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2017 Bentley Mulsanne: A Trilogy of Luxury

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“Big Ben’s” rise to ultimate success reads like a modern-day “Cinderfella” story. Poor little understudy, Bentley…was always in the shadows. As its wicked step sibling – Rolls Royce – rode off on its high horse stealing the publicity and limelight…Bentley was left behind to clean the stables. The once formidable track star – which negotiated the chicanes and the Mulsanne Straight winning numerous events in the grueling 24 hours of LeMans – was reduced to a badge engineered clone. Today’s Bentley…the all-new Bentley – is now at home behind gated estates AND is parked right beside Rolls Royce at the country club sharing the spotlight equally.

Bentley has catapulted from being a humble Rolls Royce throwback…straight to eminent immortality. The flagship of the fleet is the iconic Bentley Mulsanne. It has swiftly established its reputation in the ultra-luxury car segment being part limousine and part performance saloon. The ultra-exclusive Bentley Mulsanne is one of the world’s fastest four-door saloons. “Big Ben” is back with a vengeance and a thirst for adventure. It has carved its own niche as a new breed of luxury with three distinctive models: Mulsanne, Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, and Mulsanne Speed. This is a unique Trilogy of Luxury – each offers its own poised dignity which is a hallmark of the brand.






Alluring new beauty

The Mulsanne totally disregards status quo. Since its inception, it has created its own unique manner of exclusivity in a niche no other motorcar can fill. For 2017, the Bentley Mulsanne features refined new beauty. Its coachwork has been re-tooled for a familiar yet dramatically new appearance. The long, low, wind-cheating architecture draws from its retrospective heritage. The bodywork is etched with a symphony of lines that appear never beginning and never-ending forcing the eyes to roam its entirety in a single appraisal.



Its facelift creates even more exquisite beauty. Mulsanne represents the pinnacle of elegance in ultra-luxury motoring. Its new refinement begins with a restyled front end ensemble. Everything in front of the “A” pillars has been refreshed adding graceful definition. Mulsanne’s signature styling has been retained yet tastefully updated.

The elegant redesign echoes classic Bentley styling cues. The bold new attributes features all-new front wings and bonnet. Its classic grille work has changed from the previous matrix design to a distinctive wider framed design with dominant vertical stainless-steel vanes. Its familiar LED projector headlamps proudly features the Bentley name. The grille work repeats below the impact-resistant bumper with symmetrical vents for the air induction system.





Subtle refinement adds panache to the rear end ensemble. Newly designed taillamps highlight Mulsanne’s sculpted look. The previous ellipse style taillamps are replaced with a dramatic LED design which reveals the famous “B” motif. The discreetly modified profile gives Mulsanne a prominent, more upright appeal. Understated dual stainless-steel exhaust ports adds the finishing touch of class.

Superb engineering

The familiar silhouette has undergone a subtle enhancement. Its chiseled new definition adds unique character. Its shoulders are squared off to augment a sweeping new elegance. The side strake vents sports an integrated “B” into its stainless-steel charm. Mulsanne’s beauty is composed of a galvanized steel bodyshell with its front wings, hood and doors made from aluminium. The SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) composite bootlid has an integrated antenna.



Mulsanne is built like no other. Bentley’s process of hand-brazing yields perfect joins around intricate curves. The bonnet, boot lid, doors, and front wings are crafted using the “Superform Process.” This patented system creates complex panels from a single sheet of product to eliminate body seams and welds. This feature not only eliminates areas for corrosion but also aids aerodynamic efficiency. Each Mulsanne is a consummate blend of design excellence, advanced engineering, and of course… exemplary fit and finish.









Luxury and innovation

Mulsanne is a showcase of Bentley superlatives. Evolution plays an important role in the continual strive for excellence. The company flagship is one of the world’s most spacious and splendidly appointed saloons. It offers more than inert luxury; it cossets its passengers in technological sophistication. Intelligent electronics and controls assist the driver and elevates passenger comfort.

Advanced chassis refinement with more efficient air springs and hydraulically damped sub-frames eliminates noise 4 decibels more than the previous model. Noise absorbing technology in the tires results in a 50% decrease in peak rolling noise. Mulsanne’s formidable V8 does its part by reducing noise another 25 decibels using a closed loop system to cancel vibration.


