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2017 Lincoln Continental Concept

Let it tickle your fancy as it excites your soul…

Lincoln Continental Concept 1

NotoriousLuxury proudly presents the next generation of the luxury car. The Lincoln Continental Concept is sleek, elegant, and transitional. It is a luxury sedan designed for the 21st century. The Lincoln Continental Concept forecasts styling trends to come. It goes beyond status-quo…

The Lincoln Continental is a legend in its own time. It began as a one-off creation for Edsel Ford…then it became an integral part of the luxury car world. A Lincoln Continental is the pinnacle of American-style luxury and the quintessential example of opulence in fine automobiles. The Lincoln Continental Concept is designed to carry on the tradition eminently –


Now…after a 13 year hiatus, the Lincoln Continental once again makes an avant-garde entrance into the world of fine cars. The Lincoln Continental Concept was introduced at the New York Auto Show on March 30, 2015 as a fully operational prototype stunning the automotive industry with technology and forward thinking. It is slated to be officially introduced in its production form within the next 12 months in 2016 as a 2017 model. “The Bold and The Beautiful” Lincoln Continental will continue to represent Ford Motor Company as an elite Flagship…

Lincoln Continental Concept 2

The full-size Lincoln Continental Concept has the perfect integration of luxury and logic. It is not only beautiful but it’s also aerodynamically tuned for today’s world. No blocky wedge shape here, yet it is fashioned to manage the air flow around the vehicle to efficiently reduce the all-important drag coefficient.

The beautiful front end design incorporates anti-lift geometry forcing the car to hold the road like a magnetic. At the rear, anti-squat geometry includes a discreet diffuser incorporated beneath the bumper to aid the Lincoln Continental Concept’s aerodynamic network. Even the door handles are concealed for smoother body sides.

Light through chrome technology

Lincoln Continental Concept 3

Lincoln Continental Concept 7

The Lincoln Continental returns for the 21st century with panache…it’s a dream with a little bit of fantasy. Here is a fresh new approach to luxury that is completely in character with a Lincoln Continental. Its design appeals to the emotions. The sleek, athletic lines move the eye seamlessly from front to rear in a single graceful sweep. Its restrained use of ornamentation is tasteful.

Lincoln Continental Concept 17

Front View

This is the new look of Lincoln luxury. The striking front end ensemble boasts a chrome mesh grille flanked by LED headlamps. Here is elegance and ingenuity American-style. The LED matrix headlamps include laser assisted high beams. After dark, the Lincoln Continental Concept presents a dramatic light show with an illuminated Continental star emblem in the center of the grille. This theme is repeated with five smaller illuminated Continental star motifs in the headlamps. The LED daytime running lamps are an illuminated line under the headlamps with horizontally illuminated light bars set into the ductwork on both sides of the lower bumper opposite the large air intake in the center.

mesh grille

Lincoln Continental Concept 18

Lincoln Continental Concept 4

The rear of the Lincoln Continental Concept is equally as impressive as the front. Its classic simplicity is augmented by a patented one-piece “Light Through Chrome” taillamp design. A beveled rear deck highlights the high-tech look. Quad stainless-steel exhaust ports are arranged neatly in the diffuser for the dual exhaust system.


The Lincoln Continental Concept is a showcase of technology. The panoramic roof uses SPD-SmartGlass technology from Research Frontiers. It controls heat from direct sunlight at the touch of a button. This electronically controlled tint can cool the vehicle interior by 18 degrees Fahrenheit as it blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays. The tint is infinitely adjustable with a wide dynamic light range as opposed to basic on/off modes.

The dynamically variable, instantly reactive glazing technology changes from clear to a dark blue tint allowing the user to adjust the amount of light and sun glare. The Lincoln Continental Concept is among the first automobiles to benefit from this variable tint technology. SPD-SmartGlass technology has not only been laboratory tested, but also put through rigorous durability and performance testing in some of the most extreme conditions on earth including the arctic cold of Scandinavia and the blistering heat of Death Valley, California.

Lincoln Continental Concept 21

Lincoln Continental Concept 22

interior 1

The Lincoln Continental Concept offers world-class luxury. Inside, are four of the most desirable seats in the industry. Mood enhancing ambient lighting adds serenity. Newly designed 30-way seats adjust themselves to passenger’s size and weight for added comfort. The passenger side rear seat fully reclines and moves the front passenger seat forward.

The seats are upholstered in an all-new Venetian leather with Alcantara inserts. Luxurious shearling wool carpet and a satin headliner add character to this new Flagship. The center console runs through to the rear seat passengers allowing access to air conditioning, audio, and SPD-SmartGlass controls. Rear seat passengers enjoy the convenience of a champagne storage compartment. Detachable Venetian leather travel cases are mounted to the front seat backs.

