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What is NotoriousLuxury?

This is a comprehensive portfolio of classic, contemporary, and conceptual automobiles of distinction within the luxury…ultra-luxury…and supercar market segment where exclusivity and supremacy rule. These rare and exotic motorcars are showcased and presented in a rudely elegant manner – where no other electronic publication has dared to venture. This intrinsic attribute is germane to the character of NotoriousLuxury…escaping the idiosyncratic status-quo of today’s journalistic methodology. NotoriousLuxury leaves its indelible tire tracks where no other has driven before – with an explicit je ne sais quoi…

NotoriousLuxury presents its world-wide audience with notoriously luxurious themes. “As the Standard of the World Turns” is an automotive soap opera which deals exclusively with classic and antique Cadillac motorcars in a continuing saga. “The Bold and the Beautiful Lincolns” and “The Continental Life dazzles one with drop-dead gorgeous classic and contemporary Lincoln motorcars of distinction is also presented in an automotive soap opera format. “Fresh Metal” features classic American luxury cars from the 1970s. “Retrospect” has its own style showcasing European classic and antique motorcars of absolutes…which age like a fine Château Lafite Rothschild.

However…it’s the motorcars that move with tremendous verve and élan that will always augment center stage as the ‘pièce de résistance’ or testaments of total perfection. Epochal icons of exclusivity and supremacy such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach, Ferrari, Speedback GT, and the like will share the limelight with vignettes, editorials, and press releases to epitomize the NotoriousLuxury quest for the best.


NotoriousLuxury has been my passion for five years. My nom de plume is 99MilesPerHour…I will be your tour guide. My mission is to place the audience behind the wheel of automotive legends in a manner unique to NotoriousLuxury. As you may see…NotoriousLuxury has an all-new design and style. Somethings have not changed such as the dedication to this special market segment. If there’s a specific luxury, ultra-luxury, or supercar that entices your fancy you may contact me at the email address to the right sidebar.

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  1. I wasnt expecting all this…i was googling 71 FLEETWOOD Cadillac, 4 a couple of pix to make my cover page n came across yur blog for Cadillac. But i submitted my email address n will gladly receive yur blogs. GOD bless u n keep u. Thank u.

  2. Those are extremely rare. Are you sure you want one of those? Currently, they are not a valuable automobile because of the Northstar engine and the additional bodywork by Superior Coach of Lima Ohio. These things are so awful even Superior is tight lipped about them. Those things can take you to the cleaners. The reason you do not find them easily is because they are in scrap yards. Have you tried looking at junk yards? I am not being funny. They are deteriorating rapidly. Cadillac dealers will NOT sell them because of what I mentioned. The Fleetwood Limited has turned out to be the bastard at the Cadillac family reunion. If I run across any I will let you know. You have to be extremely careful purchasing them. Corrosion could be lurking under the vinyl roof. Corrosion gets into the welds the coachbuilder used and they can be safety hazzards. The car was cut in many locations to add the extra inches. Make sure to inspect the underside too. Survivors will most definitely become classics because of the issues with them. I bought the standard 1999 DeVille in 1999 and let me tell you, it was the worst Cadillac I ever owned, The 1997-1999 Cadillac DeVilles went from the showroom to the scrap yards in one svelte swoop! Have you ever wondered why you don’t see 1997-1999 Cadillacs? They are in junk yards, seriously. Check with scrap yards on the internet and you will find them, but I am telling you now, you can buy a very nice used Rolls Royce for what you will end up restoring the Fleetwood Limited!

  3. Greetings!
    I love reading your reviews and musings about the grand automobiles of the world!
    I am 61 years old and have been fascinated or addicted to lavish auto carriages since childhood. Cadillacs and Rolls Royce’s were my playtime passions.
    The is a great marque that I’ve not found in your illustrious reviews: Facel Vega.
    When I was a kid my mom test drove a stunning silver model and commented: FAcel Vega! “If you don’t know what it is…don’t ask!!!
    Perhaps the grand French marque will find a distinguished place in your collection?
    Best regards,
    Chris Bridges,
    Los Angeles, CA

    • Hello Chris Bridges!!! I hear ya LOUD and clear! Facel Vega “Excellence” is my all-time favorite French automobile! I fell in love with it in high school, a neighbor drove one. It intrigued me because there were NO MORE like it in the USA at the time! I put your suggestion at the top of the ‘to-do’ list. The Facel Vega will be most satisfying to research and to find photos.

