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Ferrari 458 Spyder: Monaco Edition By Mansory

NotoriousLuxury at its finest…………………….


The Ferrari 458 Spyder is magically transformed into the Mansory Monaco Edition. This series is limited to a three vehicle run. Another masterpiece from Kourosh Mansory.


The Monaco Edition utilizes carbon-fibre technology throughout. The unique aero bodykit maximizes aerodynamic efficiency. The 8-cylinder engine got a revised engine management system, a sports air filtering system, and a high performance sports exhaust system. The engine after the Mansory magic achieves 590 hp with 560 Nm of peak torque. It moves from 0-62 in a mere 3.2 seconds.


The Mansory Monaco Edition has a lower center of gravity. Four sports shock absorbers combined with progressively wound lowering springs makes this rocket hug the road positively. Staggered tire set-up was chosen to optimize traction. It uses forged rims with central locking. The front axle has size VA 245/35 ZR 20 tires and the rear axle is fitted with HA 305/30 ZR21.




The cabin was redone in Monaco’s colors of red and white. The finest leather, Alcantara, and carbon-fibre harmonize the luxury-sport ambience.


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