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A New Legend Is Launched: The Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

“Nil fato relinquemus…”

Taraf 1

The latest chapter in the V12 dynasty…

Taraf 2

Leave it to Aston Martin to shock the world…repeatedly. Previous generations of the brand all became important contributions to automotive history. Aston Martin motorcars are time-honored supreme automotive achievements. The latest heart-throb in the proud tradition of the world’s most beautiful automobiles is the Lagonda Taraf four-door saloon.

Being built at a highly restricted pace, the Lagonda Taraf is the most “viciously exotic” saloon to motor out of Gaydon – It joins other models such as the ONE-77, and the V12 Zagato in an impressive automotive portfolio other automobile manufacturers only dare to dream about…Aston Martin lives the dream. The Lagonda Taraf is the launch of a new legend in the dynasty –

Taraf 3

Aston Martin creates automotive legends. They are a timeless blend of hand-crafting, pride, and dedication that reflect values set forth over 100 years. The Lagonda Taraf is another chapter unfolding in this illustrious heritage. Initially, this ultra-luxurious saloon was to be limited to only 200 vehicles built exclusively for the Middle East markets…fortunately, it rocked the entire world creating such interest that it will be offered on a slightly larger scale. Contingencies exist…its exclusivity will be retained. The Lagonda Taraf will epitomize the brand –


An Aston Martin motorcar in every detail must have its function and beauty of form defining the qualities that made the marque famous. All of its systems should obey, anticipate, and assist – but never dictate. The Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf retains the preeminence of this credo. It is the new essence of Aston Martin. The stateliness of its demeanor, and its unparalleled elegance assures continued admiration.

Any connoisseur of fine automobiles who know the breed…will hold it in the same esteem. Not because of its elegantly fashioned coachwork…nor its aristocratic air…but because of the sheer pleasure of driving or being driven in it. First and foremost – it’s an Aston Martin. The Lagonda Taraf remains one of life’s true treasures in this harried, mass-produced world –

Lagonda Taraf 7

ONE 77 3

Aston Martin ONE-77

ONE 77 2

ONE 77 4

The extraordinary 6.0 litre V12 is a highly bespoke saloon of splendor. “Q” by Aston Martin will exploit the possibilities to further enhance the mystique of this extremely high-roller. This work of Aston Martin art can be classed with the exotic ONE-77 and the dazzling V12 Zagato in exclusivity. Of course, nothing can compare to them. Each is unique, each is perfection…each is unmistakably Aston Martin.

The engineering science which makes the marque exceptional has been redefined, redeveloped, and upheld beyond excellence. Central to this philosophy are superlative hand-craftsmanship, the use of the finest materials, and advanced methodology while in theatre. Painstaking attention to detail will be given at all stages of production to ensure each component surpasses exceptional standards…which is customary with the brand…but even more so with the Lagonda Taraf. The traditional craft of the coachbuilder blend with forward thinking…welcome to the world of Aston Martin –

Taraf 4

V12 Zagato 1

Aston Martin V12 Zagato

V12 Zagato 2

V12 Zagato 3

Lagonda Taraf 1

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

Lagonda Taraf 3

The Lagonda Taraf will be built utilizing Aston Martin’s VH platform. The bodywork will be augmented by the use of carbon-fibre panels. The “mystery machine” remains just that: a total mystery. Even the price is hush-hush but is rumored to be in the very exclusive neighborhood of $1.7 Million USD. The 200 vehicles reserved for the Middle East are to be sold by invitation only, pricing strategies used by Ferrari and the like to retain exclusivity for their most exclusive clientele –

Taraf cabin 1

Taraf 10

The Lagonda Taraf’s silhouette reflects the original William Towns design from the 1970s. The Lagonda name dates back to a British marque established in 1906. The company also had a business relationship with W.O. Bentley who served as a designer for the racing team. The company was taken over by David Brown in 1947 and run with Aston Martin.

Lagonda 5

The William Towns designed Aston Martin Lagonda 1976-1990

Lagonda 6

The Lagonda was one of the first cars with digital instrumentation

Lagonda 4

Lagonda 3

The Lagonda saloons were built between 1974 and 1990 in Newport Pagnell, England. There were seven four-door saloons built between 1974 and 1976 based upon the Aston Martin V8. The William Towns version are the large wedge-shaped, aerodynamically designed four-door saloons and shooting brakes built from 1976 forward. These versions are prized and many are still registered in service. The Aston Martin Lagonda made an indelible impression upon the industry. The design is so radical, it book marked a place in automotive history for itself.

Lagonda Taraf 2

Speculation regarding the Lagonda Taraf’s performance… is possibly to mirror that of the Rapide S, Aston Martin’s current production luxury high-performance four-door saloon. Global sales opened the Lagonda Taraf’s distribution, however; Aston Martin has no current plans to bring it to the USA – that doesn’t mean I cannot bring it to my readers. There is comfort in the fact that availability will be extremely limited…even in Aston Martin’s home base in the UK. They really know how to create interest…don’t they?

Lagonda Taraf 4

Rapide S 1

Aston Martin Rapide S V12 saloon

Rapide S 3

Rapide S 2

Rapide S 4

Rapide S 7

Aston Martin Rapide S

Rapide S 5

Rapide S 8

Lagonda Taraf 5

The most “viciously styled” Aston Martin yet…

Taraf 7

Taraf 5

Historic 1

For over 100 years, Aston Martin nomenclature has adorned a model right for its day but is never rendered redundant…each becomes a cherished classic. Every new Aston Martin has set new standards of excellence for the genre it represents. Times change, so do the motorcars that bear the name but the guiding principles behind these magnificent motorcars do not… because an Aston Martin is not a mere motorcar…it is an automotive masterwork. A thing of beauty…is a joy forever – as witnessed by the “viciously exotic” beauty of the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf. It is NotoriousLuxury…in the most notorious form –

Taraf 14

Photos courtesy Aston Martin Media Club

Taraf 8

Taraf 13

Taraf 6

Rapide S 6

Lagonda 7

ONE 77 1

The End

NotoriousLuxury proudly presents the Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf

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