The most elegant occasion seldom surpass the splendor of the journey in the Bentley Mulsanne that took you there. The epochal Bentley brand is epitomized by the luxury and distinction of the Mulsanne. Its world-class attributes are further exemplified offering three unique expressions of this elite flagship. Each shares the unparalleled opulence that is the essence of the brand.

Mulsanne…Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase…and Mulsanne Speed all create a delightful agony of choice. Whatever model is chosen, rest assured…it will move over the road with an effortless feeling of mastery that confirms its place as the ultimate statement of Bentley engineering. They are three of the most ambitious four-door luxury saloons the world has to offer –



Mulsanne standard wheelbase is contemporary luxury that methodically repeals the laws governing saloons in its class. This is high performance cloaked in absolute respectability. It cossets its occupants in an exclusive world of supple natural grain leather and rich handcrafted veneers. Most every power assist imaginable is standard fare to augment comfort and convenience.

The Mulsanne received cabin updates for the 2017 model year. Redesigned seats, door trim, armrests, and unique glass switch gear makes it even more opulent. In addition to 24 exquisite hide colors, Mulsanne features an all-new infotainment system and navigation technology. State of the art audio and visual equipment is available to tailor the entertainment system to the owner’s requisites. The Bentley Mulsanne can serve with equal distinction as a high performance touring saloon or the varying roles demanded of a family sedan.






Luxury with an emphasis on the rear passenger compartment is important to those who prefer to be driven about in style. Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase is 9.8” longer than the standard saloon. This means…rear seat passengers have more legroom and room for special appointments.

Limousine-style seating makes use of the extra inches by incorporating power assisted leg rests into the base of the aircraft inspired lounge seats. These extend outward pivoting as recliners. They make the special world of Mulsanne even more so. This extra exclusive cabin is a 2+2 configuration with front and rear center consoles.



The exclusivity is augmented with options to make the Mulsanne EWB saloon a highly bespoke masterpiece. Electric rear seat curtains may be requested with a black or champagne lining for the ultimate in privacy. Both rear seats can be ordered with deployable folding tables. A large glass sun roof over the rear cabin may be operated by passengers or the driver. It tilts and slides with an Alcantara sun blind to control light entering the cabin. The extra special accoutrements focused upon the rear seat passenger compartment sets this personal limousine apart from the standard saloon. Bentley Mulsanne is the quintessential flagship replete with an elegant flair all its own. The Mulsanne EWB saloon is luxury and elegance on the grand Bentley scale…in the grand Bentley manner –


…welcome to elite sophistication



Rear seat passengers benefit from the all-new “Bentley Entertainment Tablet.” A pair of 10.2” Android devices with 4G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability are integrated into the front seat backs and deploy at the touch of a button. The Android powered tablets feature Bentley-specific interface with access to over one million Android Apps.

They may also be used away from the car. Each tablet has 32GB on-board storage capability. The system interfaces with the car’s navigation system. Audio/Visual streaming capability is included as part of the Mulsanne’s inter-connectivity along with internet browsing. With a motorcar as highly bespoke as Mulsanne, the client may design their own exclusive suite of infotainment to interface with home or office systems.




Mulsanne EWB is the epitome of executive-class luxury





The famous 1929 “Blue Train” Bentley



Introducing one of the fastest production limos in the world


The formidable Mulsanne Speed


The return of the silent sports car…

Mulsanne nomenclature adorned a new breed of Bentley supercars beginning the 1981 model year. Bentley Mulsanne was marketed as “The return of the silent sports car.” This spectacular motorcar revived the Grand Touring tradition with high style and a prolific presence few cars can compete… 

It targets the driver who demands luxury with extraordinary performance combined with European handling and finesse. This is the ultimate statement of Bentley sporting philosophy. The Mulsanne is named after a portion of the tracks at LeMans where drivers reach their highest speeds known as “The Mulsanne Straight.”


The 2014 Mulsanne Speed blew the doors off its competition





This is the ride for executives who work…quickly – 


The illustrious Mulsanne Speed became the most spirited contemporary Bentley model joining the ranks for the 2014 model year. Mulsanne Speed for 2017 is a pulse-invigorating performance saloon that offers substantially more than performance. Talented artisans handcraft rare veneers, high quality natural grain hides, and plush pile carpets into a cabin of unsurpassed comfort and distinction.

Mulsanne Speed remains true to form being a fast sporting machine built in the classic European tradition. Performance, impressive road capabilities, silence, and superb comfort come together in the newest of a historic and elegant line of motorcars that have made Bentley the definitive choice among enthusiasts for well over half a century.


