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Classic BMW M6 “M-Powerment”

Meet the Executive Express…

M6 1

The BMW M635 CSi is a sophisticated combination of high-performance and luxury put together in a handsomely tailored two door coupé. It’s an automobile with understated nobility. Simply referred to as the “M6” in North America, it is a sporting elegance that is shared by no other coupé. It is a celebration of engineering and advanced technology. The “M” is the pedigree from the BMW racing division. This is the same motorsport responsible for the Formula 1.

In 1984, Motorsport M GmbH placed the high-revving 24-valve Inline 6-cylinder engine in the 635 CSi coupé. This move made quite an impression upon the competition…they had no idea what was lurking underneath the seemingly docile architecture – until. This is the engine featured in the BMW M1. It earned a nickname for this type of performance as the “Executive Express.” 

635 CSi D

635 CSi A

M6 6

M-Powerment 2

This is a high-performance version of the 6-Series coupé built on the E24 platform. “M-Powerment” is motivated by the love of competition. BMW’s legend of success is extending without interruption from yesterday through tomorrow. An “M-Powered” performance car is far more than a superficially appointed interpretation of a base model. The epochal “M-Powerment” offers high-performance as the fundamental principle.

An “M-Powered” automobile is a finely tuned evolutionary machine. “M-Powerment” came about while participating in the formidable 24 hours of LeMans…or the grueling Nürburgring…St. Moritz…even Monte Carlo. These endurance races require an automobile with extraordinary deftness…remarkable handling…and efficient design. At the very heart of BMW is a rich motorsport heritage…this is “M-Powerment.” The BMW M6 is built to reflect this high-performance exclusivity –

M-Powerment 1



The hand-crafted M5 engine made an indelible impression in the world of motoring. This special racing engine was built in Preussenstrasse, Germany and quickly became a racing legend…now embodied in the M6. The M635 CSi is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing!” BMW M GmbH Division offered bespoke personalization tailoring each vehicle individually to each customer by exceeding the range of production options and features. And then there’s that motorsport heritage – that every “M-Powered” vehicle is endowed – the M6 is a stunning example of the ultimate driving machine…

M6 21

M6 5

The BMW M6 is in the same league as Porsche, Ferrari, and Corvette. The indomitable 24-valve double overhead cam 6-cylinder engine offers unparalleled throttle response. In the world of extremely swift automobiles, the M6 is one of the most potent supercars available. Its staggering range and versatility rewards the driver with the ultimate driving experience. The BMW M6 incorporates the perfection of balanced design through the application of sound engineering principles and technology. 

Sports is always a driving force…BMW M GmbH is diverse with Formula 1, Formula 2, GT, and GTR classes. The brand is constantly investing in new ideas and technology to ensure a standard of excellence continuing as the standard of the future. Aggressive application of technology and design is what distinguishes the “M” division from the rest of the industry. BMW is confident working with the levels of technology relating to real performance as motorsport represents an integral component of BMW heritage.

M6 3

M6 4

All the excitement you’d expect from a sports car, with the class and sophistication you see in a personal luxury coupé can be found in the BMW M635 CSi. Its superb performance and high-speed capabilities make it worthy of the BMW logo. The M6 represents a benchmark of modern grand tourers.

At BMW, remarkable automobiles stem from remarkable design goals. BMW knows what “fast” is all about. “M-Powerment” inflames the passion for driving. The construction and production quality continuously evolved over decades – this is the result of an engineering obsession for excellence.  A BMW M6 is the 635 CSi taken to the highest level of motorsport-inspired performance…

635 CSi 1

635 CSi 6

BMW 635 CSi

635 CSi 7

635 CSi 3

635 CSi 4

635 CSi 5

635 CSi 9

635 CSi 8

635 CSi 10

M-Powerment 3

BMW engines are consistently outstanding in their refinement. Guaranteed smooth and responsive, it comes from the simple physics of a special version of the Inline 6-cylinder engine with a slight increase in displacement, and two overhead cams. “Road & Track” featured the 1987 BMW M6 among the 10 fastest cars in the US. Luxury as a way of life; performance as a way of living…is a BMW philosophy. These hand-crafted engines display a level of quality that established BMW excellence.

The 1987 M6 came equipped with the BMW S38B35 naturally aspirated 24-valve 3.5 litre Inline 6-cylinder engine with the Bosch Motronic electronic engine management system. New aluminium cylinder heads benefit from an upgraded machined intake manifold and exhaust ports. The engine cranks 256 hp @ 6,500 rpm with 330 Nm of peak torque @ 4,500 rpm. The engine is mated to an “M-Power” manual 5-speed gearbox.  It is ultra-high-performance as one would expect. Longitudinal acceleration is rated as 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds, 0-100 mph in 16 seconds, and 0-120 mph in 25.7 seconds. It can do the ¼ mile @ 96 mph in 14.5 seconds. The top speed is in the 149 mph range.

