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Fresh Metal: 1975 Cadillac Eldorado

The Eldorado legend continues…


…in the continuing saga of “As the Standard of the World Turns”



The “Spirited Seventies” produced luxury automobiles for nearly every taste. Cadillac had a luxury model to satisfy the most discerning owner. The formidable Eldorado Series was the epitome of luxury and Cadillac’s Flagship Supreme. It was the world’s finest personal luxury coupe.

The 1975 Cadillac Eldorado was the only car in the world to combine the control and maneuverability of front-wheel drive…the precision feel of Variable Ratio Power steering…the perfect poise with Automatic Level Control…and the comfort & convenience of Automatic Climate Control. The 1975 Eldorado makes a guest appearance…in the continuing saga of “As the Standard of the World Turns.”



The 1975 Cadillac Eldorado was one of the world’s most dramatically styled automobiles. It was available as the Eldorado coupe. The long. Low silhouette was unmistakably Cadillac. The long hood and short rear deck made the Eldorado coupe true to its classic tradition.

It was the closed grand tourer that offered a sporting attitude enveloped in kid-glove luxury. The rooflines were augmented by elegant new coach windows in the sail panels.

Style code #6L L47/H Fleetwood Eldorado coupe was base priced at $9,935 with two price increases during the model year at $9,948 and $10,364 respectively. There were 35,802 Eldorado coupes built for the 1975 model year.




The Eldorado Custom Cabriolet was the ultimate Eldorado. It featured a tailored padded Elk grain vinyl roof over the rear most portion of the roof. Bright chrome roof moldings, a French seam around the backlight, and the distinguished Cadillac laurel wreath & crest were applied to each rear sail panel.



The additional roominess of the Eldorado coupe was due in no small part to its front-wheel drive. A wide array of color combinations were available in a Mosaic Check cloth with leather bolsters, or Monticello a classic velour in six colors, or Metamora plaid in three colors.

The new softer Sierra grain leather was available in 12 different trim combinations. Multiple seating combinations were available. A popular choice was the 50/50 dual comfort front seats with standard driver’s 6-way adjustment. A power recliner with 6-way adjustment were available for the passenger seat. The 1975 Eldorado coupe was as luxurious on the inside as it was on the outside.

















The 1975 Eldorado was also available as the only luxury convertible built in America. It was a dramatic synthesis of two motoring worlds: the panache of a convertible, and the superlative luxury of being a Cadillac. Its ingenious inward folding roof provided full-width rear seating and a neater profile with the roof folded. The optional color coordinated parade boot was trim and unobtrusive to the convertible’s appeal.

With the top down, the architecture of this car looked as though it spanned for miles. Style code #6L L67/E Fleetwood Eldorado convertible was base priced at $10,354 with two price increases during the model year at $10,367, and $10,783. Only 8,950 1975 Eldorado convertibles were built making it more collectible than the “Last Cadillac production convertible” for the 1976 model year with 14,000 being built.






The Eldorado convertible came standard with a new softer Sierra grain leather in 12 color combinations. The youthful, glamorous Eldorado convertible combined tasteful individuality and world-class luxury. The interior was spacious, elegant, in the Eldorado tradition. Open air grand touring was never more eloquent than in the 1975 Eldorado convertible. And, the added charisma of being a Cadillac convertible.



















Standard equipment for the 1975 Cadillac Eldorados included: AM/FM Signal Seeking Stereo radio with automatic power antenna, power windows and door locks, Automatic Climate Control w/economy setting, tinted glass, 6-way power seat, and white-wall steel-belted radials.

Also standard were Automatic Level Control, a power, a fully automatic inward folding fabric roof for the convertible, Variable Ratio Power steering, power brakes with front discs, and Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. A Cadillac Eldorado was always an extremely luxurious automobile with more standard features and accessories than other luxury cars in its class.




1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible




New options for the 1975 model year included: Electronic Fuel Injection, Illuminated Entry System, Glass Astro-roof, passenger recliner seat, and Air Cushion Restrain System. Cadillac always offered more variety than the competition.

1976 5

The 1975 Eldorados received extensive styling changes yet retained the same bodyshell introduced for the 1971 model year. Styling revisions included square headlamps highlighting a bold new front end ensemble.

The front bumper had end caps that retracted into thermo plastic filler panels to protect the sheet metal during minor impacts. The Eldorado lost the classic fender skirts for a more contemporary look. The rear end styling was unchanged from the 1974 refresh. The 1975 Eldorados were “Efficient as they were elegant…rugged as they were rewarding.”





Cadillac engineers significantly improved fuel economy for the 1975 model year. The highly efficient 8.2 litre 500 CID V8 was standard for all Cadillac models. It featured a new High Energy Ignition System designed by the Delco-Remy Division of GM. It incorporated the coil into the distributor. Eliminated were the traditional breaker points, rubbing block, and coil wire.


