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Precious Metal: The 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special Brougham

For 1966, Cadillac ushered in new elegance…new excellence…and new excitement. The mid-1960s heralded the quintessence of Cadillac luxury. The “Standard of the World” offered 12 sumptuous models in three distinctive model series. Now, this is impressive – they all are unique – Cadillac wasn’t into badge-engineering in 1966. No aerodynamics, no intricate electronics, and there was nothing fake nor added on. Nobody was concerned with mpg – just pure unadulterated distinction. A 1966 Cadillac is the “Standard of the World” in motoring pleasure and owner loyalty.

It is Cadillac’s elite Fleetwood Series offering superb handcrafting, spirited performance, and effortless operation that’s on the grand Cadillac scale in the grand Cadillac manner. The absolute epitome of Cadillac elegance and dignity is the Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special and the Series Sixty-Special Brougham. This eloquence makes a cameo appearance in the continuing saga of….” As the Standard of the World Turns.”

This 1966 Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special Brougham is a true survivor

It’s the Cadillac of Cadillacs and without conjecture, the quintessential flagship which sent a clear message that you have arrived – in style…Cadillac-style. In any gathering of fine automobiles, a Fleetwood Brougham stood alone in stature and magnificence with that special poised-dignity which was the hallmark of every Cadillac motorcar.

It is truly the most distinguished motorcar on the road built out of a tradition of excellence. There’s nothing more rewarding than viewing the world from behind the wheel of a Cadillac Fleetwood. This was such a special automobile series; it had its own dedicated production line in the assembly hall. These ultra-exclusive motorcars required a lot of extra hand-finishing and were the closest thing to coachbuilt crafting one could get in a domestic automobile.

There was no such thing in 1966 as badge-engineering a Fleetwood from the DeVille/Calais Series which began the 1977 model year with the massive down-sizing. The Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special Brougham is the most luxurious owner-driven 1966 Cadillac. These ultra-luxury saloons command the respect and admiration only the “Standard of the World” could achieve.

Signature hallmark exterior features augmenting the Series Sixty-Special Brougham differentiating it from the Series Sixty-Special include a fully padded ‘halo’ vinyl roof with ‘Brougham’ nomenclature affixed to each rear “C-pillar.” The revered Cadillac wreath and crest deftly identify it as a senior flagship model.

Fleetwood Brougham interior exclusivity has an emphasis on the rear passenger compartment with two folding carpeted footrests, pivotal reading lights located in each rear sail panel, and two folding walnut tables with storage compartments in each. Every square inch of a Cadillac Fleetwood has been crafted with the ultimate fit and finish no other luxury motorcar could offer.

The interior handcrafted by Fleetwood is deep-seated and roomy. There’s lots of rear-seat legroom thanks to the long wheelbase. Upholstery choices available include an elegant Damask, and two more cloth selections called Dartmoor, and Delmont.

A rich non-perforated leather for the posh lounge-style seating was available optional at extra cost. The warmth of genuine walnut wood graces the cabin elegantly and is resin-impregnated for longevity. The formidable Cadillac Fleetwood was the ‘Rembrandt’ among fine luxury automobiles.

Here is the rear compartment with genuine walnut folding tables

The most distinguished name in motorcars has a tough act to follow. For 1966 there’s elegant new beauty. Cadillac created a legend of automotive superiority. Its design and manufacture were always expedited with infinite care. Cadillac’s mission of providing owner loyalty, prestige, and lasting value is obvious in the 1966 Fleetwood Brougham.

The Cadillac Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special and Series Sixty-Special Brougham came standard with power windows, a power front seat, remote-controlled outside rearview mirror, and power front vent windows.

Cadillac’s Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission provides smooth response and proven dependability. Also standard is Cadillac’s exclusive new Variable Ratio power steering pampering its owner with effortless parking, and cornering, while maintaining a ‘feel’ of the road. This is what we REAL Cadillac connoisseurs appreciate in a luxury sedan.

