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NotoriousLuxury welcomes its newest press club affiliation, W Motors – designer of the Notorious Lykan HyperSport and Fenyr SuperSport supercars. The eminent hyper-luxury class has been added as a new focus to augment website dynamics creating a wider-range of special interest, classic & collectible, ultra-luxury, supercar, HyperSport, and SuperSport automobiles just for YOU! In this section, NotoriousLuxury displays photos and article summaries that are not included in editorials or featured articles as a bonus for the audience. Enjoy!!!

Hypersports cars 1

“Cause I’m feelin’ like 
 – All eyes on me…
And I know that you want a piece of me. 
I’m feelin’ like. 
– All eyes on me… 
But when THIS body moves, its makin’ you crazy – 
I got you feelin’ for Fenyr…”

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