Mulsanne Speed has its own prominent character


Here’s a grand touring saloon that does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds



Mulsanne Speed is one of the most tastefully appointed sporting saloons in the world. A coined finish to door handles, knurled gear shift lever, and “organ stop” ventilation controls gives the cabin its own unique personality. The drilled alloy foot pedals proves the Mulsanne Speed’s pedigree as the ultimate grand tourer. The cabin is as luxurious as it is sporting –





1929 Bentley 6.5 litre







The heart and soul of this British masterpiece beats the 6.75 litre light alloy 16-valve OHV twin-turbocharged V8 engine. High revs at low rpm is a Bentley hallmark. This legendary powerplant cranks an astounding 530 hp @ 4,000 rpm packing a prolific punch with 1,100 Nm of peak torque @ 1,750 rpm for the Mulsanne Speed. Mulsanne and Mulsanne EWB offers equally impressive performance pumping 505 hp @ 4,000 rpm with an astounding 1,020 Nm of peak torque at 1,750 rpm.

Its chassis is equally aggressive to accommodate this masterful motorcar. Advanced technology delivers one of the world’s most refined rides with effortless comfort via selectable sports suspension to fine tune the ride to the driver’s preference. This luxury brute is highly capable of performance that would shame a sports car. Longitudinal acceleration for the Mulsanne Speed is rated as 0-60 mph in a mere 4.8 seconds with a top speed in the 190 mph range. While Mulsanne and Mulsanne EWB has longitudinal acceleration rated as 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds with a top speed in the 184 mph range.



High performance is nothing new to any Bentley. From its humble beginnings with its creator W.O. Bentley who initiated the legend to the notorious Bentley Boys that earned consecutive wins from 1927 to 1930 at the grueling 24 hours of LeMans – Bentley EARNED its respect.

Bentley has always been a tad bit more spirited than its Rolls Royce counterpart. It was considered the sporting version of Rolls Royce for the owner who wished to maintain a low profile. Walter Owen Bentley’s motto was “To build a good car, a fast car, and the best in its class.” His cars raced climbing hills at Brooklands…scorching the tracks at the Indy 500, and those famous wins kickin’ up a little dust at LeMans.



The famous Calais-Méditerranée Express race


1 of 30 Bentley Arnage Blue Train Limited Editions





Aside from Mulsanne’s luxurious appeal, there is also a practical sense. Its powerful V8 engine is geared for today’s world. “Big Ben” is the unexpected economy car. The Mulsanne uses technology to reduce overall fuel economy via cylinder deactivation to allow the car to cruise on four cylinders under light vehicle loads.

Cam phasing is also big news in the auto industry. Cam phasers help to increase fuel efficiency by decreasing the power needed to turn the engine over and keep the camshafts in optimal positions at all times. The engine is mated to the energy-efficient 8-speed ZF automatic transmission as part of Mulsanne’s electronic network aimed at reducing fuel consumption. (ahem…if one can afford the car, obviously fuel economy is insignificant…right?)




Note the styling continuity, the previous Mulsanne saloon remains as tasteful and elegant as the current model. This only proves that good taste is never rendered redundant.






1973 Bentley T saloon



“Big Ben” is a highly intuitive luxury saloon equipped with a thinking suspension. It uses an air cushioned system with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) to refine the ride at lower speeds for comfort. It automatically lowers the car’s ride height at higher speeds to aid stability while enhancing vehicle downforce.

Drive Dynamics Control System allows the driver to program the ride operated by a rotary switch mounted next to the gear shift lever. The driver may choose from Bentley, Sport, or Comfort. And if this isn’t sufficient…there is a 4th selection. Custom mode enables the driver to select bespoke settings through Mulsanne’s multimedia system to further fine tune this luxury limo to suit their individual exigencies.


Mulsanne is a continual source of unparalleled excellence with comfort and convenience beyond the realm of ordinary luxury motorcars. For example…Mulsanne’s “High Beam Assist” automatically dips its high beam headlamps when oncoming vehicles approach to avoid dazzling the eyes of motorists at night.

This electronic system adapts the shape of the light beam according to vehicle speed operating in 4 modes from which to select: Town, Country, Motorway, and High Beam. An ingenious “Blind Spot Warning System” detects vehicles behind the car in its blind spots to predict the possibility of collision. It flashes lights in the door mirrors. Another of Mulsanne’s collision mitigation features is Advanced Automatic Stability Control (ASC) to maintain optimum vehicle poise when needed.




