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The Incomparable Rolls Royce Phantom

“Nil fato relinquemus”

Phantom Leader

The Phantom is the most provocative Rolls Royce

1967 2

4The epitome of Rolls Royce motorcars is the incomparable Phantom. This is a distinguished line of formal saloons, each one is hand-crafted to be the quintessential Flagship. With their coachbuilt bodywork and highly bespoke nature, no two are ever alike. Each masterwork exhibits the rare richness of the Rolls Royce tradition. A Phantom, throughout each series, offers the kind of satisfaction only a carefully made and individually crafted work of art can give. Each Rolls Royce Phantom is made by craftsmen whose devotion to excellence is legend. The automobile they make appeals to the most discerning clientele in the world. Whether it be a classic Phantom Series I – VI, or the contemporary Phantom saloon…it is a unique one-of-a-kind Rolls Royce experience, in the grand Rolls Royce manner.

1928 Phantom I

The Phantom I was built from 1925 until 1931. A US and a UK version was built in Springfield, Massachusetts and Derby in the UK. These are formal limousines with bespoke coachbuilt bodies. During their production, 3,512 were made. They are powered by 7.6 litre In-line 6-cylinder engines with three or four speed manual transmissions. Trim and specifications varied because of their bespoke nature.

1928 Phantom I 2

1928 Phantom I 3

1928 Phantom I 4

1928 Phantom I 5

Photos courtesy Daniel Schmitt Classic Cars

1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom Springfield Riviera Town Brougham by Brewster

1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom Springfield Riviera Town Brougham by Brewster


Today’s Phantom is now in its Series II genre and is available in a standard and extended wheelbase version. These eminent saloons may be chauffeur-driven for formal use. A power glass division may be requested for the ultimate in privacy and discretion. The Phantom is the latest manifestation of Rolls Royce art. They offer an incomparable blend of exemplary craftsmanship, advanced technology, comfort, and refinement.


dash control center

The Phantom Extended Wheelbase (EWB) saloon includes an 8.8” control center display with hard drive-based Navigation system. A new rotary controller organizes information and is more user-friendly. It offers improved connectivity through smartphone cradle, USB, and Aux-in options.



The Rolls Royce experience is augmented by its luxurious cabin. The elegant forward-opening rear coach doors close automatically at the touch of a button. An electronic lock prevents them from being opened while the car is in motion. If a coach door is open when driving off, your Rolls Royce will brake to the equivalence of “walking speed.” Umbrellas are thoughtfully placed into each rear door accessible when either front door is opened. The umbrellas are made with a Teflon coating so they, and the compartment they are stored in dry out faster.




There is another world within a Rolls Royce. It’s a world of comfort…elegant comfort. All of the senses are tantalized…the aromatic scent of the hand-stitched Connolly leather is intoxicating. The leather crafting takes nine matching hides. It is processed to yield high-quality, durability, and longer life. It is drum dyed and pre-shrunk. It won’t squeak nor crack through the use of this patented process which takes two weeks. The front and rear seats are not only electrically adjustable but also heated for comfort.


The highly polished mirror-matched veneers provide the eye candy. Each automobile uses a set of veneers that comes from the same tree. Walnut, Elm, Malabar, and dark Wenge are the classic burrs available. Cross-banding with fine inlayed boxwood beading is also available for  a unique distinction. The “cush” of luxurious 100% wool hand-tufted carpets are underfoot – A Rolls Royce in all its majesty cossets one in the sheer lap of luxury. Being a highly bespoke saloon it may be commissioned to exacting requirements to be as distinctively individual as your very own signature –


A Rolls Royce Phantom is a highly bespoke saloon and may be configured to meet the demands of its owner. The rear compartment of both Phantoms either short or long wheelbase versions may be equipped as rolling boardrooms for the exec who must work while traveling. Entertainment and multi-media systems are available which includes an on-board hard drive mounted in the boot. Four and five seat configurations are available.

The Entertainment Theatre configuration option has two high-resolution 12” monitors that fold into the backs of the front seats. The backs of the monitors may be veneered to compliment the cabin. Bluetooth applications as well as iPad stations are just two of the custom communications systems available.  It is equipped with wireless keyboards, and remote controls for each rear seat passenger to operate everything in the car.




The elegant Phantom II was built from 1929 until 1936 with only 1,820 made. This series Phantom used two different wheelbases, 150” extended version with a 144” as standard. Both offered more body style solutions from various coachbuilders. They are powered by the 7.7 litre OHV Straight-6 engine with a cross flow cylinder head. They used 4-speed manual gearboxes.



Illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy

The traditional Spirit of Ecstasy Flying Goddess is equipped with a sensor in its base and will retract into the radiator grille if tampered with. It may also be retracted by the driver-controlled button, or when the alarm is armed. It will also retract to protect pedestrians in the event of an accident, which is thoughtful; however, with something this large and powerful striking a pedestrian, that hood ornament is gonna be the lessor of all the evils involved here –

Spirit of Ecstasy 2


A new camera system projects images from all around the car. It includes front and side cameras. The rear and top views aid parking. The top view gives a 360 degree view of the car from above that shows potential objects in all directions.

Every Rolls Royce motorcar is the natural successor to the previous model. Styling is more than just a means of giving shape to a motorcar. Functionality, operating efficiency, ease of serviceability, and long life are paramount to Rolls Royce…rather than the passing trends in form and fancy.

The engineers do not ignore the latest technology and techniques in their quest for perfection. There will always be a perfect blending of traditional materials and advanced engineering. Every detail of a Rolls Royce motorcar from the interior trim to the exterior door handles must accomplish their function intended, they must be as aesthetically pleasing, and as near perfect as possible.



The sophisticated architecture is eloquently understated. A Phantom is strikingly individual, contemporary, yet timeless in design. Its clean sweeping lines are void of unnecessary ornamentation. Rolls Royce DNA is evident throughout its design. The silhouette of classic Phantoms is deftly etched into the delicate waist rail that ends in a graceful curve at the front wings. The wide “C” pillars allow rear seat passengers to recline out of sight.

Adaptive LED headlamps have a unique daytime running lamp bar that runs through the center. Dipped and high beam lamps illuminate the top and bottom of the lamp sections.


1936 Phantom III Sedanca deVille 1

1936 Phantom III Sedanca deVille

1936 Phantom III Sedanca deVille 2

The Phantom III was built from 1936 until 1939 and only 727 were made. This was to be one of the last of the large pre-war Rolls Royce models, but was not. It is powered by a 7.3 litre V12 engine mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. These were also highly bespoke coachbuilt models therefore specifications will vary. These luxury behemoths are highly prized collectibles.

1936 Phantom III Sedanca deVille 3

1936 Phantom III Sedanca deVille 4

New Phantom

Although the Rolls Royce Phantom is a large and luxurious saloon, it has the legs of a sports car. It is powered by the BMW 6.8 litre 48-valve V12 engine. Its lightweight aluminium alloy design allows it to crank out 454 hp @ 5,350 rpm with a prolific 720 Nm of peak torque @ 3,500 rpm. The engine is mated to a silky smooth 8-speed automatic transmission.

2015 Phantom 1

2015 Phantom Extended Wheelbase saloon

2015 Phantom 2

The smoothness, silence, and refinement of the legendary Rolls Royce powertrain results in the reduction of any possible source of noise and vibration. Even the stainless-steel exhaust system is equipped with silencers, every component is acoustically tuned to absorb a different frequency. “Whisper…tick…soar…the loudest sound you will hear in a Rolls Royce is the beating of your heart…”

2015 Phantom 3

The Rolls Royce Phantom maintains optimum ride height thanks to a sophisticated automatic leveling system. It is so sensitive, it compensates for fuel used from the gasoline tank. Regardless of load or road conditions, this automatic system continually fine-tunes the suspension’s poise. At higher speeds, the system intuitively lowers itself to increase its aerodynamic efficiency by lowering the drag coefficient. The ride is further enhanced by an independent four-wheel suspension and power four-wheel disc brake system.

Phantom IV 1

the first Phantom IV, chassis number 4AF2

Rolls Royce Phantom IV

The grandest manner of its era to travel Rolls Royce style is the Phantom IV. It is one of the most exclusive Rolls Royce models ever built. There were only eighteen built between 1950 and 1956. Seventeen of these were sold exclusively to royalty and heads of state. To date, sixteen are preserved as museum pieces, and in public and private collections. The Phantom IV is powered by the Straight-8. It could run long distances at low speeds. Here’s another highly desirable collectible Rolls Royce.

Kneeling version of the spirit of ecstasy, made between 1934 - 1939 and again in 1946 - 1956. It was mounted on most of the Phantom IV radiators, except in units 15 and 18

This is the kneeling version of the spirit of ecstasy, made between 1934 -1939 and again in 1946 -1956. It was mounted on most of the Phantom IV radiators, except in units 15 and 18.

