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A Tribute to Natalie Cole: “Pink Cadillac”

This tribute is dedicated to the late great Natalie Cole…in the continuing saga of “As the Standard of the World Turns.”

1959 Seris 62 1

1959 Seris 62 2

“Some folks say it’s too big…and uses too much gas!”

1959 Seris 62 3

“Some folks say that it’s too old…and that it just goes too fast”

1959 Seris 62 4

“Ah but love is bigger than a Honda…and it’s bigger than a Subaru” (that too!)

1959 Seris 62 5

“Hey man there’s only one thing…and one car that will do!”

1959 Seris 62 6

“Anyway we don’t have to drive it…we can park it out in back!”

1959 Seris 62 7

“And have a party in your Pink Cadillac!”

1959 Seris 62 9

“Honey… I just wonder… what you do there in the back of your Pink Cadillac…Pink Cadillac!”

1959 Seris 62 10

Thanks to Daniel Schmitt Classic cars and EMI Records

1959 Seris 62 8.jpg

“As the Standard of the World Turns”

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Natalie Cole: “Pink Cadillac” Leave a comment

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for the time and effort you took to say Happy Birthday to our mutual friend.. I Enjoyed you blog very much and hope to continue reading it Have a great Cadillac Day…

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