…The opulent Mulliner Touch

Bespoke is a sine qua non for Mulsanne. Each Bentley is handcrafted to reflect the requisites of its owner. The ultra-exclusive world of Mulsanne is further exemplified by Bentley through an extensive personal commissioning program. Mulliner is the in-house coachbuilder to design an automotive masterpiece that is as uniquely individual as one’s own finger prints. The majestic Mulliner personal commissioning service is limited only by one’s imagination…


The Mulliner touch immediately escalates Mulsanne to new heights in exclusivity and supremacy which becomes the pinnacle of Bentley luxury and elegance. One such example has been created for George Bamford of Bamford Watch Department. Bamford specializes in the bespoke customization of elegant timepieces.

The Bamford X Bentley Mulliner Mulsanne Speed was designed in an elegant monotone of chic dark hues which is a true reflection of his very own savoir-faire. His signature panache coordinates black and dark tinted elements with a Beluga finish to all interior and exterior bright ware.





Once the Mulliner magic has been cast, the motorcar becomes a highly collectible heirloom. Apart from custom handcrafted four-door saloons and limousines, Mulliner has created two-door fixedhead and drophead coupé models. Only those who know the bona-fide meaning of success can fully comprehend the true nobility of a Mulliner masterwork.

Before the spit between Bentley and Rolls Royce, HJ Mulliner, and Mulliner Park Ward handcrafted all two-door models exclusively. Bentley and Rolls Royce were at the time, built primarily as four-door saloons. The coupé models had to be coachbuilt. The elusive Corniche models became the dernier cri in grand touring coupés.


Mulliner creates exclusivity, pedigree, and élan. Each masterwork becomes a crowning achievement in all of motordom. The pleasure of owning such a magnificent example of automotive art is reveling in the fact that no other motorcar will be exactly the same… 


Mulsanne “L” one of only 2 built between 1984 & 1988



1997 Bentley Turbo R 400 Mulliner Park Ward Newport Edition 




note the impeccable fit and finish




1963 Bentley Continental S3 Flying Spur by Mulliner






1960 Bentley Mulliner coachbuilt coupé






Here’s the world’s only Bentley badged Camargue



1959 Bentley S1 standard saloon





1964 Bentley S3 standard saloon





The eloquent 1977 Bentley T2 standard saloon





…do I give you the business or what?



…The finale – this is the end of a magnificent era in luxury motoring. Here is the last time a body shell would be shared between these two legends. The Bentley Arnage and the Rolls Royce Silver Seraph is the end of the line. After these two icons rolled out of the assembly hall at Crewe…there became a distinct difference. “Just in fun…the fight begun, before long a web of hate was spun! Bentley pretended…same as Rolls Royce – but friends again they’d never be…so they scandalized, and criticized, and then they learned how to despise – “


Bentley Arnage exhibits understated preeminence




Arnage is the summit of unpretentious glamour





Bentley 8 litre








“Big Ben” stands alone today and is no longer foreshadowed by you-know-who! It’s a masterpiece that could only come from the master craftsmen. No car in years has so captured the admiration of the ultra-luxury market segment as the Bentley Mulsanne. Whatever the occasion…there is no more magnificent manner in which to arrive. This is luxury on the grand Bentley scale…unique even among other Bentley models.

The Mulsanne is rich in power assists, conveniences, appointments, and lavishly elegant interiors. The famed 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine has one of the largest displacements in the industry. Mulsanne, Mulsanne EWB, and Mulsanne Speed each possess a distinctive character of its own. Whichever sumptuous saloon you select, rest assured…you own the world’s standard of excellence in luxury motoring. Stunning elegance, extraordinary power, and exceptional handling characteristics are just a few of the outstanding attributes one may expect from a Bentley Mulsanne – (applause…applause)


Many thanks to my friends at Bentley Crewe Special thanks to my buddy Rodd Sala at Park Ward Motors Museum Hello to one of the finest Luxury Car dealers in the world Balmoral UK And I can’t thank Daniel Schmitt Classic Cars enough Thanks again for making this special tribute to the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne and Bentley history possible.