Phantom IV, chassis number 4AF6

This is a Phantom IV, chassis number 4AF6 scrapped in 1959

New Phantom 4

The Rolls Royce mastery of electronic components contributes to its silence and harmonious operation. The electric gear selection for the transmission works through a series of electronic connections and relay switches eliminating the vibration that passes to the cabin in automobiles with mechanical components. And at journey’s end, as you remove the ignition key an electronic current locks the transmission.

You can choose between 12 different wheel styles in five distinctive designs, and up to three finishes. All wheel styles include the unique “self-righting” wheel centers that will always display the “RR” monogram the correct way up.

New Phantom 2

Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom

New Phantom 5

Today’s Phantom, as in the famous Phantoms of the past demonstrate the principle that there is a continuing market in the world for excellence. The contemporary Phantom evolved from a long line of distinguished motorcars of the same name. It carries on the tradition of exemplary fit & finish, bringing old-fashioned core values into the 21st century with panache, resulting in the creation of rolling automotive masterworks.

New Phantom 7

New Phantom 8

New Phantom 9

New Phantom 10

New Phantom 3

New Phantom 11

These hand-crafted Flagships are the epitome of Rolls Royce motorcars…they are considered “The Rolls Royce of Rolls Royces.” These supreme achievements in motoring are in a class that stands alone, pre-eminent in the ultra-luxury car segment. No other ultra-luxury motorcar in the world can compare with a Rolls Royce Phantom. The classic Phantom Series I through Series VI are limousines of distinction. These illustrious motorcars created the Rolls Royce Phantom dynasty of superlatives –

1959 Rolls-Royce Phantom V  1

1959 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 

1959 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 2

The Rolls Royce Phantom V is a variant of the iconic Silver Cloud body style. These were built from 1959 until 1968. They are V8 powered with GM’s Hydra-Matic automatic transmissions. The eminent coachbuilders include HJ Mulliner, Park Ward, and James Young. Only 516 Phantom V limousines were built which include two for the royal family.

1959 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 4

1959 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 5

1959 Rolls-Royce Phantom V 3

Special thanks to Mad 4 Wheels

1964 Phantom V

1964 Rolls Royce Phantom V

1964 Phantom V 2

1964 Phantom V 4

1964 Phantom V 5

1964 Phantom V 6

1964 Phantom V 7

Special thanks to Balmoral UK

1964 Phantom V 9

1964 Phantom V 3

1967 1

1967 Phantom V

1967 3

1967 4

1967 5

Special Thanks to Park Ward Motors Museum

1967 6

1967 7

1967 8

1967 9

1967 10

This Phantom V has a roof covered in Everflex

1967 11

Phantom James Young 1

Phantom V by James Young

Phantom James Young 2

Phantom James Young 6

Phantom James Young 7

Phantom James Young 9

Phantom James Young 10

Phantom James Young 12

Phantom VI 4

The Rolls Royce Phantom VI was the finale for this genre Phantom series. They were built from 1968 until 1990. This was one of the iconic and unforgettable body styles by Rolls Royce. Its power is based upon the Silver Shadow 6.2 and 6.75 litre V8 engines. Mulliner Park ward was now consolidated and under Rolls Royce rule exclusively. They custom crafted limousines of distinction. Only 374 Phantom VI models were made. The Phantom VI like its sister model Silver Cloud were the last Rolls Royce models to be crafted as body on frame construction.

Phantom VI 2

Phantom VI 7

Phantom VI 11

Phantom VI 6

Phantom VI 13

Phantom VI 8 B

Phantom VI 8

Phantom VI 9

Phantom VI 10 B

Phantom VI 15

Phantom VI 12

Phantom VI 10

Phantom VI

Phantom VI 3


The Rolls Royce Phantom dynasty is extremely impressive. These are the most formidable Rolls Royce models ever built. They have chauffeured Kings & Queens, heads of state, Sultans, Sheikhs, and some of the wealthiest clientele in the world. They offer an uncompromised luxury. The Rolls Royce Phantoms are the most luxurious Flagship Limousines in the model hierarchy. Each offers a poised dignity which is the hallmark of every Rolls Royce.


Photos courtesy Rolls Royce Press Club



The Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom


NotoriousLuxury at its finest

Phantom V

Rolls Royce Phantom V

2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom by Junction Produce 2

2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom by Junction Produce

2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom by Junction Produce 1


Dedicated to the friends of Rolls Royce, Riva yachts, and Ferrari

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