tourer. The only thing more exciting than an Aston Martin motorcar is another Aston Martin. Engineering, performance, and beauty rank top marks in its class. Aston Martin epitomizes British hand-craftsmanship continuing the proud tradition –

DB9 6

DB9 8

DB9 2

…seize the moment

DB9 3

DB9 4

DB9 7

Photos courtesy Aston Martin Media Club


…a matter of choice

DB9 5

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 5

ONE 77 2

Aston Martin is the ultimate icon

ONE 77


Aston Martin DB5 is NotoriousLuxury…

The Vulcan Is Viciously Aston Martin –

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 it is unique among supercars…


 It is vicious among supercars…


It is vicious among other Aston Martins…


Here is “Tomorrow’s supercar today.” For a little over $2 Million USD it can be a part of your own trek. It’s sleek…it’s intense…it’s so very Aston Martin. The Vulcan is a carbon fibre sculpture of technology. This viciously extreme track-only vehicle is a supercar of sheer excitement.

It is limited exclusively to 24 vehicles for its production schedule to be distributed world-wide. Each one, being a highly bespoke automobile, will reflect the owners’ driving style and track requisites. It clearly echoes the Aston Martin racing heritage. The Vulcan displays an unambiguous passion for unbridled power, exceptional beauty, and…impeccable British hand-crafting.


Before you even get into it, this car excites you to frenzy as it offers anticipation for the race track. It set new standards for the ultra-luxury high-performance supercar. The Vulcan is powered by a naturally aspirated 7.0 litre V12 engine that delivers an earth shattering 800+ hp. The Vulcan is a tribute to Aston Martin GT motorsport heritage. It is a sports car for true sports car enthusiasts.


This car means business with its extreme downforce network at the rear. It has achieved a 50% overall increase in downforce. The dramatic eye candy begins with the aggressive diffuser… it bitch-slaps the Lambo. It sends Ferrari a subtle “ahem” that words cannot capture. The Vulcan intrepidly established its own unique niche. And, regarding the statuesque spoiler – it’s a sort of “mine is bigger than yours, besides, I can get away with this design and you can’t” message to supercars world-wide.


The front end design sends an “Excuse me this is how you do it” message to LaFerrari. It is a sculptured work of Aston Martin automotive art. The Vulcan ushers in the next generation of the supercar sending shock-waves through the auto industry.

It efficiently manages the air flow around the vehicle utilizing a sophisticated network of air intakes and subtle curves. Its design aids anti-lift measures and increases maximum overall downforce which is imperative to a vehicle of this design. The Vulcan manages its wake behind equally as efficient. Compared to other supercars in the world…the Vulcan appears as “a souped-up car in a rent a go-cart town.” How would you describe this car? Bold…daring…brazen…unique? Aston Martin?


As far as the Vulcan’s exotic appearance…either you love it or you LOVE it – you have to admit, Aston Martin is one class act. There is drama within every square inch of the Vulcan. There isn’t a single line that isn’t totally new, yet it is so typically Aston Martin. If you have studied cars designed by the marque you can see the styling continuity.

The Vulcan’s silhouette captures the basic outline of the muscular physique from the DB series. It chisels in the contemporary look of limited editions such as the ONE-77 – then suddenly it appears as today’s supercar version, a contemporary collage called Vulcan. This is another notoriously fashioned shocker in the continuing saga of “As Aston Martin’s World Turns.“


This beauty is a beast. Its carbon fibre bodyshell and monocoque are built in collaboration with Multimatic, Aston Martin’s long term engineering specialist and partner. This Canadian based corporation supplies complex components, body hardware, body structures, and suspension systems globally to the automotive industry. The Aston Martin Vulcan is completely in compliance with FIA race safety requirements. Although actual performance stats have not been revealed, the Vulcan’s longitudinal acceleration should exceed 0-60 mph faster than you can finish this sentence –


The race track derived pushrod suspension is equipped with Multimatic’s Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) which is an adjustable damping system. The Vulcan is fitted with anti-roll bars front and rear, driver adjustable anti-lock brakes, and variable traction control. Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes and Michelin race specification tires add the finishing touches. Aston Martin really turned up the heat with the Vulcan, flaunting their design and engineering prowess –

The engine is installed lower into the chassis mounted just in front of the driver behind the front wheels. Its X-trac 6-speed sequential shift gearbox is mid-rear mounted. To reduce weight there’s a magnesium torque tube and carbon fibre prop shaft. The limited slip differential aids overall traction. All of these significant details contribute to the Vulcan’s near perfect weight distribution.