The HEI produces a more powerful spark allowing a wider spark plug gap, thus, faster ignition of fuel resulting in faster more reliable starting and a more powerful burn. This system had the provisions for computer controls which would begin late 1970s.

Oddly, the 8.2 litre V8 was more efficient than the 7.7 litre 472 CID V8 and was better adapting to emissions controls. The 8.2 litre V8 was a much more leaner/cleaner burning engine.


The combination of the new exhaust catalytic converter with the solid-state HEI system allowed the use of unleaded fuel and travelling up to 22,500 miles between tune-ups. Each GM Division used its own design for the HEI system.

The 8.2 litre V8 engine was mated to GM’s Turbo Hydra-Matic THM-425 3-speed automatic transmission. Refinements were done to make it ‘tighter’ resulting in a more immediate response and improved fuel economy.

The efficient Eldorado 8.2 litre 500 CID 16-valve OHV V8 engine produced 190 hp @ 3,600 rpm with 488 Nm of peak torque @ 2,000 rpm. Convertible performance was rated as 0-60 mph in 13.2 seconds, 0-100 mph in 48.9 seconds with a top speed of 111 mph. It did the ¼ mile @ 75 mph in 19.5 seconds. The coupe’s performance was rated as 0-60 mph in 12.9 seconds, 0-100 mph in 42.9 seconds with a top speed of 115 mph. It did the ¼ mile @ 75 mph in 19.3 seconds.


The 1975 Eldorado was built as body on frame construction using Cadillac’s rugged fully boxed heavy-gauge perimeter frame modified for front-wheel drive. The 1975 Eldorado rode a long 126.3” wheelbase, had the luxury length of 224.1”, and was 79.8” wide. They were extremely large front engine front-wheel drive vehicles.


The front suspension used upper and lower control arms. It had an integral steering knuckle for added dependability and longevity. Helical coil springs, torsion bars, all exclusive to Eldorado were assembled with rubber bushings to absorb road impact and isolate road noise. Teflon-ring shock absorbers aided the magic carpet ride.

The rear suspension was Cadillac’s four-link drive, helical coil springs, large rubber bushings to improve ride quality, rear stabilizer bar, and Automatic Level Control ride height network. The Automatic Level Control was activated by compressor to maintain optimum vehicle poise under all driving situations.

1976 8

1976 Cadillac Eldorado convertible

1976 10

1976 9


Cadillac’s Triple Braking System was standard. A dual chamber hydraulic master cylinder provided independent operation of front and rear braking systems. Discs were fitted to the front axle while finned composite duo-servo drums were fitted to the rear axle.

The parking brake had an automatic vacuum release. It could be used as a true auxiliary brake since it would not lock with the engine running and car in gear. The brake discs and brake shoes were self-adjusting each time the car was driven in reverse and the brakes applied.

1976 2

1976 3

1976 4



The 1975 Cadillac Eldorado was the world’s most glamorous personal luxury car. It was the only automobile in the world to combine front-wheel drive, Automatic Level Control, Variable Ratio Power steering, and Automatic Climate Control as standard equipment.

Unique in stature, Eldorado for 1975 was offered as an elegant coupe or the only luxury convertible built in the land. Powered by the efficient 8.2 litre Eldorado V8 engine, these personal luxury cars moved with aplomb. The world’s most elegant personal luxury car was even more so for the 1975 model year. The Eldorado legend lives on…in the continuing saga of “As the Standard of the World Turns.”




“As the Standard of the World Turns”


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  1. Sadly it took Cadillac forever to make the Dual Comfort front seat standard on all of their models – but especially their so-called “Personal Luxury” model.

    My ’69 DeVille Convertible has a dual comfort seat as does my ’87 Brougham – but neither my ’71 Eldorado Coupe or “75 CdV have the split bench design. Seems only the Fleetwood brougham came standard with dual comfort.

    • Isn’t it a shame…we will never have another REAL American luxury car? This is why I write about them to keep them in the spotlight…for readers like you! God Bless all of you who read my works of art! Keep on reading and commenting…is makes me write more!!!

    • But really…truly…those engines were supposed to burn leaded premium. It is the way it was designed. There are actually 2 versions of the 8.2 litre 500 CID V8 the last version of which became standard for all Cadillac models for the 1975 model year. It was better with all of the useless pollution control crap than the 472 CID. The high-energy ignition system and the catalytic converter were supposed to have optimized overall fuel efficiency. Have you ever run one of those 8.2 litre Cadillac engines on premium leaded gasoline WITHOUT that horrid catalytic converter? O-M-G!!! 1968, 1969, and 1970 were the performers with the 472 CID. They all had extra ponies to spare.It was the 1970 model year that introduced the first 8.2 litre V8…that Eldo was awesome out on the highway. Out of all Cadillacs from the genre these 3 model years were the best! They are actually, the last of the real Cadillacs…

  2. I agree, still a very nice car a real classic. I have a 1975 Eldorado Eldeora, the only one that comes up on the internet.

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