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1969 Rolls Royce MPW Fixedhead Coupe

Mulliner Park Ward hand-crafted coupe


Only those who know the true meaning of success can fully comprehend the true nobility of a Mulliner Park Ward masterpiece. A most exclusive manner in which to travel Rolls Royce style is the Mulliner Park Ward coachbuilt two-door Fixedhead coupe. They are rich and rare. These ultra-luxurious Rolls Royce models have hand-crafted bodyshells.

Once the bodywork was completed they were returned to the Crewe facility to be fitted with the running gear and underpinnings. Then each MPW creation was returned to the coachbuilder for the ultimate finishing. Rolls Royce two-door models have always been built at a highly restricted pace. These elegant automotive masterpieces are highly sought by collectors world-wide. Any Mulliner Park Ward creation is an extremely wise investment, they are appreciating favorably in value annually.


Mulliner Park Ward was a bespoke coachbuilder located on Hythe Road, Willesden, in the UK. They were an exclusive coachbuilder that designed vehicles of distinction. Their most popular Rolls Royce custom-bodied models were the 1966-1970 MPW Fixedhead and Drophead coupes, and the formidable 1971-1992 Corniche coachbuilt Fixedhead and Drophead models. One of HJ Mulliner’s first clients was Charles Stewart Rolls and his custom-bodied Silver Ghost. Mulliner is one of the last independent coachbuilders.

A Rolls Royce MPW Fixedhead coupe is the ultimate Silver Shadow. There will always be a market for motoring excellence. A Rolls Royce always makes its presence known. The Mulliner Park Ward creation with all its motoring majesty is the epitome of luxury and elegance. One may bask in the exclusivity of knowing they are driving a one-of-a-kind creation, being a highly bespoke automobile; no two Rolls Royce motorcars will ever be alike. Mulliner Park Ward adds further distinction to the brand.



Long ago, Rolls Royce decided to build a few models at a time, and to make them the best in every aspect that craftsmen and engineers could devise. Some people who do not understand the breed would look at hand-crafting as what could be perceived as the slowest assembly line in the world. They dismiss Rolls Royce as an anachronism…but then on the other hand, there’s no great virtue in the contemporary concern with making more and more automobiles…always a little faster…a little cheaper…and a little worse –

A Rolls Royce is absolutely sure of itself. Mulliner Park Ward escalates the brand to new heights in exclusivity and supremacy. The Silver Shadow series is the democratized Rolls Royce…less aristocratic than with the pomp and splendor of the Silver Cloud series, but by no means less elegant. A Mulliner Park Ward in all its silence and discretion never passes unremarked –


Two-door Rolls Royce Silver Shadow saloons were introduced in 1966. Their opulent architecture is augmented by a lower waist rail with a hand-crafted cupid’s bow behind the doors. They shared no bodywork with its sister saloons. The MPW coupes are crafted with a lower stance but retains the long 119.5” wheelbase. They took the best car in the world and transformed it into an enigma…a way of life displayed as one motors along in this highly collectible automobile.

No other motorcar in the world receives such admiration. It took the artisans at Mulliner Park Ward up to six months to build these automotive masterworks. Few realize their craftsmanship. The artful skills required are not learned in a year’s time nor is the task accomplished overnight…it takes months for leather workers, cabinet makers, tin smiths, sheet metal workers, and seamstresses to do by hand and eye…what no machines may replicate –



The Mulliner Park Ward experience continues with the exquisite detail of the interior. The leather work was expedited by Connolly Brothers in the legendary tradition. Hand-crafted cross-banded wood veneers were mirror-matched and hand polished to a glass-like appearance that is so durable, a Cohiba Robusto can be stubbed out on its finish without leaving a trace…try this with a lesser make. Deep Wilton hand-tufted 100% wool carpets accented by lambswool rugs are signature features. Inside the Rolls Royce MPW is harmony that is pleasing to the eye, pleasant to the touch, and convenient to the hand.



These truly distinctive automobiles live up to every measure of total performance. A Mulliner Park Ward creation offers the rare experience only a chosen few will ever enjoy…their smooth effortless operation and custom coachcrafted architecture is worthy to be considered an extension of one’s own self – a Rolls Royce Mulliner Park Ward creation is the hallmark of success.

Driver and passengers alike find real pleasure in driving and being driven. This is due in no small part to the effortless manner of its operation. There is also the Rolls Royce heritage which shows unmistakably, how each has descended from a long line of motoring masterpieces. The responsive engines, comfort and convenience, the extreme refinement – all contribute to the Rolls Royce experience of elegance.



The pleasure of driving the Mulliner Park Ward edition is extended to include its undemanding nature. The power steering and brakes, the smooth automatic transmission, its many comfort and convenience features turn each journey into a most relaxing and rewarding adventure. There are those who have come to expect these fortuitous amenities from the brand. Those new to the marque soon realize why these motorcars have such a pre-eminence in the world of ultra-luxury motoring. A Rolls Royce is a Rolls Royce.






The silent motorcar is equipped with the Rolls Royce alloy 6.2 litre 16-valve naturally aspirated V8 engine. Since Rolls Royce would never divulge performance ratings, I am using the specifications from the 1969 Bentley coachbuilt coupe. The 6.2 litre V8 produces 188 hp @ 4,500 rpm with 480 Nm of peak torque @ 2,500 rpm. The engine is mated to GM’s Turbo Hydra-Matic THM-400 3-speed automatic transmission. Longitudinal acceleration is rated as 0-60 mph in 11.9 seconds, 0-100 mph in 48.6 seconds with a top speed of 109 mph. It could do the ¼ mile @ 75 mph in 18.5 seconds. Performance ratings for earlier Rolls Royce models aren’t available.



Without a doubt, a Rolls Royce Mulliner Park Ward edition is a tribute to astute craftsmanship and distinction.  From a long line of distinguished predecessors, these eminent motorcars inherits the unique Rolls Royce tradition. Their timeless design will challenge the years gracefully. No other motorcar in the world affords such admiration as with this supreme achievement in motoring. These cherished classics will continue to appreciate favorably in value.


Thanks to Rodd Sala at Park Ward Motors Museum


There’s nothing like a Rolls Royce…except of course, another Rolls Royce. The Mulliner Park Ward editions, as with all Rolls Royce motorcars, must be seen to be believed…driven to be fully appreciated, and owned for total satisfaction. As I always say “A Rolls Royce is the only automobile in the world to preclude the restless quest for something finer to replace it with.”




“Nil fato relinquemus”

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