The Vulcan is complete with a cabin not for show…but for go. The minimalist approach is the mode for automobiles such as this. Lamborghini, Ferrari and such, do not exhibit gaudy borderline tacky trendy crap that is rendered redundant quickly. The minimalist theme keeps the driver focused on the road ahead harnessing the raw power needed for the jaunt. Distractions are kept to an absolute minimum. For instance, the cut-away steering wheel gives the driver an uninterrupted view of the necessary dials and controls at a glance. Besides, who uses the top of a steering wheel anymore?

Carbon fibre signature

The seats are finished in a versatile Alcantara however; the Vulcan is highly bespoke therefore – how would you like yours? The dramatic use of carbon fibre is used throughout the cabin for the 21st century supercar appeal. Each supercar has a signature carbon fibre style exclusive to the brand. Aston Martin has a very tasteful manner in which they expedited the task –


The aggressive manner in which the Vulcan is delivered to its new owner is as unique as the car itself. Since it is born out of extensive motorsport experience, it is designed to fit the owners’ driving style and track requirements. The top-shelf VIP sales program through “Q” by Aston Martin is available for the ultimate in bespoke personalization.


The exclusive delivery program includes the opportunity for an extensive, detailed program of intense race track driver training. Aston Martin’s own LeMans winning driver Darren Turner supports the new driver orientation. This hands-on experience uses actual supercars like the ONE-77, the V12 Vantage S, and the Vantage GT 4 race car.

Other opportunities available are a series of track side events. This will allow the new owner to explore the capabilities of their driving skills and their car’s overall performance potential. These events will take place on some of the most famous racing circuits. One rarely gets the ‘treat’ of driving one of these extreme supercars, then…add the distinction of driving exclusive circuits? (Applause…applause…applause)

As an alternative choice to the actual hands-on opportunities, the driver may opt for the digital race track in a simulator with a virtual race car. This is a Darren Turner Base Performance Simulator which recreates the real experience.

ONE 77 1

ONE 77 2

Aston Martin ONE-77 supercar built at a restricted pace of only 77 

V12 Vantage S 2

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

Vantage GT4

Aston Martin Vantage GT4


Cars as unique as the Vulcan and the Lagonda Taraf will turn the brand around. I had to mention the Taraf because it too is rockin’ the entire world with a unique drama all its own. The Vulcan shares the spot light of exclusivity also. Aston Martin’s award winning designs will continue to rock the automotive world as they always have. Each is bringing a new image to the marque that has given the world such style, such grace, and such dignity in a motorcar. No matter what Aston Martin one prefers, it is in a league all its own. You are creating a style when you drive one.

Lagonda Taraf 1

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf super saloon

Lagonda Taraf 2

Lagonda Taraf 3



The Vulcan with its vicious 21st century appearance adds new meaning to “supercar.” It heavily reflects the Aston Martin racing heritage from its sleek and low-slung front end design, to the controversial rear end diffuser and wing – The Vulcan is a rare and unusual automobile. It is going to be interesting when we get to see what they all will look like. Exclusivity is king in this very rare arena where only the strong survive – Three cheers for Aston Martin…long may it reign –

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 1

1965-1966 Aston Martin Volante (short chassis)

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 2

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 3

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 4

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 5

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 6

Aston Martin  racing

Photos courtesy Aston Martin Media Club


NotoriousLuxury presents the Aston Martin Vulcan supercar

A New Legend Is Launched: The Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

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“Nil fato relinquemus…”

Taraf 1

The latest chapter in the V12 dynasty…

Taraf 2

Leave it to Aston Martin to shock the world…repeatedly. Previous generations of the brand all became important contributions to automotive history. Aston Martin motorcars are time-honored supreme automotive achievements. The latest heart-throb in the proud tradition of the world’s most beautiful automobiles is the Lagonda Taraf four-door saloon.

Being built at a highly restricted pace, the Lagonda Taraf is the most “viciously exotic” saloon to motor out of Gaydon – It joins other models such as the ONE-77, and the V12 Zagato in an impressive automotive portfolio other automobile manufacturers only dare to dream about…Aston Martin lives the dream. The Lagonda Taraf is the launch of a new legend in the dynasty –

Taraf 3

Aston Martin creates automotive legends. They are a timeless blend of hand-crafting, pride, and dedication that reflect values set forth over 100 years. The Lagonda Taraf is another chapter unfolding in this illustrious heritage. Initially, this ultra-luxurious saloon was to be limited to only 200 vehicles built exclusively for the Middle East markets…fortunately, it rocked the entire world creating such interest that it will be offered on a slightly larger scale. Contingencies exist…its exclusivity will be retained. The Lagonda Taraf will epitomize the brand –


An Aston Martin motorcar in every detail must have its function and beauty of form defining the qualities that made the marque famous. All of its systems should obey, anticipate, and assist – but never dictate. The Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf retains the preeminence of this credo. It is the new essence of Aston Martin. The stateliness of its demeanor, and its unparalleled elegance assures continued admiration.