…welcome once again to Greg’s World


Greg’s World IS NotoriousLuxury  © 2016–2018


The Crewe Collection: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

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1963 Silver Cloud III 2

“…And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me…”   Edgar Allan Poe – 

1963 Silver Cloud III 1C

1963 Silver Cloud III 1

Rolls Royce is the most avant-garde manner to experience total opulence in a motorcar. It pampers its passengers the way the epochal Ritz Carlton provides a surfeit of grandeur. A Rolls Royce is satisfying…as a bottle of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998 with your favorite Almas Iranian Caviar.

You spend your winters in St.Moritz…and summers in St.Tropez – there is only one car to augment your lifestyle. A classic Rolls Royce is a thing of beauty that grows in loveliness and value. Nothing can compare to a hand-crafted Rolls Royce from the historic Crewe facility in the UK. The legendary skills were achieved through the relentless pursuit of excellence.

1963 Silver Cloud III 1B

1963 Silver Cloud III 6

1963 Silver Cloud III 42

Did I mention avant-garde? How about the iconic Silver Cloud? It is the single most readily identifiable model in the history of the brand. This classic body style is built in three opulent series. This is the car that put Rolls Royce on the map. The car reeks distinction from bumper to bumper. The Silver Cloud blends old world craftsmanship and charm, time-honored materials, and a great sense of pride in its construction.

The old world charm of the Silver Cloud made it an immediate hit with connoisseurs world-wide. In pristine condition they command mid-six figures on the auction block. Coachbuilders created highly collectible automotive treasures that are a collector’s dream to own. The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud series is the pride of Crewe…and the envy of the entire world –

1963 Silver Cloud III 34

1963 Silver Cloud III owned by actor Cary Grant

The majestic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud saloon was built in three series. The magnificent Silver Cloud Legend began as: 1955 until 1958 as the Silver Cloud I, 1959 until 1962 as the Silver Cloud II, and 1963 until 1966 as the Silver Cloud III. This is the absolute epitome of luxury and elegance. It evolved from the Rolls Royce Silver Dawn.

The Silver Cloud was a major re-design for the day. It is also available as a Bentley. The body on frame design used aluminium for the bonnet, boot lid, and doors. Its frame is welded together and is extremely rigid. The engine is a 4.9 litre straight 6-cylinder mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Silver Cloud carried on the Rolls Royce tradition with stately perfection.

1956 Silver Cloud I 1

1956 Silver Cloud I

1956 Silver Cloud I 2

This belonged to actor/dancer Fred Astaire

1956 Silver Cloud I 3

1960 Silver Cloud II 1

1960 Silver Cloud II 

1960 Silver Cloud II 2B

1960 Silver Cloud II 3B

The next manifestation of Rolls Royce art is the Silver Cloud II. It retained the look of the previous model. The big news was the all-new 6.2 litre V8 engine. There is a notable difference, the engine isn’t as smooth and quiet as the old straight-6. The earlier V8 engines had issues with the crankshaft. Most of these have been rebuilt correcting the problem. The Silver Cloud II is still a beautiful automobile and is a true classic in every respect.

Silver Cloud Series III

1965 Silver Cloud III

1965 Silver Cloud III 2

1965 Silver Cloud III 1

1965 Silver Cloud III 3

The Silver Cloud legend continues with the Series III. The basic architecture was refreshed with a new front end ensemble highlighted by quad headlamps, a lower bonnet and radiator grille. The Silver Cloud III is refined; the idiosyncratic issues with previous models had been re-worked. The 6.2 litre V8 engine was now built with a nitride hardened crankshaft. The cabin was refined in 1964 with wider front seats. Silver Cloud I, II, and III are almost visually verbatim…why tamper with perfection?

1963 Silver Cloud III 5

1963 Silver Cloud III 8

1963 Silver Cloud III 11

1963 Silver Cloud III 14

A Silver Cloud’s cabin is furnished in the legendary Rolls Royce tradition. Connolly Brothers hand-tailored the hides to perfection. They hand-cut and hand-stitch every inch. As with every hand-crafted Rolls Royce from Crewe…only 1 out of 500 hides are good enough to become materials for the art. The finest parts of these exclusive hides are used for the seating areas. The balance is used for all non-wearing surfaces such as the dash and door panels; the off-cuts are used to edge the carpets.

