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The Extreme Lamborghini Egoista

“The Egoista is pure emotion”


In the words of the car’s creator, Walter DeSilva: “I am very attached to this Italian brand, being an Italian myself. I wanted to pay homage to and think up a vehicle to underline the fact that Lamborghinis have always been made with passion, and with the heart more than the head.” This completely unorthodox exercise in automotive styling is absolutely breath-taking.

When you first look at the Egoista you are blinded with science, it’s abstract collage of technology…you stare at it, its look takes you hostage. The Lamborghini Egoista is a car made for one person…and one person only…to let the owner have fun expressing their personality. “It is designed for hyper-sophisticated people who want only the most extreme and special things in the world” to quote Sant’ Agata Bolognese verbatim. The word “Egoista” translates to selfish…



The dramatic bodywork from the side-view evokes the profile of a bull with its horns lowered ready to charge. This too is homage paid to its heritage; Lamborghini doesn’t use a bull as their trademark for nothing! The upper body uses a network of flaps integrated into the bodywork that react automatically at high speeds to increase stability depending on driving conditions. The air intakes on the back of the engine bonnet provide airflow to the formidable V10 power plant. The front of the Lamborghini Egoista is designed to increase downforce while the rear is fully open with the mechanics in view, reducing weight and creating a more aggressive look. Aeronautic cues are evident in its overall appearance. It’s a UFO one can drive for fun.




Speaking of aeronautics, the Egoista has a cockpit just shy of a jet fighter. Functionality is taken to the extreme. It has a detachable heads up display that when combined with the rest of the vehicle creates a perfect technical, mechanical and aerodynamic unit. It is a lot like the Apache helicopter where the cockpit can be ejected in an emergency. Here is how the most unique automobile in the world gets technical. In order to exit the Egoista, the driver removes the steering wheel and rests it on the dash. The driver opens the electrically powered dome, stands up in the seat, sits at a precise point to the left of the bodywork, then pivots their legs 180 degrees from the inside of the vehicle to the outside of the vehicle…this is the way to exit a jet fighter. The body is made from a special anti-radar material, and its glass is anti-glare with an orange gradation.

The rims are also made from anti-radar material, flat and rough with carbon-fibre plates to improve aerodynamics. Anti-radar material? I love it! Just the unorthodox manner of entering and exiting this car is a totally unique experience…aside from the technology. It is a car like no other, like nothing you have ever seen before…maybe in your dreams, Lamborghini made it happen. But then, Lamborghini isn’t your average car now is it? This car wreaks a NOTORIOUS presence…



This supercar was introduced at the May 2013 gala celebration for Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary in front of 1,000 invitees. The intro was as dramatic as the car’s styling. A cinematic entry was projected onto nine big screens in the room. The stage was transformed into a landing strip with a model in a flight suit guiding the arrival of the Egoista with ground crew light paddles and the roar of the V10 engine in the background. Then, the President & CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann emerged from the cockpit of the Lamborghini Egoista to an enthusiastic audience excited and in awe…Image

This unusual vehicle is powered by an alloy 5.2 litre V10 engine that produces 600 horses. The Egoista was created by the Volkswagen Group design. The exterior was styled by Alessandro Dambrosio, and Stefan Sielaff was responsible for the interior of the Egoista. DeSilva’s design team agreed upon the singular presence for this exercise in automotive art. They created history for the already formidable Lamborghini name.

There never has been a car quite like this “exotic-exotic.” With conceptual design prowess, both Lamborghini Egoista and Lamborghini Estoque have raised the bar for world-class hyper-luxury vehicles. A Lamborghini is a special car, for the person that looks beyond parameters of the norm; they seek excitement and adventure in life. The Lamborghini Egoista is the car when superlatives are sought within the unusual and unique, but there is only one happy owner of this rare breed. The owner has exclusivity as there are no other Lamborghini Egoistas.


The Lamborghini Egoista looks like it should be aboard the USS Enterprise….the only command missing is “beam me up Scotty.” The red and green lights on the roof continue the extra-terrestrial appearance. The Egoista doesn’t use traditional head lamps. It resembles aircraft lighting with its LED clearance lights that determine its position in 3-D as required in aerospace. It has two white front lights, two red rear lights, a flashing red light in the upper part of the tail, and two orange bull’s eyes as side marker lights.


The Lamborghini Egoista is mesmerizing at first sight, leaving the on-looker in a euphoric state. The striking balance and contrast of this vehicle are beyond the limits. Like no other car, this is another bull with a boost of adrenalin. This was the proverbial “once in a lifetime find” for the proud owner. The Lamborghini Egoista is one of the most unusual cars in the world; from one of the most unusual automobile manufacturers in the world. Exactly one year after it was introduced, the Lamborghini Egoista has returned to its home in Sant’ Agata Bolognese. It will now be permanently displayed at Lamborghini headquarters – at first in the showroom, and then in the Museum.

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