Any connoisseur of fine automobiles who know the breed…will hold it in the same esteem. Not because of its elegantly fashioned coachwork…nor its aristocratic air…but because of the sheer pleasure of driving or being driven in it. First and foremost – it’s an Aston Martin. The Lagonda Taraf remains one of life’s true treasures in this harried, mass-produced world –

Lagonda Taraf 7

ONE 77 3

Aston Martin ONE-77

ONE 77 2

ONE 77 4

The extraordinary 6.0 litre V12 is a highly bespoke saloon of splendor. “Q” by Aston Martin will exploit the possibilities to further enhance the mystique of this extremely high-roller. This work of Aston Martin art can be classed with the exotic ONE-77 and the dazzling V12 Zagato in exclusivity. Of course, nothing can compare to them. Each is unique, each is perfection…each is unmistakably Aston Martin.

The engineering science which makes the marque exceptional has been redefined, redeveloped, and upheld beyond excellence. Central to this philosophy are superlative hand-craftsmanship, the use of the finest materials, and advanced methodology while in theatre. Painstaking attention to detail will be given at all stages of production to ensure each component surpasses exceptional standards…which is customary with the brand…but even more so with the Lagonda Taraf. The traditional craft of the coachbuilder blend with forward thinking…welcome to the world of Aston Martin –

Taraf 4

V12 Zagato 1

Aston Martin V12 Zagato

V12 Zagato 2

V12 Zagato 3

Lagonda Taraf 1

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

Lagonda Taraf 3

The Lagonda Taraf will be built utilizing Aston Martin’s VH platform. The bodywork will be augmented by the use of carbon-fibre panels. The “mystery machine” remains just that: a total mystery. Even the price is hush-hush but is rumored to be in the very exclusive neighborhood of $1.7 Million USD. The 200 vehicles reserved for the Middle East are to be sold by invitation only, pricing strategies used by Ferrari and the like to retain exclusivity for their most exclusive clientele –

Taraf cabin 1

Taraf 10

The Lagonda Taraf’s silhouette reflects the original William Towns design from the 1970s. The Lagonda name dates back to a British marque established in 1906. The company also had a business relationship with W.O. Bentley who served as a designer for the racing team. The company was taken over by David Brown in 1947 and run with Aston Martin.

Lagonda 5

The William Towns designed Aston Martin Lagonda 1976-1990

Lagonda 6

The Lagonda was one of the first cars with digital instrumentation

Lagonda 4

Lagonda 3

The Lagonda saloons were built between 1974 and 1990 in Newport Pagnell, England. There were seven four-door saloons built between 1974 and 1976 based upon the Aston Martin V8. The William Towns version are the large wedge-shaped, aerodynamically designed four-door saloons and shooting brakes built from 1976 forward. These versions are prized and many are still registered in service. The Aston Martin Lagonda made an indelible impression upon the industry. The design is so radical, it book marked a place in automotive history for itself.

Lagonda Taraf 2

Speculation regarding the Lagonda Taraf’s performance… is possibly to mirror that of the Rapide S, Aston Martin’s current production luxury high-performance four-door saloon. Global sales opened the Lagonda Taraf’s distribution, however; Aston Martin has no current plans to bring it to the USA – that doesn’t mean I cannot bring it to my readers. There is comfort in the fact that availability will be extremely limited…even in Aston Martin’s home base in the UK. They really know how to create interest…don’t they?

Lagonda Taraf 4

Rapide S 1

Aston Martin Rapide S V12 saloon

Rapide S 3

Rapide S 2

Rapide S 4

Rapide S 7

Aston Martin Rapide S

Rapide S 5

Rapide S 8

Lagonda Taraf 5

The most “viciously styled” Aston Martin yet…

Taraf 7

Taraf 5

Historic 1

For over 100 years, Aston Martin nomenclature has adorned a model right for its day but is never rendered redundant…each becomes a cherished classic. Every new Aston Martin has set new standards of excellence for the genre it represents. Times change, so do the motorcars that bear the name but the guiding principles behind these magnificent motorcars do not… because an Aston Martin is not a mere motorcar…it is an automotive masterwork. A thing of beauty…is a joy forever – as witnessed by the “viciously exotic” beauty of the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf. It is NotoriousLuxury…in the most notorious form –