      I LOVE classic automobiles, as witnessed by my site. Finding photos and specifications on rare automobiles could be compared to an exclusive European road rally…clues lead to photos back to specifications, then like magic – I find the perfect pictures. I don’t like to present dinky little out of focused photographs. I provide my audience with enough to satisfy their curiosity.

      Make sure to keep coming back, I am definitely taking your suggestion seriously and already have the gears in my tiny brain turning. I have 2 classic Cadillac stories, the new Rolls-Royce Phantom, and another editorial placing the RR Phantom alongside the Bentley Mulsanne. Notice…I didn’t say to place the RR AGAINST the Bentley Mulsanne? They are equals therefore they cannot compete. However…they can be contrasted side by side to strut their stuff which will prove their own superiority. The Facel Vega will definitely follow suit. I like to alternate between domestic and foreign classics to keep my readers guessing what will come next!

      Thanks Chris Bridges for the idea! I love it when a reader takes the time for a request! And at the risk of being totally politically incorrect…”MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”

    • Happy Holidays Chris! Just wanted to let you know, I have taken your request for a story featuring the pioneer of supercars…the Facel Vega. I found photos for the HK500 2-door coupe so far. I really want to include the “Excellence” which is my all-time favorite. I am also gonna give you your 5 minutes of fame by dedicating the article to you! Thanks for the idea, it made me think! It should take 4-6 weeks to properly research, the rest is cake. As you may see by my lengthy verbiage and detailed photography, I like to give the reader enough material to form their own opinions. There’s nothing worse than to get hyped to read about a car you are interested in only to read a few skimpy paragraphs with a couple of pictures. Sometimes a taste of honey is worse than none at all! This little French gem is what NotoriousLuxury is all about! I want to say late January early February somewhere within those date parameters, I should be finished. If only I could sprout 4 extra arm/hand assemblies or clone myself X 10, there just aren’t 24 hours in a day anymore…just as there aren’t 365 days per year anymore – they’re not foolin’ me!

      • Hello again Chris!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I wanted to thank you for the headrush I am receiving researching the FV series!!!!! I thought I was the only one in the world still in love with this luxury/performance hybrid!!! OMG “we” are all over the world! Guess what? I am ahead of schedule, I pushed the Cadillac theme into idle for a minute while I finish the Facel Vega Experience. Wait until you see the photos I have scavenged! I am a bird dog when it comes to the photographic portion of my stories. I like to give the reader a COMPLETE experience. When my readers leave I want them to think about what they have just savored. Is it ok if I use your complete name as impetus for this article? Like I said…your 15 minutes of fame are on the way to immortalize you out on the www to let everyone know the inspiration you brought to me. These cars are just astonishing! Jean Daninos was a genius, a perfectionist, and his indomitable spirit would have been an enduring success had his financial backing been a bit more astute and the Facellia models that followed been tested more before being released to the public. I didn’t realize it was the French Government that stifled the grand marques due to taxation on high performance cars of all things! The Facel Vega was an excellent venture but he would have been more successful building the cars here in America as home base. He could have avoided a lot of the tariffs importing and exporting, this ate him alive! The FVS was sold starting at a $7500 premium…he had to, he was taxed when the Chrysler parts arrived in France and again when the cars reached their sales destination. $7500+ was quite a bit when these cars ruled the road. The majority of the cars were sold to Yankees therefore it should have been built on Yankee soil right? That is the teaser I will leave you with Chris! This is just a tip of the iceberg…”you ain’t seen nothin yet!” I was so excited about the FV series that I worked thru Christmas and New Years with the basics. I am structuring the rough draft as we type. Thanks again dude for the subtle nudge! I had been tossing the idea of FV around in my head for a while…you enforced the initiation! So…would you like to be pleasantly surprised or would you like me to send you a heads-up when I post it? It’s coming soon too!

    • Hello Chris! Is everything ok? I am publishing the series on Facel Vega, there are already 2. I am in the process of posting the third. I plan to take the series through the most exclusive models. Part I introduced the brand. Part II is The FV4 Typhoon. Next will be the Excellence. Facel II will follow. I am trying to find a way to make the ending more spectacular without putting emphasis on how one model fail sent the company into the brink of financial disaster. I had no idea these motorcars were so impressive! I have always loved them but learning about them is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for pushing me to do this!

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