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Retrospect: 1968 Lincoln Continental Sedan

The Continental Life continues…


The 1968 Lincoln Continental four-door sedan was one of America’s most distinguished motorcars. It was running almost neck to neck with Cadillac, the Lincoln Continental had finally achieved prestige parity with “The Standard of the World.” Lincoln Continental was designed to be one of the finest American luxury sedans.

It’s the little things that makes the difference…such as a rubber-insulated drive shaft to absorb and cancel road noise and vibration…to an altimeter in the transmission that makes the Lincoln Continental shift as smoothly in the mountains as it does in the suburbs. Over 2,000 manufacturing checks and a 12-mile road test went into the 1968 Lincoln Continental before it reached the ultimate consumer.



Only the Lincoln Continental owner knows the complete assurance that comes with owning one of America’s most distinguished motorcars. The Continental Life is a way of life…it is enjoyed by the person who loves the good life. A Lincoln Continental reflects its owner’s individuality and their own good taste. They want the very best life has to offer…this is why so many Cadillac owners switched to Lincoln Continental. It’s what a luxury automobile should be – 



A Lincoln Continental never introduced sweeping changes to its classic styling continuity. It gained a completely new identity with the 1961 redesign, and therefore; reinforced this image in subsequent model years. Only styling refinements, tasteful and in the Lincoln Continental heritage were made and not just for the sake of change. Owner loyalty made them keep their cars longer. The 1968 models were the quietest Lincoln Continentals ever built to date. They have always exhibited a graceful blending of contemporary and classic styling cues. A Lincoln Continental is built from the ground-up to be a Flagship with the utmost eloquence – 



There were significant styling changes for the 1968 model year. The front end ensemble included new parking lamps built into the bumpers which wrap around for increased visibility from all directions. The grille is simple and understated. The architecture retained the classic knife-blade chrome-adorned fenders that runs the entire length of the car. Once again, the classic bodylines are augmented by elegant forward-opening rear coach doors. These became the Lincoln Continental’s signature exterior design tour-de-force…





The chiseled look was popular in the 1960s. The Lincoln Continental for 1968 received a highly sculpted rear end redesign. Taillamps located atop each rear fender contained the stop lamps, turning, and taillight functions. The bumper contained the reflectors and back-up lamps. The clean crisp look flows from nose to tail. The 1968 Continentals follow styling continuity…Lincoln proceeded with caution when redesigning the Continental. Once the model gained an identity that sold, Lincoln didn’t stray…




Style code #82 53A 1968 Lincoln Continental sedan was base priced at $5,970, and weighed in at a whopping 5,180 lbs. The production totals for this model is 29,719 which is about 9,000 or so below average. The fourth generation Lincoln Continental was built from 1961 until 1969. They were introduced September 22, 1967 as a 1968 model. The Lincoln Continental is tastefully understated and remains a classic among American luxury automobiles. The 1968 models were a fresh new interpretation of the marque…



The 1968 Lincoln Continental was available as a luxurious four-door sedan and an elegant two-door coupe. Either choice is comprehensively equipped in their basic form. A few of the many standard features includes: folding center front and rear seat armrests, power windows, power two-way seat, electric clock, power steering, power front disc brakes, power steering, automatic parking brake release, Fresh-Flow Ventilation and heating system, and interior courtesy lighting. A Lincoln Continental is a posh American luxury car; the 1968 edition reinforced the tradition – 

Lincoln Continental for 1968 is as stately on the inside as it is outside…the sumptuous upholstery has a full 5.5” of padding. Leathers are deep-dyed all the way through. The fabrics are treated and tested to resist soil and snags. Reading lamps with individual switches and deep cut pile carpet are among the Lincoln Continental’s standard amenities. Whether the rich brocade fabric or glove-soft leather was chosen, they added to the most comfortable ride ever. The Continental sedan interior reflects the careful attention to detail that earned the admiration and respect of the most discerning luxury car buyer.






The 1968 Lincoln Continental sedan is a very large front-engine rear-wheel drive luxury car. It has the luxury length of 221”, rides upon a long 126” wheelbase, and is 79.7” in width. Its strong Unibody construction resists squeaks and rattles. The Silent-Strut front suspension has pre-lubricated ball joints, helical coil springs, and hydraulic shock absorbers with rebound control. The Hotchkiss Drive rear suspension has 64” long leaf-type springs, rubber-cushioned rear axle mounting, and hydraulic shock absorbers.



The 1968 Lincoln Continental was designed to move with aplomb. It looks like a limo but beneath the forward-opening hood is one of Ford’s’ most powerful engines. The MEL-Series (Mercury, Edsel, Lincoln) 7.6 litre 16-valve 462 CID OHV V8 engine produces 340 hp @ 4,600 rpm with 658 Nm of peak torque @ 2,800 rpm.

This naturally aspirated engine is equipped with a Carter C8VF-9510E 4-bbl carburetor. The engine is mated to the new smoother Select-Shift Turbo-Drive automatic, torque converter has 3-speed planetary gear set and 6-position selector dial. Longitudinal acceleration is rated as 0-60 mph in 9 seconds, 0-100 mph in 27.4 seconds with a top speed of 124 mph ungoverned. It does the ¼ mile @ 83 mph in 17.2 seconds.





Lincoln intended to introduce the new 460 CID V8 engine for the 1968 model year. The sales brochure mentions the 462 CID only. Before production began, 30,000 462 CID V8 engines were found stored in one of Ford’s warehouses. The engines had already been tested, they were just waiting to be installed. The reason was unknown…this could partially be due to the fact the 1966-1967 models proved slower than expected in sales. The last production 1968 Lincoln Continentals were equipped with the factory 460 CID V8 engines.




Lehmann Peterson

The Continental Life is a fortuitous adventure…where second best isn’t an option. The Lincoln Continental for 1968 fit seamlessly into this exclusive lifestyle. The neoclassic architecture is augmented by its signature forward-opening rear coach doors. Traditional 6-passenger spaciousness, lavish appointments, and V8 power reinforced the legendary Lincoln Continental heritage. The 1968 edition of this revered motorcar is no exception to the rule…

…and speaking of Lincoln heritage

1946 Pace Car 1

1946 Continental

1946 Pace Car 2


The legendary 1956-1957 Continental MK II








The 1969-1971 Continental MK III


1976 1

Continental MK IV Cartier Edition

1976 4

1976 3

1976 5

1976 6

1976 2

MK V 1

1977-1979 Continental MK V

MK V 2

MK V 3

MK V 4

1960 1

1960 MK V limousine owned by Elvis Presley

1960 3

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Elwood Engel gave the Continental its identity

1962 2


1973 Lincoln Continental Coupe

1979 3

The finale for the full-size American luxury sedan

1979 1

1979 Collector’s Series Lincoln Continental

1979 4

1979 5

1979 2

Mark X Concept 1

Which way will Lincoln venture into the future?

Mark X Concept 2

Mark X Concept 3

Mark X Concept 4

Mark X Concept 5

Mark X Concept 7

Mark X Concept 6

Mark X Concept 8

Mark X Concept


Special thanks to Left Coast Classics, MJC Classic Cars, Daniel Schmitt & Co for allowing me to make this tribute to the Lincoln Continental possible…2




Lincoln Continental…what a luxury car should be


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