Taraf 14

Photos courtesy Aston Martin Media Club

Taraf 8

Taraf 13

Taraf 6

Rapide S 6

Lagonda 7

ONE 77 1

The End

NotoriousLuxury proudly presents the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

“Q” by Aston Martin

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Aston Martin is the pinnacle of British craftsmanship


“Q” by Aston Martin is the ultimate in personalization


“Limitation exists only in the mind…” Welcome to the world of art, design, and craft… “Q” by Aston Martin. What is “Q?” It becomes a reflection of you…”Q” is beyond bespoke. “Q” by Aston Martin is the total experience. In all the world there will be only one…why? Because you designed it.

“Q” by Aston Martin is the embodiment of creativity and innovation. The Aston Martin of one’s choice becomes a blank canvas where the impossible becomes the possible. “Q” by Aston Martin is a place where inspiration and collaboration come together with an exquisite and totally unique personal result. “Q” by Aston Martin is a world of limitless possibilities…bound by one’s own imagination-




This is the ultimate in personalization. It reflects your personal taste. Comfort and indulgences are your constant companion. These fine automobiles are expertly hand-finished to become the definitive styling tour-de-force.

From eye-catching contrast…to the bold statements, inspiration from any source becomes sophisticated elegance stemming from the luxury of choice. Welcome to the world of the tailor-made automobile…where limitation exists only in the mind. “Q” is to Aston Martin as Mulliner is to Bentley.




“Q” takes the essence of one’s favorite object translating it into a unique automotive masterpiece. “Q “may be viewed as its own stand-alone Brand. This ultra-exclusive service allows the client to enhance and personalize their cars with meticulous attention to detail. Aston Martin introduced this progressive service March 2nd, 2012.

The process begins at certified Aston Martin dealership’s “Q Lounge” where the client creates the automobile of their very own design. Everything from unique paint finishes, leather color/texture, wood veneers, carbon-fibre accents, and any desired options are coordinated into a one of a kind example of automotive art. Per Aston Martin: “We believe your Aston Martin should be a reflection of those things you hold closest to your heart.”





The world’s first “Q Lounge” was unveiled at a new Aston Martin showroom in Beijing China located at the new five-star Regent Hotel on Jinbao Street. Visitors to this exclusive new showroom view the Aston Martin models as pieces of art displayed in a gallery-style atmosphere. Clients are urged to “challenge” the design team to expedite their automotive dream to reality…



The “Q Lounge” and its salon atmosphere is conducive to inspiration. It is the beginning of a one-off creation. “Q” is all about freedom. Aston Martin Design Director Marek Reichman works diligently with his team to think “outside the box.” More customers around the world are commissioning this highly bespoke program to create the Aston Martin of their own design.



The automobiles are on display in exotic display cases and dioramas presented in an upscale art gallery theme. It is within these facilities graphic designers and engineers collaborate to create future museum pieces.

An Aston Martin is an impeccably hand-crafted work of art…”Q” escalates this exclusivity and supremacy creating new benchmarks, establishing business processes, and performance metrics leading the industry.

“Q” instigates the Aston Martin lifestyle. Aston Martin is a venerable company with strong values and a highly skilled workforce. “Q” is the very essence of the brand exemplifying design, engineering, and manufacturing principles.


In 2012, Aston Martin offered fifteen models in this exclusive program. The artisans at “Q” transformed the Rapide, DBS coupe and DBS Volante, Virage Coupe and Volante, the V8 Vantage Coupe, Vantage Roadster, Vantage S Coupe and Roadster, the V12 Vantage, the Cygnet city car, the formidable One-77 supercar, and the V12 Zagato. The roster will continue…

Superlative reputation in any field of endeavor is historically slow in the making. Aston Martin has built a formidable existence spanning decades. Changing with the industry, placing client servicing foremost helped the brand attain world-wide success. Aston Martin has been a pioneer in design, technology, and manufacturing remaining a global leader in the industry.




More upscale automobile manufacturers are turning to an exclusive signature series for the ultimate in personalization. Mercedes-Benz has AMG, Bentley has Mulliner, the BMW Individual, and there are exclusive automobile Tuners such as Mansory and Brabus that create extra special versions of high-end luxury vehicles.

Lamborghini has Centro Stile, and the absolute epitome is Rolls Royce and their Bespoke Program. Each of these design teams provide provocative, unprecedented personalization to the world’s most exclusive vehicles. “Q” is the very essence of Aston Martin…


“Q” by Aston Martin courtesy of Aston Martin Media