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Rolls Royce: The Many Facets of A Legend

“Nil Fato Relinquemus”


A Rolls Royce is…a lifestyle. From St. Tropez to St. Moritz, it cossets its passengers in first-class luxury. You have worked hard to get where you are in life. Now you want the very best life has to offer. Your Riva Yacht is docked at the marina awaiting your departure for a weekend excursion…there’s a case of Chateau d’Yquem for tonight’s gathering…filet mignon is marinating in a Portobello mushroom and red wine sauce – life is good.

Especially what’s parked in the driveway…the sheer envy of the world, a Rolls Royce. Being timeless in design, no matter what age or model, a Rolls Royce is an automobile of unsurpassed luxury and elegance. The designers never introduce a model to render the previous model redundant, a Rolls Royce never becomes a used car…it becomes a classic. It is the only car in the world fine enough to preclude the restless quest for something more satisfying to replace it with –

2025 3

Cloud III 1 

Riva 92 Duchessa


Corniche 1

You are vacationing at the Bas Corniche enjoying the exclusive hotels and breathtaking scenery. It’s a gorgeous day to drop the top of your Corniche Coachbuilt convertible to indulge in exploring some of the most beautiful coastal scenery ever put on God’s green earth. The Corniche convertible and its spirited performance, entices you to drive this elegant grand tourer as a sports car.  Ahead of you is the invincible Spirit of Ecstasy, which gives you the feeling of soaring…you really are – 

A Corniche took anywhere from six to eight months to build. It was custom coachbuilt by the eminent coachbuilder Mulliner Park Ward. The impeccable hand-crafting resulted as an automotive masterwork. The world-wide admiration afforded this supreme achievement in motoring is astonishing. One never travels in a Corniche unnoticed. Whether it be the Fixedhead coupe or the Drophead coupe, there’s no more dramatic manner in which to arrive…

Corniche 3

Corniche 8

Corniche 9

Corniche 10

Corniche 12

Cross-banded wood veneers were a Corniche hallmark

Corniche 13

Leather hand-crafted by Connolly Brothers

Corniche 14

Corniche 6

Corniche 7

2025 2

Phanton 2

The Rotary Club meets tonight in Monaco on the opulent French Riviera…so you take the Phantom Extended Wheelbase saloon to accommodate your colleagues. Upon entry, they immediately sense the exclusivity and magnificence of this Flagship saloon. As the rear seat passengers are seated comfortably…a touch of a button automatically closes the elegant coach doors. The intoxicating scent of the hand-stitched leather by Connolly Brothers wafts through the cabin. The butter-soft touch is highly appealing. They are astounded by the hand-crafted wood veneers that are completely mirror-matched throughout. Their feet sink into the luxurious hand-tufted 100% wool carpet with lambswool rugs. All pertinent multi-media equipment is at the user’s convenience. You are in your own world as you drive along…the Spirit of Ecstasy points out the way – 

Corniche 5

Phantom 6

Phantom 4

Phantom 3

Phantom 7

Phantom 8

Meet the Phantom family of fine cars

Phantom Drophead

The elegant Phantom Drophead convertible coupe

Phantom Fixedhead

The avant-garde Phantom Fixedhead coupe

Phantom 9

The Phantom Series II saloon

Phantom 11

Phantom 12

Phantom 13

The Phantom is a highly bespoke masterpiece

Phantom int 1

Phantom int 2

Phantom int 3

Phantom Saloon 2

Wraith 3

Wraith 13

So…it’s the girl’s day out and about, they decide to attend a fashion show hosted by Véronique Branquinho. What better way to arrive than the Rolls Royce Wraith? The chic architecture is augmented by elegant forward-opening coach doors…the ladies are fascinated and intrigued as they are seated in four of the most enviable seats in all of motordom. Everyone notices the impeccable fit & finish of the cabin…especially the uniquely hand-crafted wood accents. The Wraith creates an intimate ambience that speaks softly of its existence.

All the comfort and convenience is there from lighted vanity mirrors to automatic temperature control. You are having so much fun driving the Wraith because of its size and the effortless way it performs…the other ladies want to drive too! It is a beautiful custom crafted coupe…absolutely beautiful from any angle. Just as exclusive as Jimmy Choo, Gianni Versace, Michael Kors, and Roberto Cavalli are in the fashion world, the Rolls Royce is in a class that stands alone…the Wraith is proof – 

Wraith 9

Wraith 11

Wraith 12

Wraith 14

Wraith 5

Wraith 4

Wraith 1

The Mansory Edition Wraith

Wraith 2

Wraith 6

Silver Cloud I 1

A Rolls Royce is…a thing of beauty. It’s a work of automotive art. They were built in three distinctive series. The eminent Silver Clouds are as beautiful today as they were when introduced. Everywhere you drive, it doesn’t pass unnoticed. The splendor of the Silver Cloud series will always attract attention. Their classic silhouette can still be found in today’s Rolls Royce. This iconic model is the most immediately identifiable automobile in the world.