M-Powerment 4

M-Powerment 5

M6 7

Bavarian Motor Works translates minimum energy into maximum performance. BMW continues to offer engineering without sacrificing performance, comfort, or refinement. BMW builds automobiles that offer a degree of safety and comfort which sets the standards in each of their classes. BMW has achieved benchmarks in automotive engineering.

The famous Digital Motor Electronics (DME) was introduced in 1979 on the 7 Series. It put BMW ahead of the industry. DME is a comprehensive engine management system. It controls all key aspects of the engine’s operation ensuring optimum reliability, maximum performance, the lowest possible fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. It uses sensors to constantly monitor all factors affecting engine operation. The data is then evaluated by a microprocessor and translated into commands for the fuel injection system and ignition system.

This network receives up to 1,000 separate items of data input per second including engine speed, air intake volume, air temperature and density, coolant temperature, throttle position, accelerator position, and vehicle speed. If a defective sensor delivers unrealistic data, DME replaces it with preset standard valves. Therefore; should a spark plug fail, DME immediately cuts fuel flow to this cylinder to prevent damage to the engine. DME also monitors the electrical power system. It has sensors that measure the charge and condition of the battery ensuring maximum battery life preventing damage to it as well.

M6 8

With a broad power range, the 3.5 litre 6-cylinder engine is ideally suited to the M6’s fine-tuned chassis. It is fitted with an independent front wheel suspension with double-pivot strut, and virtual steer axis with small kingpin offset. Eccentrically mounted coil springs reduce binding under load. The rear wheel suspension features independent semi-trailing arms with patented track change link, telescopic struts, and coil springs. ABS braking system, and responsive power assisted steering enhances the M6’s overall operating performance. The suspension’s standard ride height is lowered ½ inch and is fitted with Bilstein gas-pressurized shock absorbers and recalibrated front and rear anti-roll bars.

M6 19

The aggressive stance of the M6 leaves no question that this touring coupé is a car to be driven. It delivers robust power throughout the rpm range. Eagerly awaiting a tap of the accelerator, the M6 rewards the driver with a level of confidence and exhilaration unmatched by other performance automobiles in its class. The M6 escalates the 635 CSi to a higher level of excitement. This type of high-performance is rare in a car of its stature.

M6 20

The M635 CSi has classic BMW beauty. Evolution drives BMW. Look deep into its architecture…there is the basic design of the 3.0 CS/CSi/CSL Karmann bodied coupés. BMW excellence is the result of a balanced integration of all its components working as a network. Man and machine are integrated as one in the BMW philosophy. Its trademark “Shark Nose” design is elegantly aggressive. The M6 was built from 1984 until 1989.

The M6 will always remain pre-eminent as the touring coupé for those who seek superb high-performance and luxury. While being an elegantly appointed luxury sport coupé, it retains the nimble handling and signature “M” performance of a breathtaking sports car. The BMW M635 CSi represents the purest expression of total performance. “M-Powerment” includes a restless quest for automotive excellence –

3.0 CSL

CBrody A


CBrody B

M6 17

M6 11

With breathtaking performance and grand touring style, the BMW M6 is for those who travel the road to success. Its interior is designed to be as sporty as it is elegant… Glove-soft leather upholsters the seats. Electrically adjustable Recaro-style front seats are designed to adjust to your body, the head restraints are also adjustable. Ergonomic engineers at BMW designed the M6 interior to integrate man and machine.

The engineers made a careful study of the critical interrelation between seating position, overall visibility, steering wheel, pedals, and controls. They are networked together to provide the ultimate driving experience from the ultimate driving machine. The seating is designed to “spring” with the suspension system and shock absorbers. The M6 is equipped with all of the standard features and accessories in the 635 CSi.

M6 13

M6 14

M6 12

M6 3B

The dash controls are simple and presented in a logical arrangement with the most important information within the driver’s direct sight. All interior switches, controls, and instruments are smooth without dangerous protuberances. All gauges and dials are very easy on the eye. Air conditioning, central locking system, power steering and brakes, are just a few of the M6 amenities that are standard.

635 CSi C

M6 15

M6 10

Special thanks to Daniel Schmitt & Co for the M635 CSi photos

M6 22

“M-Power” is BMW high-performance motivated by the need for speed. “M-Powerment” inflames the passion for motorsport excitement. BMW knows what “fast” is all about. In 1984, Motorsport GmbH placed the high-revving 24-valve Inline 6-cylinder engine in the 635 CSi coupé. Known as the “M6” in North American markets, it represents a benchmark of modern grand tourers. The superb performance and high-speed capabilities, “M-Powers” the BMW M6 with the ultimate driving experience. Bavarian Motor Works translates minimum energy into maximum performance. The BMW M6 is a classic example of motorsport in the guise of an elegant grand tourer.

635 CSi B

Special thanks to Park Ward Motors Museum for the 635 CSi 

M6 24

M6 25

M6 2

M6 1

The formidable BMW M635 CSi

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