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Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom EWB

The ultimate Spirit of Ecstasy


The Celestial Phantom



The Middle East is the world’s largest market for Bespoke in the entire world. The Celestial Phantom is almost ethereal…it stole the show at the Dubai International Motor Show May 2013. It also was a big hit at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2013.

The Celestial Phantom is the epitome of eloquence. Its starry night theme was endowed with one of the world’s rarest commodities. The Phantom Extended Wheelbase was escalated to new heights in exclusivity and supremacy in an ultra-luxury motorcar. Its eminence is surpassed only by its elegance…




The unique manner in which Rolls-Royce presents a new motor car to the world’s press is unique. This is an extra special Rolls Royce…as there is no other in existence. Hand-set into the Celestial Phantom’s door capping rails, center console lid, and rear privacy divider are 446 diamonds. The one-of-a-kind masterwork celebrates the very first Phantom delivered to the customer at midnight on January 1st, 2003 as the newly formed company under the name “Rolls Royce Motor Cars.”




Open the door to the exclusive environment to be welcomed by a star-lit sky. Its headlining evokes the midnight sky and the constellation exactly as they were at midnight on that historic evening in 2013.

The effect was created by sewing thousands of fibre optics into the headlining fabric. This bespoke feature has captivated Rolls Royce’s most discerning customers more than any other option…the night sky constellation was verified for authenticity by South Downs Planetarium. It was then hand-stitched into the headlining mapping the constellation accurately.


A Dusk-Blue hue evokes the midnight hour of a cloudless night in the leather upholstery. This highly bespoke vehicle can be seamlessly integrated into the customer’s lifestyle as witnessed by the glassware and picnic ensemble. Bespoke is synonymous with Rolls Royce. The distinctive glassware features a hand-engraved Celestial motif and the set’s plates were designed by the celebrated porcelain maker Nymphenburg with the image of the constellations.



The intergalactic universe has yet another star in the constellation. The Celestial Phantom is one of the rarest from the iconic brand. The starry night theme of its exterior is embellished by fine glass particles in the finish  reminiscent of  the night Rolls Royce Motor Cars delivered the first Phantom saloon January 1,2003  as a brand new entity.

It depicted the constellation exactly as it was. The theme extends to its interior. With 446 strategically placed diamonds, a headlining of twinkling stars and bespoke glassware, it’s a rolling solarium with a bird’s eye view of the constellation. There is no more elegant way to view Rolls Royce than the Celestial Phantom…it’s everything that makes a Rolls a Rolls Royce…



Photos courtesy Rolls Royce Press Club

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