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Meet The 8

BMW 8-Series Lead

The time has come…

BMW 8-Series C

With new spirit…sophistication…luxury and elegance

Refined aerodynamic efficiency…

It’s running the BMW Digital Operating System 7.0 

The next generation of electronic excellence represents significant advances in areas such as digitization, operation, sustainability, and of course – driving dynamics…

Its pedigree evolves from a formidable bloodline…

Meet the “8”

Corporate’s continuing saga of NUMBER ONE>Next introduces copious amounts of technology. BMW is reshaping the future of personal mobility. Refined driver/car interface facilitates system operation that can be adapted precisely to the driver’s personal preferences…

It’s design is inspired by the M8 GTE 

The BMW M850i xDrive coupé escalates the new 8-Series to new heights in luxury and performance. It’s potent 4.4 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine cranks 530 hp with 750 Nm of peak torque over a wide rev range. It is one of the most technologically advanced automobiles in the history of the brand. Increased intelligence and intuition expands the scope of digital connectivity between people, vehicles, and services.

BMW EfficientLightweight design expands intelligence beyond electronics. It’s an impressive array of lightweight high-strength components consisting of aluminium, carbon, and magnesium. The result is a reduction in overall fuel consumption, improved performance, and vehicle dynamics. Note the frameless side windows, it’s the first use of such in this body style.

The body structure, power train, and chassis technology is designed to deliver extreme high-performance. Connected vehicles are equipped to receive live information updates in 46 markets. Open Mobility Cloud provides personalized services from BMW Connected and Location Platform for hazard warnings in real-time.

The “8” continues the drama the 850 Series created

Inside the M850i xDrive is a culmination of ergonomics, sporting elegance, and genuine BMW bravado. Luxurious Merino leather trimmed multi-functional sport seats are made with headrests integrated into the backrests for lateral support.

BMW is entering a new niche with the sporting luxury of the “8”. The innovation, technology, and engineering character of the new 8-Series continues the mission to deliver a high-performance experience placing the driver in total control. The M850i xDrive personifies the BMW quest for perfection.

BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system networks the powertrain and chassis systems more efficiently. The intuitive system directs all torque to the rear wheels when four-wheel drive isn’t required. It augments traction and handling stability in all driving situations.

The all-new 8-Series inherits the rich BMW Motorsport heritage

Photos courtesy BMW Press Club

Expanded details of the BMW M850i xDrive coming

2 thoughts on “Meet The 8 Leave a comment

  1. Hope it comes with instructing driver how to use turn signals which appear to be optional equipment on most Bimmers.

  2. Hello Stan! I agree, some of the navigation systems (Cadillac) leaves one at the “DUH” stage until one just gives up pretending not to need the info they were seeking….why must they make things so un-user friendly? One needs a degree/GPS for the test drive too!

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