What does Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Brabus, Aston Martin & other distinguished automobile manufacturers have in common? ME! I am going to take you on a voyage that you will never forget. I will show you the creme of the creme, automobiles people rarely get a glimpse of…. and they will be delivered to you through this Blog.

Each automobile that will be the subject, will be presented to you in a rudely elegant manner! I am the quintessential bad boy when it comes to luxury cars, and studying them. If you have a special car that you would like to see featured, give me a shout. This is what this blog is all about YOU!

I will be your tour guide exhibiting thoroughbred  motor cars that are available only in small numbers. From precise German engineering, to pains taking British craftsmanship, and other manufacturers around the globe that have made their Grande Marques in history. These my fellow car enthusiasts will be as close as your monitor!


Greg Morgan

5 Responses to “NotoriousLuxury”

  1. Gerald. Daniels Says:

    Where are you guys located?

  2. Jonathan Palmer Says:

    I wasnt expecting all this…i was googling 71 FLEETWOOD Cadillac, 4 a couple of pix to make my cover page n came across yur blog for Cadillac. But i submitted my email address n will gladly receive yur blogs. GOD bless u n keep u. Thank u.

  3. How can I buy one of these fine looking car

  4. Those are extremely rare. Are you sure you want one of those? Currently, they are not a valuable automobile because of the Northstar engine and the additional bodywork by Superior Coach of Lima Ohio. These things are so awful even Superior is tight lipped about them. Those things can take you to the cleaners. The reason you do not find them easily is because they are in scrap yards. Have you tried looking at junk yards? I am not being funny. They are deteriorating rapidly. Cadillac dealers will NOT sell them because of what I mentioned. The Fleetwood Limited has turned out to be the bastard at the Cadillac family reunion. If I run across any I will let you know. You have to be extremely careful purchasing them. Corrosion could be lurking under the vinyl roof. Corrosion gets into the welds the coachbuilder used and they can be safety hazzards. The car was cut in many locations to add the extra inches. Make sure to inspect the underside too. Survivors will most definitely become classics because of the issues with them. I bought the standard 1999 DeVille in 1999 and let me tell you, it was the worst Cadillac I ever owned, The 1997-1999 Cadillac DeVilles went from the showroom to the scrap yards in one svelte swoop! Have you ever wondered why you don’t see 1997-1999 Cadillacs? They are in junk yards, seriously. Check with scrap yards on the internet and you will find them, but I am telling you now, you can buy a very nice used Rolls Royce for what you will end up restoring the Fleetwood Limited!

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