The Silver Cloud is enjoyed by princes and potentates, heads of state, movie stars, and collectors world-wide. It still appears in various media anytime the emphasis is on the good life. New models are never introduced to make the previous model appear dated out of courtesy to their clientele. This model clearly attests that fact. The classic Silver Cloud series are now selling for up to six figures if maintained in Concours d’Elegance condition – 

Silver Cloud I 2

Silver Cloud I 3

Silver Cloud I 4

Silver Cloud I 6

Silver Cloud I 7

Classic elegance of the Silver Cloud Series II

Silver Cloud I 8

Silver Cloud I 9

Silver Cloud I 10

Silver Cloud I 11

Silver Cloud I 12

Silver Cloud I 15

Silver Cloud I 16

Silver Cloud I 5

SS 1

SS 2

Out of the clouds emerged the shadows…the Silver Shadow was the next generation of the Rolls Royce motorcar when it debuted in 1965. It is the first Rolls Royce to be built as monocoque construction. It is smaller in dimensions but retains the Rolls Royce enigma. It has the largest production volume of any Rolls Royce model to date. The Silver Shadow is the democratized Rolls Royce.

SS 3

SS 4

SS 7

SS 8

SS 9

SS 10

SS 11

SS 12

SS 13

SS 14

SS 16

SS 17

SS 18

SS 19

SS 20

SS 21

SS 22

SS 23

SS 24

SS 27

Shadow II 1

The distinguished Silver Shadow was built in various configurations during its tenure. It was built as an extended wheelbase version from 1969 until 1976. It was renamed Silver Wraith II in 1977 and built until 1980. The Silver Shadow Mulliner Park Ward fixed head coupe made its introduction in 1966 and was built until 1970. From 1971 on, two-door coupes and convertibles were coachbuilt using the name Corniche. The Corniche convertible was built until 1992 because of its popularity. It is still the perennial favorite among collectors all over the world. The Silver Shadow was renamed Silver Shadow II beginning the 1977 model year and was built until 1980. The quality will remain…long after the price is forgotten – 

Shadow II 2

The Silver Shadow II

Silver Shadow II

Shadow II 4

Shadow II 5

Shadow II 6

Shadow II 7

Shadow II 8

Shadow II 9

Shadow II 11

Silver Wraith II 21

The Silver Wraith II

Silver Wraith II 5

Silver Wraith II 6

Silver Wraith II 7

Silver Wraith II 8

Silver Wraith II 9

Silver Wraith II 2

The Silver Wraith II doubles as a limousine

Silver Wraith II 10

Silver Wraith II 11

Silver Wraith II 12

Silver Wraith II 13

Silver Wraith II 14

Silver Wraith II 15

Silver Wraith II 3

Silver Wraith II 17

Silver Wraith II 16

Silver Wraith II 20

Spur 1

Spur 2

A Rolls Royce is the spirit of excellence…the Silver Spirit and its long wheelbase variant Silver Spur were the first models to use aerodynamic architecture. These elegant motorcars are long, low, and prestigious. They both were high technology for their day. The Silver Spirit and Silver Spur are for the owner/driver that prefers elegant understatement. Their performance is much too exhilarating to waste on a chauffeur. Their timeless beauty lives on…the Silver Spirit & Silver Spur emphasize the Rolls Royce motorcar as a thing of beauty, power, and infinite satisfaction – 

Spur 14

Spur 3

Spur 6

Spur 7

Spur 8

Spur 9

Spur 10

Spur 4

Spur 12

Spur 11

Spur 5

Silver Dawn 4

Silver Dawn 1

A Rolls Royce is…the ultimate in exclusivity and supremacy. Limited editions built at a highly restricted pace makes each a masterpiece. One such model is the Silver Dawn saloon. It was built from 1995 until 1998 and only 237 examples were made. It is built on the Silver Spur III Long Wheelbase platform. It used the same showroom trim. The cabin was hand-crafted with the same Connolly leather. It was embellished with the same hand-crafted veneers as the Silver Spur III.

These saloons are so luxurious that they can be used as elegant limousines. They are a statement in quintessential British luxury. The styling of the Silver Dawn was modern and aerodynamically efficient. It retained the traditional elegance and poised dignity associated with all Rolls Royce motorcars. The Rolls Royce Silver Dawn is positioned to continue the undaunted reputation established by its predecessors, and set even higher standards of motoring excellence to be the epitome of luxury.

