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Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom

The Spirit of Ecstasy 


Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom


China may overtake the US as the world’s largest market for premium automobiles. China is one of the fastest growing luxury brand markets in the world. To be a global brand…presence in the largest markets is imperative. Rolls Royce became “market specific” for the 21st century.

The “Pinnacle Travel Phantom” was created by Rolls Royce to celebrate China’s love of travel. Chinese customers seek the bespoke pre-eminence of Rolls Royce. The Pinnacle Travel Phantom was introduced at the Bespoke Collection Motorcar Showcase at the Beijing Motor Show this year.



The Pinnacle Travel Phantom was designed to celebrate the Chinese love of travel and the success of the bespoke program in China. The Chinese spent an estimated $125 Billion on travel in 2013, according to “The world Tourism Barometer” published by the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization. The Rolls Royce Phantom, especially the Extended Wheelbase variant is popular in Asian Markets. The Pinnacle Travel Phantom is a showcase of Rolls Royce bespoke artistry.




The Pinnacle Travel Phantom demonstrates the bespoke team’s prowess expressing color, luxurious materials, and the epitome of hand-crafted marquetry ever seen in a Rolls Royce. A fortuitous experience begins the moment one enters the cabin.

A collage of light, color, texture, and contemporary luxury immediately take the occupants hostage. The eloquence is augmented through its most complex and intricate marquetry. The wood-working artisans created a magnificent visual tapestry of an abstract motif of a streamlined train travelling at speed.



The 230 individual pieces of marquetry come together discharging the illusion of a speeding train along a leafy run with plumes of steam wafting in its wake. Only Rolls Royce could pull off a command performance such as this…

The motif highlights the cabin from the front fascia, to the door capping rails, and continuing its presence on the folding rear seat tables. And…24,633 individual stitches bleed onto the door cards with the same motif, demonstrate the attention to detail and the relentless quest for perfection by the brand.




The opulent colour scheme continues inside with a number of Morello Red and Seashell leather combinations for seats, roofliner, pillars and door cards plus specifically developed Morello Red lambs wool floor mats to produce a cosseting interior in which to travel, no matter how long the journey.

A further motif in Smoke Grey thread evoking luxury travel and showcasing the craftsmanship of Rolls Royce is stitched into the seat flutes and is echoed in individual fabric cushions which heighten the comfort for both rear passengers.




The new Rolls Royce Motor Cars became market specific for the 21st century. Global positioning requires competing in the world’s largest markets. And to remain the leader requires strategic planning and forecasting. Rolls Royce answered the growing interest in luxury travel in China. The Rolls Royce Pinnacle Travel Phantom is one of the most sumptuously opulent Rolls Royces in the history of the brand…


Per Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, “Bespoke is Rolls Royce and our Chinese customers know it. To celebrate China’s love of travel and the success of the Bespoke Program in China. I am proud to unveil the Pinnacle Travel Phantom. This car is a showcase of Rolls Royce’s pre-eminence in bespoke design seen through the prism of luxury travel.”


The elegant duo-tone paint finish of Madeira Red is complimented by Silver Sand below the waist rail. It gives the Spirit of Ecstasy a unique sophistication. The serendipity continues with the Madeira Red coach line depicting a streamline train travelling at speed.

Additional duo-tone color schemes include: Infinity Black with Silver Haze or Melanite with Palladium. Each offers a bespoke rendition of the elegant Rolls Royce Phantom in all its majesty. The intent of the Pinnacle Travel Phantom is to convey the experience of travel on luxurious cross-continental trains.


The Pinnacle Travel Phantom has been created to celebrate the Chinese love of travel and the success of the Bespoke Program in China. This market specific model is imperative in Rolls Royce’s global brand presence in one of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets for ultra-luxury automobiles in the world.

The distinctive duo-tone paint finishes showcase bespoke artistry at its finest. The luxurious cabin contains the most complex and intricate marquetry ever used in a Rolls Royce. The 230 piece marquetry creates a striking motif of a cross-continental train speeding across a landscape with plumes of steam left in its wake.


The Pinnacle Travel Phantom is hand-crafted in the legendary Rolls Royce tradition. Painstaking detail and generations of skill come together resulting in a masterwork of contemporary auto art.

But then…exemplary fit & finish are impetus to the finest automobile in the world. A Rolls Royce precludes the restless quest for something better to replace it with. China’s markets for ultra-luxury automobiles are expanding with such positive momentum…China may overtake the US as the world’s largest market for premium automobiles-


The contemporary Rolls Royce Phantom Series II


The classic Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II


A thing of beauty…


…is a joy forever



A Rolls Royce never becomes a used car…


…it becomes a classic



Thanks to Rolls Royce Media Club & Park Ward Motors Museum


Simply the best car in the world…


2014 Pinnacle Travel Phantom saloon

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