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1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limousine

“Nil fato relinquemus” N



Its poised dignity proceeded it. A Rolls Royce is a formidable ultra-luxury saloon. Rolls Royce is the pride of the UK and the envy of the world. What could be more exclusive? The Rolls Royce Silver Spur limousine was the quintessential saloon of absolute distinction. A Rolls Royce limousine cossets its passengers in comfort, elegance, and splendor no ordinary limousine could offer.

The factory Silver Spur limousine was the most formal manner in which to savor the Rolls Royce experience. It was yet another Mulliner masterpiece to enter into automotive history as a sixteen vehicle production run. The Spirit of Ecstasy and her elusive enigma soars ahead of this Flagship with all her grace. This is the Rolls Royce of Rolls Royces…






One ride and you would immediately sense why this eminent motorcar manufacturer was appointed to “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Motor Car Manufacturers.” This honor was bestowed upon Rolls Royce Motors Limited, Crewe, Cheshire. This is an honor to acquire this title, it could be compared to knighthood…Dame Rolls Royce of Crewe Cheshire if you will. A Rolls Royce will always be the grandest motorcar to grace any gathering of fine cars…a Rolls Royce limousine escalates this luxury to superlative heights of supremacy and exclusivity in an ultra-luxury motorcar. It is simply the best motorcar in the world…



James Young



There were only 16 Silver Spur factory limousines built for 1986. It was designed for those who wanted the ultimate in chauffeur-driven luxury. The seven passenger 166” wheelbase was over three feet longer than the long wheelbase Silver Spur saloon. Mulliner designed and built it specifically as a limousine. This supreme achievement in motoring combine all the technical advances of the Silver Spur. It had a specially calibrated suspension refined to the exact specifics of a limousine.





Its sumptuous passenger compartment is separated from the chauffeur’s compartment by an electrically powered glass division. Two comfortable rear-facing seats were available to the regular seating for additional passengers. Both compartments have separate automatic heating/cooling climate control systems. An intercom facilitated conversation to the driver.






The cabin both front and rear was graced with the warmth of fine mirror-matched burl walnut veneers. Fine Wilton hand-tufted 100% wool carpets with luxurious lamb’s wool rugs added domestic comfort. Supple natural grain perfectly matched leather was expertly tailored by Connolly Brothers as in all Rolls Royce automobiles. It could be fitted for a PC and peripherals.




The lavishly appointed passenger compartment was equipped with a burr walnut console housing a TV, video recorder, and a concert-hall quality audio system. Its cocktail cabinet had a cut glass decanter and glasses. A refrigerator had its own compressor to properly chill food and beverages.35



Advanced technology for the day included a cellular car telephone system provided for both front and rear compartments. This microprocessor controlled communications system combines features found on business and home systems facilitating calls placed anyplace in the world. This sophisticated system had a cleverly concealed microphone and a unique speaker to allow “hands-free” conversation that could include everyone in the car. This was custom installed by Rolls Royce.

Standard features for the cellphone system included: automatic memory for up to 99 frequently called numbers, 24-digit dialing capacity to accommodate international numbers, fluorescent display, dial-in-handset keypad & on-hook call processing, electronic lock to prevent unauthorized use, re-dial of last number called and a concealed microphone for hands-free operation.

It even had an electronic notepad therefore ‘you always had pen/paper’ during a conversation if needed. The custom installed transceiver was hidden in the boot behind a specially trimmed access panel. The multi-function cellular telephone allowed passengers to converse from the comfort of their Rolls Royce. It was ideally suited for keeping in touch with the world.





Smoothness, silence, and refinement of the Rolls Royce engine is evolutionary. The 6.75 litre engine was formed around a 90 degree V8 block and cylinder heads made from aluminium alloy. Careful construction and advanced engineering improved the engine characteristics. The tappets were hydraulic and the crankshaft used larger bearings for longevity. New motor mounts resulted in quieter operation. The engine utilized two asymmetric fans, one was engine-driven and the other electric.

The aluminium alloy cylinder heads had cast iron wet liners. A hardened crankshaft ran in five main bearings. Its 16-valves were overhead. The engine was also equipped with a Bosch K-jetronic fuel injection system, electronic ignition, and a single Pierburg electronic fuel pump.


A high-pressure hydraulic system driven by engine pumps facilitated the suspension’s self-levelling system to keep the vehicle at proper ride height regardless of load. Gas springs supplemented coil springs at the rear, were load-sensitive and made the necessary adjustment automatically to maintain that superb Rolls Royce ride…

The same high-pressure hydraulic network operated dual-circuit braking, two completely separate systems accommodated independent operation of front and rear systems. Should one system fail, each wheel would still maintain 100% operation halting each wheel independently.

Not only was the suspension advanced, its power rack & opinion steering was light and responsive, an ongoing program of rigorous testing and development is always applied without compromise to suspension, brakes, and steering. Its four-wheel independent suspension was complimented by four-wheel disc brakes. It used ventilated discs on the front axle and solid discs to the rear.



The silver Spur limousine was built as monocoque construction with separate front and rear subframes to accommodate its four-wheel independent suspension. Its integral steel construction was fitted with doors, bonnet and boot lid made from aluminium alloy. The roof was covered with luxurious Everflex. The Silver Spur limousine bodyshell could be a four or six-door configuration.



From the makers of the finest motorcars in the world, there was a Mulliner-bodied Rolls Royce for those who required the in ultimate chauffeur-driven luxury. The Rolls Royce Silver Spur limousine and its commanding 166” wheelbase cossets its passengers in the lap of luxury. These highly bespoke limousines were built at an extremely restricted pace of only 16 vehicles for 1986.



The rear compartment of the Silver Spur limousine was particularly spacious adding to the overall comfort and enabling the installation of multi-media equipment required to conduct business while travelling. Embellished with comfort and convenience features and accessories, this luxurious motorcar combined all of the technical advances of the Silver Spur plus a specially designed suspension refined to limousine characteristics.


The Silver Spur limousine was the Rolls Royce of Rolls Royces of its day. Safety, speed, silence, smoothness, and longevity were hallmarks of the brand. As a symbol of prestige there is no more gracious manner in which to travel…



The Silver Spur 



The Silver Dawn










The Park Ward




The 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limousine

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