Silver Dawn 2

Silver Dawn 3

Silver Dawn 6

Silver Dawn 5

Silver Dawn 8

Special thanks to Balmoral UK

Silver Dawn 9

2025 15

2025 6

The classic Rolls Royce 20/25

2025 7

2025 8

2025 9

2025 10

2025 11

2025 12

2025 14

2025 4

2025 16

Seraph 1

A Rolls Royce is the pinnacle of luxury…there is nothing else that even comes close to its majesty. The Silver Seraph is the last Rolls Royce of the 20th century. It’s a symphony of classic Rolls Royce DNA. The Silver Seraph has a timeless beauty with unusual understatement and superb craftsmanship. It is designed for today’s world.  For its stature, it is light on its feet and very quick. The Silver Seraph drives like a much smaller vehicle. It moves with precision and is impervious to road conditions.

Seraph 2

Seraph 3

Seraph 4

Seraph 9

The spacious cabin is trimmed with the traditional Connolly leather, hand-crafted veneers, and hand-tufted 100% wool carpets…it is every inch a Rolls Royce. If you demand an ultra-luxury saloon without compromise, the Silver Seraph is for you. It is also a piece of history. It is not only the last Rolls Royce of the 20th century; it is also the last Rolls Royce to share a bodyshell with Bentley. And, lest we forget…that nasty brawl between Volkswagen AG and BMW AG when Rolls Royce and Bentley became two distinct brands… and are fierce competitors – 

Seraph 10

Seraph 11

Seraph 13

Seraph 14

Seraph 16

Seraph 17

Seraph 18

Seraph 20

Seraph 19

Seraph 21

Seraph 22

Seraph 23

Seraph 24

Seraph 8

Seraph 28

Ghost 3

Ghost 1

A Rolls Royce is dramatic…the Ghost is the ultimate expression of contemporary dynamism and luxury. It is the understated grand tourer built in the classic European tradition. Beneath its aluminium bonnet resides a 6.6 litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine that produces 563 hp and 780 Nm of peak torque. The Ghost provides enough power and acceleration to satisfy the sporting instinct. The Rolls Royce Ghost is available with the standard wheelbase and an extended wheelbase which provides a larger rear passenger compartment.

The Rolls Royce Ghost brings together decades of dedication to fine engineering and maintains the reputation of this distinguished brand. Skilled coachbuilders use rare veneers, leather of the finest quality, and deep pile carpeting to make an interior of unsurpassed comfort and elegance. The Rolls Royce Ghost appeals to the driver that requires extraordinary luxury and performance in a precision-size premium saloon – 

The Ghost Extended Wheelbase saloon is eminently suitable for formal business use with a chauffeur. The spacious Ghost EWB saloon blends traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology. It offers such features as a rear seat entertainment system. It also may be equipped as a rolling boardroom for the professional who must work while traveling. The Rolls Royce Ghost EWB is a symbol of prestige. There can be no more impressive introduction to you or your company – 

Ghost 4

Ghost 5

Ghost 6

Ghost 7

Ghost 2

Ghost 9

The Ghost offers multi-media systems for the traveling professional

Ghost 10

Ghost 11

Ghost 12

Ghost 14

Celestial 1

A Rolls Royce is…the epitome of elegance – it has become synonymous with luxury world-wide. A Rolls Royce is a tribute to craftsmanship and engineering perfection. The Rolls Royce Phantom has emerged as a strikingly individual motorcar, very obviously for today’s world. Its timeless beauty comes from a long line of distinguished predecessors. It inherits the unique tradition of Rolls Royce and its poised dignity. The Rolls Royce Phantom is available with the standard wheelbase and an extended wheelbase with a larger rear passenger compartment. It is a highly bespoke saloon that can be as unique as its owner.  The Phantom is the latest chapter in the history of excellence from the brand.

Celestial 2

The Celestial Phantom saloon

Celestial 3

Celestial 4

A Rolls Royce is a lifestyle – It expresses your personality as clearly as your yacht or the Chateau Lafite Rothschild in your wine cellar. Your Rolls Royce is a symbol of your taste…not your aristocracy. Owning a Rolls Royce is one of the great satisfactions left in our harried, mass-produced world. A Rolls Royce is a thing of beauty; with proper maintenance it will outlast its owner.

A Rolls Royce is the absolute pinnacle of luxury. It is at home anyplace in the world where the emphasis is on the good life. From the graceful Spirit of Ecstasy atop of the classic radiator grille, through the hand-crafted architecture…a Rolls Royce is the ultimate expression of dynamism and luxury. A Rolls Royce – being the epitome of elegance and opulence – is the pride of the UK and the envy of the entire world – 

Wraith 16

Cloud III 2

Special thanks to Daniel Schmitt Classic Cars

Cloud III 4

Cloud III 3

Corniche 16

Special thanks to Rodd Sala Park Ward Motors Museum

Corniche 17

Ghost 8

Photos courtesy Rolls Royce Press Club

Silver Wraith II 18

Seraph 6

Silver Cloud I 17

A thing of beauty is a joy forever


Seraph 29

Corniche 4

A Rolls Royce never becomes a used car…it becomes a legend

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