1963 Silver Cloud III 15

1963 Silver Cloud III 21

1963 Silver Cloud III 23

1963 Silver Cloud III 17

1963 Silver Cloud III 18

Of course, fine wood veneers are custom-crafted to each Silver Cloud. The wood for each set comes from the same tree that is usually over 100 years old which adds to the wood’s character. The cabinet-maker hand cuts eight slivers of veneer. He bundles them together and creates a unique pattern. The wood panels are mirror-matched to reflect the opposite side. This same technique is used to make fine home furniture.

After numerous hours are clocked hand-crafting these exquisite panels, they are lacquered and polished by hand until a glass-like appearance is achieved. Every pattern is coded and added to the car’s history book – which is a documentary of the car’s entire build – just in case the panels are damaged beyond repair.

1963 Silver Cloud III 24

1963 Silver Cloud III 20

1963 Silver Cloud III 19

1963 Silver Cloud III 13

1963 Silver Cloud III 22

1963 Silver Cloud III 28

1965 Silver Cloud III 4

1965 Silver Cloud III 5

To complete the luxurious Rolls Royce experience, deep-pile carpet is hand-fitted…elegant enough for the finest homes. Wilton 100% wool carpets are hand-tufted to achieve a special effect. The same carpet lines the boot.

The aromatic ambiance of a Rolls Royce permeates throughout the cabin; it gets richer as the car ages – ask anyone who has ever driven a Rolls Royce. The heady aroma of Connolly leather, wood veneers, and Wilton carpets is an intoxicating symphony to delight the senses –

Wilton 1

Wilton 2

1963 Silver Cloud III 7

1963 Silver Cloud III 3

1963 Silver Cloud III 10

They represent the good life. Fred Astaire drove a 1956 Silver Cloud I. Jack Lemmon drove a 1965 Silver Cloud III. Cary Grant drove a 1956 Silver Cloud I and a 1963 Silver Cloud III. Throughout the decades they reside in The Hamptons…cruise along Park Avenue…they grace Rodeo Drive…they are still chauffeur-driven to Hollywood star-studded events. The love affair with the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud will always remain prominent. And this is only the popularity here in the USA. These fine automobiles are pre-eminent all over the world…

1963 Silver Cloud III 4

If you are old enough to remember, Amos Burke was chauffeured around in his 1962 Silver Cloud II on the 1960s TV detective series “Burke’s Law.” The Silver Cloud is popular with the younger generation as well; Beyoncé drives a 1959 Silver Cloud II drophead coupé. Keith Moon drives a lilac Silver Cloud III. This clearly demonstrates the fact, the iconic Silver Cloud rules in the world of fine automobiles. They represent remarkable investment potential and will only grow more beautiful and valuable –

1960 Silver Cloud II 7

1960 Silver Cloud II

The Silver Cloud was crafted by artisans whose devotion to excellence is legend. Why? Because the automobile they hand-craft appeals to the most discerning patrons in the entire world. A Rolls Royce is designed to be beautiful and not trendy for one short model year. This is why you will never see an outdated Rolls Royce. The Silver Cloud is satisfying to own and enjoy; they are automobiles one keeps for a lifetime. The value of a Rolls Royce endures; it also reflects the excellent taste of its owner.

1960 Silver Cloud II 2

1960 Silver Cloud II 4

1960 Silver Cloud II 5

Silver Cloud elegance is timeless…

1960 Silver Cloud II 6

1960 Silver Cloud II

Good taste never goes out of style…

1960 Silver Cloud II 9

1960 Silver Cloud II 11

Each Silver Cloud series set trends in luxury and esteem. They were all built with an automatic transmission. Air conditioning and power steering were offered for the first time in 1956. Dual brake master cylinders were introduced the same year.

A long wheelbase variant was available in 1957 which increased rear seat passenger legroom by 4” for convenience. The Silver Cloud II used a V8 engine with substantial torque and power with standard power steering in 1959. The body on frame construction was attractive to coachbuilders.

Silver Cloud Series III Mulliner Park Ward 1

Rolls Royce built Silver Clouds primarily as four-door saloons. The prestigious coachbuilder Mulliner Park Ward hand-crafted two-door fixedhead and drophead coupé models. The two-door configurations are crafted using a unique bodyshell. The waistline is lower, the fenders are curvier; it has a totally unique character apart from the four-door saloons. The Mulliner Park Ward coupés inherits the traditional craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail from a distinguished line of predecessors.