Lincoln Continental Concept 9

Lincoln Continental Concept 10

Lincoln Continental Concept 20

Then and Now

Technology beneath the beautiful bodyshell abounds in this exciting new luxury sedan. The Lincoln Continental Concept is powered by a Lincoln-exclusive 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost engine. An exclusive 9-speed electronic transmission and all-wheel drive are possible drivetrain amenities.

Driver assist technologies include an intuitive Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection. Enhanced Park Assist with a 360 degree camera displays on the “MyLincoln” touch screen. The Lincoln Continental Concept features 21” polished aluminum wheels and Lincoln Drive Control ride enhancing technologies such as speed contingent damping and Adaptive Steering.

21 inch wheels

Lincoln Continental Concept 23

1939 Continental top   1948 Continental bottom

1939 Continental top   1948 Continental bottom

1939 Continental

1939 Continental

The iconic Continental nameplate dates back to the very first model which was designed for Edsel Ford. It began in 1938 as a V12 Lincoln Zephyr with modifications. The car was designed for Edsel Ford’s spring vacation in 1939. The extensively hand-built one of a kind automobile created such a raucous in the motoring world that it was put into production with 24 built for the 1939 model year and 400 built for the 1940 model year. Interest in the Continental continued and production numbers grew. The first generation Continental built from 1939 through 1948 is recognized as a “Full Classic” by the Classic Car Club of America.

1942 2

1942 Continental

1942 Continental 1

1948 Continental

1948 Continental

Pace Car 1

Pace Car 2


Continental MK II convt

The Continental nameplate was revamped in 1956 as a separate brand from the Lincoln family of fine cars. The Continental Division of the Ford Motor Company built the Continental MK II from 1956 until 1957. These magnificent motorcars were also extensively hand-built. This version is unique and produced with the highest quality control ever seen in the automotive industry. A total of 2,996 Continental MK II’s were built and carried a hefty price tag of $10,000 which could have bought a very nice home at the time.

The Continental MK II is even more exclusive than the original Continental. These fine automobiles were among the most expensive motorcars in the world at the time. The Continental MK II rivaled the Rolls Royce in exclusivity. These fine classic cars have not only retained their original value, but are appreciating favorably. The Continental influenced many decades of luxury automobiles that include two-door, four-door, convertibles, and limousines.






Continental MK II (1956-1957)


Continental MK III (1969-1971)


Continental MK IV (1972-1976) Special thanks to MJC Classic Cars


Continental MK V (1977-1979)

1959 Continental MK IV 1

1959 Continental MK IV…Special thanks to Daniel Schmitt & Co

1959 Continental MK IV 2

1959 Continental MK IV 3

1960 Limousine

1960 Continental Limousine

1961 1

 1961 Continental…Special thanks to Bob Adams Classic Cars

1961 3

1961 4

1961 5

1961 9

1961 2

Classic Continental 3

Classic Continental 4

Classic Continental 1

1968 3

1968 2

1968 Continental…Special thanks to Left Coast Classics

1968 2B

1968 2A

1968 4

1968 5


1968 Lehmann Peterson 2

1968 Lehmann Peterson

1968 Lehmann-Peterson stretch limousine

1968 Lehmann Peterson 3

1968 6

1968 7


MK V Collector's Series 8

MK V Collector's Series 2

1979 Collector’s Series Continental MK V

MK V Collector's Series 1

MK V Collector's Series 5

MK V Collector's Series 6

MK V Collector's Series 3

MK V Collector's Series 7

MK V Collector's Series 4


1979 6

1979 4

1979 Collector’s Series Continental

1979 5

1979 2

1979 8

1979 9

1979 3

1979 7

grille 3

Classic Continental 2

grille 4

grille 1

Continental MK IV 1

Continental MK IV 2

Concept 1





LED matrix

Lincoln Continental Concept 15

Lincoln Continental Concept photos courtesy Lincoln Media Center

Lincoln Continental Concept 19

The Lincoln Continental Concept is a bold new direction for the brand. It is the predictor for the new Lincoln family of fine cars. It conveys the distinctive enigma that made the brand famous. This dramatic new design expresses a striking balance of elegance, form, and function. It is a luxury sedan geared to the 21st century. To quote a coined phrase: “Lincoln…what a luxury car should be…” This one is aimed at you Cadillac CT6…let the games begin!

Lincoln Continental Concept 8

The Lincoln Continental Concept is NotoriousLuxury!

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