The handcrafted interior by Fleetwood escalates Cadillac opulence to new heights in exclusivity. Wide folding center armrests for the front and rear-seat passengers highlight Fleetwood’s high-back, deep-seated luxury. You cannot find this decadent luxury in contemporary luxury cars!

This Fleetwood Brougham was ordered with power door locks. For 1966 the ‘power’ is supplied by a vacuum. Note the extra-wide door armrests. I am crazy about this genuine walnut trim. This is such a treat when we think of the ‘plastic’ wood inside contemporary vehicles which insults our intelligence!

Cadillac luxury always included thoughtful amenities for its passengers to ride in complete and total comfort. Welcome to Cadillac luxury which exists no more…

Cadillac offered available options making every ride memorable. This 1966 Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special Brougham is equipped with Automatic Climate Control that maintains the temperature set without further intervention from the driver.

Here’s something we don’t see anymore! A REAL dash!

Cadillac Fleetwood was the “Cadillac of Cadillacs” in every respect.

The Fleetwood Series is built on a fully-boxed perimeter frame on three different wheelbase configurations for 1966. The longest wheelbase of 149.75” is fitted to the Series Seventy-Five nine-passenger sedan and formal limousine. The Fleetwood Eldorado shares the same 129.5” wheelbase as the DeVille/Calais. Series Sixty-Special rides upon a commanding 133” wheelbase. The longer the wheelbase – the smoother the ride.

1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado (“Domestic Dame” this one’s for you!)

They are truly motorcars of unsurpassed dignity, comfort, and decadent luxury. A Fleetwood Brougham was always a masterpiece from the master craftsmen…when quality was never an afterthought! Driving cars like these brand-new spoiled us! It’s when we have to come forward with the superficial, truck-like SUVs in the contemporary world – we realize – the automobile is dead, this part is the requiem. Alas and fear-not, I will NOT let you forget the real cars on this website!!

And as for power – Cadillac had been building their reputation for advanced engineering and precise manufacturing for 64-years in 1966. Cadillac refined the V8 engine to absolute perfection. The 429-CID 16-valve V8 delivers 340-hp moving this humongous saloon with aplomb! This is not a superficial power-to-weight ratio aka contemporary motorcars – it is raw power.

NO catalytic converter nor smog controls – no, not even those expensive ECMs – this car will be running when the others electrocute themselves to death in those rolling-rotisseries called EVs! OR, how about that pesky smoke inhalation as you sleep when your handy-dandy Chevy Bolt – in the garage – burns your house to the ground (sadly, with you in it).

This 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special Brougham is a real survivor! It’s painful to imagine we drove automobiles like this – especially when we contrast then with now. Contemporary vehicles remind me of crude, nondescript, caricatures. A REAL Cadillac drives “like a big ole’ rollin’ Barco-lounger!” (Barcalounger) These cars smash the pavement flat making their own roads. With the standard ‘Automatic Level Control’ and its sophisticated road management system, you couldn’t feel any road vibration or road shock. This is a REAL Cadillac! 

Look at the luxury-length of 227.5”! Try parallel parking this land yacht! How? OK, imagine the Empire State Building being horizontal – and trying to parallel park that! And, one would have to be careful not to back into one of those dinky little SUVs with this car. I cringe at the thought of these big chrome bumpers coming at you around 7-mph, OUCH! Your Tesla won’t have a chance! Oh, make sure you turn off the autopilot in your Tesla – you do NOT want it to run amok into a ’66 Fleetwood! (R.I.P. just in case)

The” Standard of the World” stood alone in 1966. For 64-years Cadillac was the purveyor of gracious motoring. It’s the Cadillac Fleetwood augmenting flagship status. A Series Sixty-Special is poshly elegant – but it’s the Series Sixty-Special Brougham that’s the crown jewel of General Motors.

The Brougham was the most luxurious owner-driven Cadillac sedan in the model hierarchy. From the grace of its fully padded vinyl roof to the sweep of its capaciously elegant stature – The 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Series Sixty-Special Brougham is luxury on the grand Cadillac scale in the grand Cadillac manner. This most aristocratic Cadillac model takes a bow, in the continuing saga of…”As the Standard of the World Turns.”

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