Silver Cloud Series III Mulliner Park Ward 2

Spirit of Ecstasy 2

Silver Cloud Series III Mulliner Park Ward 3

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 1

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 1A

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 8

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 2

The Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur is a four-door luxury-sport saloon which was built at a highly restricted pace. They have become highly cherished collectibles with connoisseurs world-wide. The Mulliner coachcrafting features a unique six-window thin pillared roofline. Only 17 or so were built which has escalated their worth to the mid-six figures IF you can find one for sale.

Its elegant coachwork is made from aluminium. The architecture is lower with a lower waistline giving it a road-hugging elegance like no other Rolls Royce. The rear fenders are artfully curved and crafted into the rear doors. Old world pedigree augments its hand-crafted eloquence. There is no more magnificent manner to experience classic Rolls Royce splendor than with a limited edition coachbuilt version of the brand.

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 3

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 4

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 5

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 6

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 7

1965 Silver Cloud III Mulliner Flying Spur 9

Honeymoon Express by Freestone & Webb 1

There were other coachbuilders that also created Rolls Royce limited run masterpieces. The eminent coachbuilders Freestone and Webb created the exclusive two-seat “Honeymoon Express” for the Silver Cloud in 1958. These are the rarest and most significant post-war coachbuilt Rolls Royce models in existence.

Bespoke is their nature and only three were ever built; one of which is Bentley-badged. Freestone and Webb were esteemed artisans with their revered heyday during the 1920s and 1930s. They won Gold Medals in private coachcrafters’ competition events nine years in a row. The significance of this example of automotive history is unmeasurable –

Honeymoon Express by Freestone & Webb 3

Honeymoon Express by Freestone & Webb 2

Honeymoon Express by Freestone & Webb 4

Honeymoon Express by Freestone & Webb 5

Honeymoon Express by Freestone & Webb 7

1959 Phantom V Park Ward coachbuilt limousine 1

1959 Phantom V Park Ward coachbuilt limousine

1959 Phantom V Park Ward coachbuilt limousine 2

Coachbuilders also built limousines of distinction based upon the Silver Cloud. HJ Mulliner, Park Ward, Hooper & Company, and James Young, had unique interpretations of the highly bespoke Rolls Royce Phantom and Silver Cloud limousines. They are built on a chassis with extended wheelbases and are specifically designed as limousines.

I’m not referring to a “double-cut” but a full-fledged limousine built with the requirements of the client…no two are alike. The Rolls Royce Phantom V and VI were built from 1958 through 1968. They are based upon the Silver Cloud II and III. The Phantoms average 144” wheelbases, 238” in length with a 69” height and a 79” width as the photographed example. They are goliath compared with today’s limousines.

1959 Phantom V Park Ward coachbuilt limousine 3

RR Phantom V

1967 Phantom V Mulliner Park Ward limousine

RR Phantom V 3

The chauffeur’s compartment is also ultra-luxurious

RR Phantom V 4

Note of the chauffeur’s dual armrests 

RR Phantom V 6

Note the intricate burled pattern unique to this Phantom

RR Phantom V 2

RR Phantom V 5

RR Phantom V 7

RR Phantom V 8

RR Phantom V 9

Spirit of Ecstasy 1

1963 Silver Cloud III 9

1963 Silver Cloud III 44

1963 Silver Cloud III 1A

1963 Silver Cloud III 33

1963 Silver Cloud III 32

A most rewarding personal collection includes a Rembrandt, a case of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1956, a summer home in “la Côte d’Azur” in the southeastern portion of France…and a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. These stately motorcars retain the poised dignity that is the hallmark of every Rolls Royce. They remain highly desirable luxury cars after all of these years. The coachbuilt Silver Clouds are the most rare and unusual among the breed.

Like a fine Rothschild…the Silver Cloud just mellows with age becoming more beautiful and valuable. Whether it is a coachbuilt coupé, four-door saloon, or custom crafted limousine, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is an heirloom to pass through generations. The iconic Silver Clouds are the single most readily identified model in the Rolls Royce legend of excellence. It is the monarch of highly collectible automobiles and a collector’s dream to acquire. The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud series is the pride of Crewe…and the envy of the entire world –

1963 Silver Cloud III 35

Special thanks to Rodd Sala & Park Ward Motors Museum, Daniel Schmitt Classic Cars, Classic Automobiles in the UK, and Vantage Motorworks for the use of these rare photos…

1963 Silver Cloud III 40

South of France

1963 Silver Cloud III 41

The Rolls Royce built at Crewe is a masterpiece…