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Rolls Royce Formal Stretch Limousines

These are limousines of unparalleled luxury

1985 grey 2

1985 grey 1

1985 grey 3

Stately and dignified in all their majesty, Rolls Royce limousines are luxury in the grand Rolls Royce manner. As a true superlative in the ultra-luxury automobile class, these hand-crafted limousines were always built at a highly restricted pace to retain their exclusivity. These are the most revered saloons in all of motordom. No other formal limousine garners more admiration than a Rolls Royce.  A Robert Jankel stretch is the quintessential Flagship. The Rolls Royce Silver Spur is transformed into the ultimate in chauffeur driven limousines. Mulliner Park Ward also created automotive masterworks. These are some of the last hand-crafted limousines of this type. The Silver Spur long wheelbase platform was the perfect base for limousines of distinction.

1986 Spur Limo 2

1986 Spur Limo 3

The Silver Spur factory limousines are the last hand-crafted Rolls Royce of this type. These formal saloons are built in the grand tradition of coach building. Being the longest of the Rolls Royce saloons, they offer an exceptionally spacious passenger compartment. They are highly bespoke saloons of distinction with no two ever alike which is a Rolls Royce hallmark. They each reflect the personal tastes of the owner while retaining the craftsmanship and quality expected of a Rolls Royce motorcar. From the hand-sculpted radiator grille to the mirror-matched walnut veneers, a Rolls Royce leaves no room for compromise – 

1986 Spur Limo 16

1986 Spur Limo 14

Robert Jankel was a very successful name when it came to custom coach building during the 1980s. From 1983 until 1989 Jankel was officially authorized to build stretched versions of the Spirit of Ecstasy Limousines. These highly bespoke saloons were available through Rolls Royce dealers.

Robert Jankel Design hand-crafted the “Limousine II” that is a 44” stretch available on Rolls Royce and Bentley platforms. The transformation was executed into the center portion of the vehicle leaving all four doors stock. These saloons are the pinnacle of Rolls Royce eloquence. They are equipped as true limousines should be complete with a television built into the console, entertainment systems, and multi-media equipment. The specifications vary because of their bespoke nature. These were similar to the “factory” Silver Spur Limousines built by Robert Jankel Design exclusively for Rolls Royce.

1986 Spur Limo 15

1986 Spur Limo 13

1986 Spur Limo 12

The seven passenger 166” wheelbase Silver Spur Limousine is three feet longer than the standard Silver Spur. They are built for those who demand the epitome of chauffeur-driven luxury. The conversion carried out for Rolls Royce Motors by Robert Jankel Design took over 12 weeks to complete. This added three months to the vehicle’s six to eight month production. This elite motorcar inherited all technical advances of the Silver Spur with an additional specially designed suspension refined to particular specifications of the limousine. 

A burr walnut console houses the television, DVD, and concert hall quality audio system. A cocktail cabinet is recessed into the sides of the car which includes a cut-glass crystal decanter and glasses, and a refrigerator with separate compressor to properly chill food and beverages. A cell phone system is provided for both front and rear compartments.

1986 Spur Limo 11 tan

1986 Spur Limo 17

1985 Spur Limo 3

1985 Spur Limo 12

1985 Spur Limo 14

The elegance of the interior is augmented by hand-stitched leather by Connolly Brothers. The warmth of hand-polished walnut veneers enhances the ambience of luxury. Deep pile 100% wool hand-tufted carpets and lambswool rugs adds a domestic opulence. Power windows, power door locks with centralized locking feature and security system, power seats, power steering, power brakes, and automatic transmission are just a few of the myriad features and accessories standard on these Flagships. An electrically powered glass partition separates the passenger compartment for the ultimate in privacy. Both compartments are equipped with separate automatic heating and air conditioning systems.

1985 Spur Limo 15

1985 Spur Limo 13

1985 Spur Limo 16

1985 Spur Limo 4

These prestigious automobiles are powered by the legendary Rolls Royce 6.75 litre alloy 16-valve V8 engine. They are equipped with Bosch K-jetronic fuel injection, and electronic ignition for efficiency of operation. All underpinnings and running gear for the Silver Spur were refined for the extra heavy-duty nature of a limousine.

Monocoque construction is highlighted by an independent front and rear suspension. An automatic leveling system maintains optimum ride height regardless of load or road conditions. Four-wheel disc brakes with ventilated front discs halt each wheel independently. It uses the unique Rolls Royce dual hydraulic system. The master cylinder has dual pistons with dedicated brake lines to facilitate independent front and rear brake system operation. Should one system fail, each wheel will still be halted independently.

1985 Spur Limo 5

1985 Spur Limo 6

1985 Spur Limo 8

1985 Spur Limo 7

1997 2

Different touring limousine versions were also built in cooperation with the eminent coach builder Mulliner Park Ward, Robert Jankel was the designer. The first Silver Spur Limousine was built in 1982. These versions offered 36”, 42”, and one vehicle with 14” wheelbase extensions. These cars were extended at the “B” pillar. Most of them included rear compartment “jump seats” for additional passengers.

The Park Ward Limousine is a limited edition 24” extended wheelbase version of the Silver Spur saloon. The roof is raised 2” for additional headroom. They were lengthened at the “C” pillar with an opera window added; this feature is reminiscent of the Rolls Royce Phantom V & Phantom VI saloons. The Park Ward replaced the Silver Spur Touring Limousine. The Park Ward Limousine was the last one to be officially extended at 24” and only 70 were built from 1996 until 1999.

1997 1

2002 Rolls-Royce Park Ward concept 2

The 2002 Park Ward Concept

Park Ward Concept 1

2002 Rolls-Royce Park Ward concept 3

1986 Spur Limo 1

1986 Spur Limo 9

1986 Spur Limo 10

1986 Spur Limo 8

A Rolls Royce limousine is the ultimate in exclusivity and supremacy in a motorcar. These exquisite limited editions were built at an extremely restricted pace making each a masterpiece. The admiration afforded these supreme achievements in motoring is astonishing. The extended wheelbase provides a spacious passenger compartment. Being a highly bespoke saloon, it reflects the personal tastes of the owner while retaining the craftsmanship and quality expected of a Rolls Royce motorcar. Whether it is a Robert Jankel, or Mulliner Park Ward creation, it is a Rolls Royce limousine of unparalleled distinction. These Flagship limousines are for those who seek the ultimate in chauffeur-driven luxury.

1985 Spur Limo 9

Photos courtesy Daniel Schmitt Classic Cars

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    • Does the coachbuilder make any difference? There are a few factory versions out there but this is a very very very rare arena with a RR limousine. They are so highly bespoke that nobody can part with them! They will run forever if properly maintained. People are so afraid of RR maintenance when they should not be. My advice is simply keep up with the maintenance schedules in advance of issues. If you have a good mechanic (which I also advise to find in advance of buying the car) have him to keep you apprised of anything that will lead to trouble.

      In the meantime, I will ask my POC’s around the globe and see if I can get you a few possibilities. I only deal with reputable dealers, these cars can be money pits $$$!!! BEWARE of ‘stretch’ versions too! If it has been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d make sure to put it on a frame jack and lift it a few feet off the ground…if there is “flex” and it bows OOPS you don’t want that one as it’s a very poor stretch job so one day your gem will be ‘twice’ what you bought!!! And then, sadly, it’s a “bring your own welding torch” party to sell parts.

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