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The Vulcan Is Viciously Aston Martin –

 it is unique among supercars…


 It is vicious among supercars…


It is vicious among other Aston Martins…


Here is “Tomorrow’s supercar today.” For a little over $2 Million USD it can be a part of your own trek. It’s sleek…it’s intense…it’s so very Aston Martin. The Vulcan is a carbon fibre sculpture of technology. This viciously extreme track-only vehicle is a supercar of sheer excitement.

It is limited exclusively to 24 vehicles for its production schedule to be distributed world-wide. Each one, being a highly bespoke automobile, will reflect the owners’ driving style and track requisites. It clearly echoes the Aston Martin racing heritage. The Vulcan displays an unambiguous passion for unbridled power, exceptional beauty, and…impeccable British hand-crafting.


Before you even get into it, this car excites you to frenzy as it offers anticipation for the race track. It set new standards for the ultra-luxury high-performance supercar. The Vulcan is powered by a naturally aspirated 7.0 litre V12 engine that delivers an earth shattering 800+ hp. The Vulcan is a tribute to Aston Martin GT motorsport heritage. It is a sports car for true sports car enthusiasts.


This car means business with its extreme downforce network at the rear. It has achieved a 50% overall increase in downforce. The dramatic eye candy begins with the aggressive diffuser… it bitch-slaps the Lambo. It sends Ferrari a subtle “ahem” that words cannot capture. The Vulcan intrepidly established its own unique niche. And, regarding the statuesque spoiler – it’s a sort of “mine is bigger than yours, besides, I can get away with this design and you can’t” message to supercars world-wide.


The front end design sends an “Excuse me this is how you do it” message to LaFerrari. It is a sculptured work of Aston Martin automotive art. The Vulcan ushers in the next generation of the supercar sending shock-waves through the auto industry.

It efficiently manages the air flow around the vehicle utilizing a sophisticated network of air intakes and subtle curves. Its design aids anti-lift measures and increases maximum overall downforce which is imperative to a vehicle of this design. The Vulcan manages its wake behind equally as efficient. Compared to other supercars in the world…the Vulcan appears as “a souped-up car in a rent a go-cart town.” How would you describe this car? Bold…daring…brazen…unique? Aston Martin?


As far as the Vulcan’s exotic appearance…either you love it or you LOVE it – you have to admit, Aston Martin is one class act. There is drama within every square inch of the Vulcan. There isn’t a single line that isn’t totally new, yet it is so typically Aston Martin. If you have studied cars designed by the marque you can see the styling continuity.

The Vulcan’s silhouette captures the basic outline of the muscular physique from the DB series. It chisels in the contemporary look of limited editions such as the ONE-77 – then suddenly it appears as today’s supercar version, a contemporary collage called Vulcan. This is another notoriously fashioned shocker in the continuing saga of “As Aston Martin’s World Turns.“


This beauty is a beast. Its carbon fibre bodyshell and monocoque are built in collaboration with Multimatic, Aston Martin’s long term engineering specialist and partner. This Canadian based corporation supplies complex components, body hardware, body structures, and suspension systems globally to the automotive industry. The Aston Martin Vulcan is completely in compliance with FIA race safety requirements. Although actual performance stats have not been revealed, the Vulcan’s longitudinal acceleration should exceed 0-60 mph faster than you can finish this sentence –


The race track derived pushrod suspension is equipped with Multimatic’s Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve (DSSV) which is an adjustable damping system. The Vulcan is fitted with anti-roll bars front and rear, driver adjustable anti-lock brakes, and variable traction control. Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes and Michelin race specification tires add the finishing touches. Aston Martin really turned up the heat with the Vulcan, flaunting their design and engineering prowess –

The engine is installed lower into the chassis mounted just in front of the driver behind the front wheels. Its X-trac 6-speed sequential shift gearbox is mid-rear mounted. To reduce weight there’s a magnesium torque tube and carbon fibre prop shaft. The limited slip differential aids overall traction. All of these significant details contribute to the Vulcan’s near perfect weight distribution.



The Vulcan is complete with a cabin not for show…but for go. The minimalist approach is the mode for automobiles such as this. Lamborghini, Ferrari and such, do not exhibit gaudy borderline tacky trendy crap that is rendered redundant quickly. The minimalist theme keeps the driver focused on the road ahead harnessing the raw power needed for the jaunt. Distractions are kept to an absolute minimum. For instance, the cut-away steering wheel gives the driver an uninterrupted view of the necessary dials and controls at a glance. Besides, who uses the top of a steering wheel anymore?

Carbon fibre signature

The seats are finished in a versatile Alcantara however; the Vulcan is highly bespoke therefore – how would you like yours? The dramatic use of carbon fibre is used throughout the cabin for the 21st century supercar appeal. Each supercar has a signature carbon fibre style exclusive to the brand. Aston Martin has a very tasteful manner in which they expedited the task –


The aggressive manner in which the Vulcan is delivered to its new owner is as unique as the car itself. Since it is born out of extensive motorsport experience, it is designed to fit the owners’ driving style and track requirements. The top-shelf VIP sales program through “Q” by Aston Martin is available for the ultimate in bespoke personalization.


The exclusive delivery program includes the opportunity for an extensive, detailed program of intense race track driver training. Aston Martin’s own LeMans winning driver Darren Turner supports the new driver orientation. This hands-on experience uses actual supercars like the ONE-77, the V12 Vantage S, and the Vantage GT 4 race car.

Other opportunities available are a series of track side events. This will allow the new owner to explore the capabilities of their driving skills and their car’s overall performance potential. These events will take place on some of the most famous racing circuits. One rarely gets the ‘treat’ of driving one of these extreme supercars, then…add the distinction of driving exclusive circuits? (Applause…applause…applause)

As an alternative choice to the actual hands-on opportunities, the driver may opt for the digital race track in a simulator with a virtual race car. This is a Darren Turner Base Performance Simulator which recreates the real experience.

ONE 77 1

ONE 77 2

Aston Martin ONE-77 supercar built at a restricted pace of only 77 

V12 Vantage S 2

Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

Vantage GT4

Aston Martin Vantage GT4


Cars as unique as the Vulcan and the Lagonda Taraf will turn the brand around. I had to mention the Taraf because it too is rockin’ the entire world with a unique drama all its own. The Vulcan shares the spot light of exclusivity also. Aston Martin’s award winning designs will continue to rock the automotive world as they always have. Each is bringing a new image to the marque that has given the world such style, such grace, and such dignity in a motorcar. No matter what Aston Martin one prefers, it is in a league all its own. You are creating a style when you drive one.

Lagonda Taraf 1

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf super saloon

Lagonda Taraf 2

Lagonda Taraf 3



The Vulcan with its vicious 21st century appearance adds new meaning to “supercar.” It heavily reflects the Aston Martin racing heritage from its sleek and low-slung front end design, to the controversial rear end diffuser and wing – The Vulcan is a rare and unusual automobile. It is going to be interesting when we get to see what they all will look like. Exclusivity is king in this very rare arena where only the strong survive – Three cheers for Aston Martin…long may it reign –

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 1

1965-1966 Aston Martin Volante (short chassis)

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 2

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 3

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 4

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 5

1965-1966 Volante (short chassis) 6

Aston Martin  racing

Photos courtesy Aston Martin Media Club


NotoriousLuxury presents the Aston Martin Vulcan supercar

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