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1996 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

“Nil fato relinquemus”


Rolls Royce Silver Dawn


Rolls Royce is the pride of the UK and the envy of the world. And an enviable position indeed…but it is difficult to be the best there is. There’s no room for compromise, no gimmicks…just one class act. In these days of uncertainty there are some things that remain true and unadulterated. A Rolls Royce will always be built with infinite care making certain that exceptional driving pleasure is first and foremost. Next, there is the Rolls Royce evolution of excellence. Each new Rolls Royce is a descendant from a long line of motoring masterpieces.









The Rolls Royce Silver Dawn was a special edition of the Silver Spur Series IV. It was built from 1994 until 1998. The Silver Dawn was available first in US markets in 1994, then the UK and the rest of the world. Only 237 Silver Dawns were built making it a potential collector’s piece.



1996 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

Park Ward Limo

Park Ward Limousine

Park Ward Limo 2

The Park Ward Limousine was a limited edition saloon based upon the Silver Spur. It was extended 24” with an additional 2” added to the roof height. The Park Ward replaced the Silver Spur Touring Limousine. These are extremely rare and will reflect this in its value during years to come.

Silver Spur 1

Silver Spur Series IV

Silver Spur 2

The Silver Seraph wasn’t selling in North American markets. Rolls Royce built a number of Silver Spur Series IV models especially for this market. This was the final revision for the Silver Spirit/Silver Spur production series with the last Silver Spirit built for the 1997 model year. The long wheelbase platform was retained through 1998.

Silver Spur 5

Silver Spur 4

Silver Spur 6

Silver Spur 7

Silver Spur 8

Silver Spur 3

Silver Spur 9

Silver Spur 10


The Silver Dawn had rugged stressed-steel monocoque construction with aluminium alloy bonnet, doors, and boot lid. It was built on the Silver Spur long wheelbase platform. The Silver Dawn also shared the same underpinnings and running gear as the Silver Spur. The Silver Dawn rode upon a long 124.5” wheelbase. It was 211.8” in length and 74.3” in width. It was a large front engine rear drive luxury saloon.








Its integral construction included separate front and rear subframes. The front suspension used independent lower wishbones with compliant controlled stabilized upper levers, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar, and anti-dive geometry. The rear suspension included independent semi-trailing arms, anti-roll bar, automatic ride height control, coil and auxiliary gas springs with shock absorbing struts.


The Silver Dawn also shared the Silver Spur Series IV body colored integrated front and rear bumpers. It took the eagle-eye to detect the exterior difference between the two models. The only exterior variation was the rear trunk badge.





Electronic Traction Assistance provided stability and optimum traction for the Silver Dawn. Heated rear seats were standard. The Silver Dawn’s cabin used the same natural grained leather by Connolly Brothers and hand-polished veneers as in all Rolls Royce saloons. Hand tufted wool carpets with mouton rugs were available for this highly bespoke luxury saloon. All of Silver Spur’s standard equipment was also included on the Silver Dawn.









Power was derived from the Rolls Royce 6.8 litre 412 CID 16-valve V8 engine. The engine block and cylinder heads were made from aluminium alloy. It had a hardened steel crankshaft running in five main bearings.

The engine was equipped with a Zytek electronic engine management system. It was mated to GM’s 4L 80E 4-speed automatic transmission with electronic gear selection and torque converter. The engine produced 245 hp @ 3,900 rpm with 535 Nm of peak torque @ 2,250 rpm. It sprinted from 0-60 mph in 9.5 seconds with a top speed of 133 mph.


Braking power was supplied by two completely independent systems pressurized by engine-driven pumps. Should one system fail each wheel will still be halted independently.

A hydraulic self-leveling system kept the Silver Dawn at optimum ride height regardless of load. Gas springs supplemented the rear coil springs and were sensitive to load. It would then automatically adjust the suspension to maintain the superb Rolls Royce ride quality.

Both brake and hydraulic system components were made to uncompromising standards. They were assembled in a specially designed ‘clean room’ where many of the components were ultrasonically cleaned in a paraffin bath to prevent contamination by dust particles. This is an example of the “Rolls Royce extra mile” consideration.



Smooth, silent, and responsive, the Rolls Royce Silver Dawn was suited for both formal business use with a chauffeur or for the owner/driver who preferred to savor this masterful motorcar for themselves.

The Silver Dawn combined the latest technology and the luxurious appointments traditionally associated with the brand. Excellence is the norm…integrity is the guiding principle. This supreme achievement in motoring cossets its passengers with an elegance no other motorcar in its league could offer.




The styling of the Silver Dawn was modern and aerodynamically efficient. It retained the traditional elegance and poised dignity associated with all Rolls Royce motorcars. The Rolls Royce Silver Dawn was positioned to not only continue the undaunted reputation established by its predecessors but to set even higher standards of motoring excellence and be the epitome of luxury.


Effortless V8 power, imperceptible gear changes, and the patent Rolls Royce ride were combined with exemplary fit & finish to create the Silver Dawn luxury saloon. With a mere 237 built, its exclusivity will result in positive appreciation in its value during the coming years. The Silver Dawn was every inch a Rolls Royce-


RR 4

Cloud 2

RR 2

RR 3

RR 1



Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

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